"Sky-rus" Baguio's Game

I have to say that among the players in the PBA right now, “Sky-rus” Baguio has got to be my favorite player, mainly because he plays very similar to Samboy Lim or Paul Alvarez.

Good height, terrific ball-handling, & w/ a great first step, he can beat almost anybody off the dribble. Capable of great bursts of speed. His great leaping ability & upper body strength gives him that terrific hang time, enabling him to hit difficult, off-balanced layups consistently on a good shooting percentage. Good medium range shot, too, & good basketball instincts.

He generates so many highlight reel hang time moves game in & game out, that just like Samboy or Paul, everytime he touches the ball on offense, you could feel the buzz start to rise, w/ everybody excited & waiting for him to do something spectacular out there on the floor on offense.

‘International Competitions’

W/ his star starting to shine brightly, some people are thinking that he should be a member of any future national team out there.

But the problem w/ “Sky-rus”, is that his points mainly come from drive in moves to the paint. Based on the current PBA stats, “Sky-rus'” 3-point shooting percentage is simply awful, meaning he is not a dependable outside shooter.

Because he scores nearer to the basket, I have a bit of doubt that he can be as effective internationally as he is in the PBA because he will be up against taller players. The question, is that, “will his hang time be enough to offset the taller reach of players defending against him?” THAT, is the big question.

Then again, we won’t really find out for sure, until he tries it out in actual competitions. So at the very least, I think he should be given a spot in future RP NTs. If he delivers, then he will be an exciting & devastating player who will gain fans not only locally, but internationally as well. If he doesn’t, well, he can always show his exciting brand of game in the PBA.

‘The Best of “Sky-rus” Vids’

Courtesy of “tigerman” from Pex, here’s compilation of some of “Sky-rus” Baguio’s highlight moves over the years:

The Best of “Sky-rus” Baguio (Youtube Vid)


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