Dismantling Jun Lozada

Ever since Jun Lozada first came out to testify in the Senate regarding the NBN-ZTE deal, I’ve always been suspicious of him, for a couple of reasons:

– First, his timing was highly suspicious in that he came out just right after Joe De Venecia was kicked out as the Majority Floor leader in Congress;

– Second, when he came out, he was basically was mouthing the same things that Joe De Venecia III was saying. My impression was that JDV3 was discredited as a witness because he was caught trying to make money out of a government contract while his father was sitting as Majority Floor Leader of the House. Jun Lozada was supposed to be a “cleaner” witness than JDV3

– Third, I just found it highly suspicious that he kept saying that this guy said this, that guy said that, all the while just based on his own testimony. It’s very possible to plan & rehearse a Public Relations hatchet job against the government, primarily because that is exactly what the Opposition has been trying to do these past 8 years of the GMA Administration


Another sore point for me about Lozada, was his supposed “kidnapping”. He was supposed to have been “kidnapped” by the Administration, to keep him from testifying in the Senate.

However, there are many holes in Lozada’s testimony about being “kidnapped”:

– If he was kidnapped, why was he brought to public places like the Outback restaurant & Starbucks Coffee Shop, & then bought to the La Salle Brothers when he requested to be taken there?

– And then, after reaching the supposed safe sanctuary La Salle Brothers, he again went out w/ his supposed kidnappers back to the Senate. Now why the heck would he do that, if he really was fearing for his life? If it were anyone else, that person would’ve refused to go w/ his “kidnappers”, & ask the help of the La Salle Brothers or any of his friends to get somebody else they know & trust

– Not only that: After bringing him to the Senate, Lozada AGAIN went w/ his “kidnappers” back to the La Salle Brothers (shakes head)

– The NAIA video CLEARLY showed Lozada walking calmly w/ his supposed “kidnappers” on the airport premises. There was no indication whatsoever of any stress on his part

‘Manipulating The Filipino People’

I also noticed how he kept trying to push everyone’s buttons so he will be more believable. He cries on camera. His wife cries on camera. He glibly answers questions, making ‘pa-cute’ answers, playing to the cameras, & yet insisting that he is supposed to be a “reluctant hero” (see separate blog about this).

What about those interviews wherein he kept saying he now has a bleak future (as if moneyed Oppositionists would not be giving support now), or how he is now living out a spartan life ‘kuno’?

It all seemed to me like he was trying everything to gain the sympathy of the everyone who would listen, so that he would be more believable

‘Testimonial Evidence’

The main thing I have about Lozada, is that he basically doesn’t have any verifiable evidence of what he is saying. What Lozada wants everyone to believe, is that we should all just take his word for it because he said so. How then, do we know, that he is not just making it all up, for the sake of profit & grandstanding?

In the world of SALES, there are a select few who are really good at selling things. These are the people who are good at anticipating what the buyer wants, & they tend to very GLIB, that’s why they are successful.

If you are really GLIB, then even if your only capital is mainly SALIVA, you will be able to profit & get rich. In Tagalog, it goes like, “LAWAY lang ang puhunan.”

It’s the same in Politics: Among Politicians, you don’t have to be the most honest, or most sincere for you to be successful. You only have to the most GLIB. If you have a talent for making people believe what you said, then you are on your way to National prominence.

That, I think describes Lozada best right now: A glib person, selling his story to the Filipino people.


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