The "Bwakaw" Or Ball Hog

The word “Bwakaw” or Ball Hog is becoming a very common word in basketball nowadays. Its almost like if you don’t like a player, you can just label him a “Bwakaw” whenever you want.

I think we need to define exactly what a ballhog really means, rather than just rely on intuition & guesswork.

For me, a ball hog is basically a person who keeps taking field goal attempts, but not getting good percentages off of his shots. Basketball is mainly about putting the ball to the basket, & if you are not hitting a good number of your shots, then you are causing your team to lose.

An average shooting percentage for me from the 2-point field goal area is 45%. It means you are hitting almost half of your shots on the floor. Anything above 50% is very good already, as it means you are hitting more than half of your shots at any given time.

An average shooting percentage for me from the 3-point field goal area is 33%. It means you are hitting 1 out of 3 shots from that area, which would be equivalent to shooting around 50% from the 2-point area (2 out of 6 3-point shots is equal to 6 points; You would need to hit 3 out of 6 shots to score the same quantity from the 2 point area).

So, if a player is hitting less than these numbers, then he can be candidate as a ballhog, since he is missing a lot of his shots instead of dishing it out to his teammates who hopefully would be able to have better percentages off the floor.

On the other hand, if that player is having good percentages off the floor, then it is just right for him to be taking a lot of shots since he is making most of them anyway.


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