Justin Chua v 2006

I finally was able to find a video of Justin Chua, & this was during Game 2 of the 2006 Metro Manila Tionglian Basketball Association (MMTBA) Championships, courtesy of the Xavier University website.

Justin Chua version 2006 Video (youtube vid)

I expected to find an athletic, cat-quick on his feet, high-leaping, & highly skilled 6’6″ Center in Justin, but instead, I found ….. Giovanni Pineda. They have almost the same height, the same pear body shape, & flat-footed moves on the floor.

He’s not really that quick or fast on the floor, nor is he a good leaper based on the video. But in fairness to Justin, he does seem to have much better coordination than Pineda, excellent fundamentals, & good work ethic. His fundamentals & work ethic is evidenced in the way he actively positions himself underneath the boards for those rebounds, while his coordination is evidenced in his good offensive moves.

Take note that was probably only about 15 or 16 years old in the video, but already quite promising & intimidating on the floor, consistently rebounding & scoring in the paint.

His lack of athleticism & skillset indicates that he would be most comfortable, & most effective playing the no. 5 position. He’s a natural Center, very comfortable playing in the middle of the paint w/ his back to the basket.

My impression is that Justin seems to be a man playing amongst boys out there in the Juniors in terms of skill & physical gifts. He easily was the tallest player out there on the floor. So will he do as well in College playing against men instead of boys? I think his assets are enough to do so. W/ the proper guidance & exposure, I think he’ll do well in College. Maybe not exceedingly well, but well enough.

One thing to remember, though, is that the video showed a “Justin Chua version 2006”. It is likely that the “Justin Chua version 2007” is much better, based on the stats as it is in 2007 that he averaged in triple-double during the entire season. Until we see a comprehensive video of “Justin Chua version 2007”, though, I’ll stick w/ my observation for “Justin Chua version 2006”.


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