ABS-CBN & The Manila Pen Fiasco

There are a couple of things that bother me about ABS-CBN’s coverage of the Manila Pen Mutiny:

‘Inside The Manila Pen’

First, is that they were getting live TV coverage from inside the Manila Pen itself. The other major network, GMA-7, did not do the same, mainly because they followed instructions by the Police securing the area to pull out of the hotel when the siege was being prepared.

This means that ABS-CBN disobeyed the police instructions, while GMA-7 did not. ABS-CBN was the sole major network w/ representatives inside the Manila Pen. In doing so, they were able to not only get a good scoop over the other networks, but they were able to give the mutineers much better airtime also, compared to had they stayed outdoors.

‘Human Shields’

At the same time, though, ABS-CBN reporters have unwittingly, or WITTINGLY, served as human shields for the coup plotters.

Now, those reporters kept constantly saying, that they were just trying to, “… bring the news to the people …” But who can really say for sure, that they were NOT just using that as an excuse, in the guise of actually trying to protect the mutineers themselves?

‘In Harm’s Way’

Which brings us to the critical question, which I hope could be asked & get a CLEAR ANSWER from mor_ns like Ted Failon & Korina Sanchez: WHAT IF SOME OF THOSE REPORTERS GOT KILLED?

Would they have gone & said it was a risk that the reporters took, & therefore should be just part of the job, or would they have used it as an issue against the government?

I hope they answer that question, because the way ABS-CBN has been critical of this Administration, I feel that if some their reporters got killed in the line of fire, am almost pretty sure they would’ve used it as a rallying point against GMA.

‘Bloodier Mutinies’

This point is important to keep in mind, because after news of Esperon’s deception has come to light in his dealings w/ the mutineers, chances are good that the next mutiny will be bloody. Disgruntled military adventurists out there now has something concrete against the government, pointing out Esperon’s deception as an example that the government cannot be trusted.

When that happens, the chances are higher that the next mutiny will lead in deaths, & by the way those reporters are using themselves as human shields, some of them WILL die. When happens then, will it be used as another propaganda against the Administration?


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