Jeric Teng and Gabriel Banal's Game

* I was also able to watch two of the RP Youth Team aspirants, JERIC TENG and GABRIEL BANAL of Xavier School recently at the opening of the Metro Manila Tionglian Basketball Association (MMTBA), in their game against Chiang Kai Shek College.

Jeric Teng

* Jeric did not inherit his father, Alvin Teng’s height & heft. Alvin was a bulky 6’3″, while Jeric was a lanky 6’1″. While Alvin played no. 4 in the PBA, Jeric plays no. 2. Jeric looks very much like Alvin, though. If you can imagine a slightly shorter & malnourished Alvin, then that’s Jeric.

* Jeric has a good outside shot, good ballhandling ability, shifty, and fast. He along with Gabriel Banal were among Xavier’s main players. His good height at no. 2 also allowed him to post up sometimes some of the smaller guards from the opposing team. Not a great leaper, though. I think that with his height at that position, along with better training and exposure with the RP Youth team, he is likely will be a solid player in college. I won’t be surprised if he becomes another blue chip prospect after High School.

Gabriel Banal

* Banal, a lanky 6’3″ player, was absolutely no match for Justin Chua in the paint. However, he did seem to have the tools to switch to no. 3 in college in beyond. He had a good outside shot all the way to the 3-pt area, good coordination, good quickness and speed, and I think he has enough ball handling skills to be able to play from the outside.

* Not a great leaper, though, consistently got blocked inside the paint by Justin. I think he will have to switch to no. 3 in the RP Youth Team, since if he already has problems matching up underneath the boards against Justin, how much more against taller & more athletic players in international tournaments?


4 thoughts on “Jeric Teng and Gabriel Banal's Game

  1. Hi, i know this was probably created more than one year ago, but I would just like to correct that there is no such university as Xavier University in the Philippines as of now… nor is it even a college.. it’s simply Xavier School 🙂

  2. sean, there is a xavier university in cagayan de oro where jojo lastimosa and nelbert omolon came from in high school. it is also run by the jesuits and was once overseen by fr. alberto ampil

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