The Reluctant Hero?

In one of his recent interviews by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jun “Hu-hu-hu” Lozada described himself as a “reluctant hero”. The article went to say about how he did not see himself a someone who would be championing a cause for the Filipino people, blah-blah-blah.

I don’t believe that claim at all, not for second. To me, his “reluctant hero” angle is nothing but another tool he is using to manipulate public perception so that people will identify & emphatize with him. My reasoning is simple: If he is really as “reluctant” as he claims to be, how come is it that we see him to be enjoying the limelight, & even playing to the cameras?

‘Playing To The Cameras’

This is very obvious on one of the GMA 7 News clips (which will be posted here shortly), that time when Jinggoy Estrada grilled him about the the NAIA CCTV footages. When shown some of the still pictures taken from the footage, Jinggoy asked him, “Is that you on the picture?” To which Lozada replied something like, “A, e, opo. Ako po iyan, dahil nakikita ko pa na medyo manipis na po kasi ang buhok (smiles widely while looking around).

In another footage he is shown looking up & smiling in ridicule around when Gaite was saying Lozada did not say what he claimed he said.

In my view, a reluctant, shy person w/ a lot of reservation would try to keep a low profile of himself as possible, not making ‘pa cute’ statements all around, then proclaiming that he, “….. did not want to be there …..”


Here is the video of the “reluctant” but very glib Jun Lozada joking about his hairline to Jinggoy:

Jinggoy Unveils ‘Abduction’ Photos From NAIA CCTV Camera (GMA TV Video Link)

Another video of the reluctant hero, emoting before the cameras:

Saksi: Atienza Denies Having Lozada Abducted (GMA TV Video Link)


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