FMC Open Cup Semis, SSC-R vs. CSJL

* I left the game w/ SSC-R leading by 10 pts., w/ only a little more than a minute left in the game. The final score was reportedly 76-66.

* Those Stags really like to push the ball as fast as possible, as they kept doing it almost all throughout the game. I think the Stags simply ran Letran to the ground in this game. They just ran … & ran … & ran, & Letran just couldn’t match SSC’s persistence at running. The scores were close at the half, w/ SSC leading by only 3 pts., 37-34. However, the Stags broke the game wide open in the 3rd quarter, & Letran just couldn’t recover

* Jim Viray has become synonymous w/ the Stags these days, & little wonder because he is the top Stag out there, hitting at least six 3 pt. shots scattered all throughout the game. Probably about 6’2″, runs the break well, decent ballhandler, seems to be pretty smart as he never took unnecessary chances off those fastbreak situations. Looks like a very solid player at no. 3. Let’s see how he fares against UE’s defense.

* Jason Ballesteros is listed sometimes as either 6’6″, or 6’8″, & that I think is because his body proportions makes him taller than he really is. I think he’s only around 6’6″, though. Decent rebounder & shotblocker, runs the floor well fitting well w/ SSC’s fondness for speed, but doesn’t have the skill to create his own shots anywhere. A serviceable Center for the SSC-R

* On Letran’s side, it was RJ Razul who did a lot of damage. This kid has good height, yet good ball handling skills, good court vision, often sees open teammates & passing situations, passes well, is an excellent out side shot, & can score off the dribble also. He needs to exert himself this season, though, as the top Knight in that team, & then bring his game to the next level, which is the PBL, for him to be able to become a top PBA prospect later


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