The RP Youth Team In The PBL

Some concerns has been raised regarding the RP Youth Team’s participation in tough tournaments like the Philippine Basketball League (PBL) because it means pitting mainly High School players against college players, & even post-college players who are as old as in their late 20s. But for me, this is the right way to go, for a couple of reasons:

* I think the best way any team can improve, is by playing against BETTER COMPETITION. If they play against competition that is just as good as they are, or less as good as they are, then they might end up w/ a case of over confidence, & there will certainly be no drive for improvement.

* Against these PBL teams, am almost sure they will face a lot of ADVERSITY. Adversity, will hopefully develop character within the teams, & separate the players & leaders who can take charge under such adverse situations.

* Lastly, these kids will be up against teams in the international tournaments who will be a LOT taller than they are. The Chinese Youth Team’s ceiling, for example, is almost unimaginable. I’m afraid to look, or even think about the height of the players in that team. South Korea is also likely to have a couple of 6’9″ players in their fold, as do Middle Eastern teams like Lebanon, Syria & Iran. Some of these Asian & Middle Eastern teams, like China & Iran, young as they are, I think are comparable, if not maybe even BETTER than the PBL teams right now, by virtue of their raw individual talent & height.

* Whether its too soon to get these kids against the PBL team, maybe it would’ve been better to have these kids play against PBL teams later, but the schedule doesn’t seem to allow it for now. So I guess we’ll just have to take it as it is right now.


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