Pacquiao vs. Marquez 2

* Am giving credit to both Chino Trinidad & Quinito Henson again for maintaining their focus in the fights rather than the inane commentaries they did in the past. They were mostly business this time, providing interesting & vital information regarding the fighters & the fights.

* Nice rendition of the National Anthem by “Sierra” Sotto. It was simple, but sung w/ a beautiful & strong voice.

* Ugly win by Manny Pacquiao. Undoubtedly, his most difficult fight so far. To summarize the fight:
– 1st 2 rounds were very close, w/ Marquez probably slightly leading.
– Marquez still leading, until Pacquiao caught him w/ a left & decked him. JMm gets up, but was on shaky legs for the rest of the round, & until the next round.
– JMM starts to recover in the 5th round, then sometime in the middle round a cut was opened up on Manny’s right eye. JMM starts to recover.
– Just when everyone thought Manny was on his way out, he recovers starting in the 9th & 10th rounds.
– The last 2 rounds were close, though.

* I think that there were a couple of things Manny did wrong in this fight. Most critical, was not finishing JMM when after he downed him in the 3rd. True, some will say that Pacquiao had matured, or he was need not try to hurry his knockdown, blah-blah-blah. That may have worked w/ his other opponents, but not obviously w/ JMM. JMM had the skill & brains to be so dangerous for Manny, that Manny should’ve risked putting JMM out right there & then.

* This fight proved it. Manny never found again another opportunity to hurt JMM the same way again, & JMM recovered, & nearly beat Manny (or may have really beaten many, as many will say) in this fight. [b][u]Manny needs to GRAB every opportunity he can get w/ Marquez, because that may be the only chance he can get w/ him[/u][/b]. JMM was weak in the knees all throughout the 4th round, that’s where Manny should’ve finished him off. But he took his time, JMM recovered, & nearly beat him.

* Another issue I feel, is the obsession to keep trying to bulk up Manny & make him heavier. This was likely due to the anticipation of a possible megabucks fight w/ Pretty Boy Floyd somewhere down the road. But the problem w/ this strategy, is that it may have made Manny more muscular & harder to knockdown, but it may have also robbed him a little bit of his speed. Manny needs both: Speed, & Power to dominate his opponents. Take away one, & he will be a lot less dominating.

* I think this fight also showed the master that Berestain is, in terms of strategy. Roach is good, but Berestain is the MASTER.

* I really didn’t expect Manny to win this fight. Am glad that he did, but it wasn’t a very convincing win for him. Upon reflection, though, Manny did seem to have gone out & not only knocked out JMM, but buckled his knees at least twice more in rounds 9 & 10, indicating that he was hitting the harder shots. Credit Marquez, though, to have went out, & proved to everyone that he truly is one of the best fighters in the world right now, & probably among the best ever.

* JMM deserves another rematch w/ Pacquiao. W/ what he shown in this fight, though, I feel the Pacman will again have the fight of his life if it pushes thru.


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