ADMU vs. SBC 030808

* The game was almost full house at the San Beda Gym. Norman Black was not around for ADMU, while Sam Ekwe was Missing In Action for SBC.

* The 1st 5 minutes of the game was basically a shootout between Chris Tiu & Ogie Menor. Both teams had complete lineups, but without the players that already graduated. Both teams also gave major minutes to their non-starters, especially in the 2nd & 3rd quarters. The game was close up until the 3rd quarter, when ADMU made a run & established a 10 + lead. SBC made a run in the 4th quarter & even led by about 2 points, but ADMU started another run, getting the lead & padding it up to about a dozen points until the end of the game.

ADMU Blue Eagles

* Chris Tiu outlasted Ogie in their shoot out, though, just great outside shooting all game long for him today. No doubt he will be ADMU’s main man on offense next season.

* Jai Reyes played well in the game at point for ADMU. Needs work on his offense, but everything else (i.e., ballhandling, passing, steals, etc.) he was pretty solid, keeping up & even surpassing SBC’s Hermida in some instances.

* I remember seeing no. 22 on ADMU’s Glory B team last year. Wide-bodied, 6’1″-6’2″ who seems to be playing 2-3-4 on their lineup. Great set shooter, great hustle. I think this guy may have found himself a slot on ADMU’s Team A. He definitely deserves it, if he makes it.

* Except for Udo, none of the big men from both teams were much of a factor in this game. Al-Hussaini had 3 of his shots blocked by Udo, so that dampened his inside game.

SBC Red Lions

* Udo Emeka had a great defensive game, getting a lot of rebounds, & I estimate him to have had AT LEAST 8 blocks in the game. I wouldn’t be surprised, if he ended up in double figures in block shots. He didn’t show much offense in the game, though.

* Taganas had quite a no. of offensive boards, but the problem was that he was hurrying his shots on the follow up, hence missing most of it. Probably conscious of having his shots blocked, what w/ that 2″ vertical leap of his. Marcelo contributed some points, but not much, & Elvin Pascual was a non-factor in the game. It’s obvious that, as now, neither Taganas, Marcelo or Pascual are playing near the level to somewhat offset Aljamal’s departure from this team.

* Gamalinda initially was great in the open court scoring & working w/ Pong & Ogie, but had problems offensively against a halcourt defense, since he, too, had problems hitting his outside shots.


* Great game, I felt ADMU won mainly because they were just shooting very well from the outside. Not just Tiu, but also no. 22, & even that no. 14 guy chipped in 2 3-pt shots. SBC, on the other hand, couldn’t buy a basket from outside in the 4th quarter. Pong & Ogie just weren’t a factor from the outside in this game.

* The SBC Red Lions seems to have problems beating UAAP teams in the off-season. I mean, they couldn’t get past UST in the CCL, had a tied game w/ FEU recently, & now lost to ADMU. I think that’s something to think about for the coaching staff in terms of assessing the team’s weaknesses for this coming NCAA season.


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