Fil-Oil ADMU vs. SBC 041308

* Saw the game over at IBC 13 yest. evening. I couldn’t help thinking about the results of these 2 team’s 1st meeting early this year last March 3, 2008, where SBC lost against ADMU’s 2007 lineup. I was wondering how SBC would fare against that same lineup, now that they were reinforced w/ their vaunted rookie players.


* As it turned out, ADMU simply did not quite shoot as well from the 3-point area as they did in the last game. And without that 3-point shot to fall back to, ADMU looked very vulnerable out there on the floor. The 3-point shot is low percentage shot, & unless you have Allan Caidic, or Shin Dong Pa on the team, the law of averages will catch up w/ you in one game or another.

* None of the name rookies played well in the game. Justin Chua had an airball or two, while Ryan Buenafe hit the side of the board on one attempt, then committed some turnovers, prompting Norman Black to pull him out from the floor. Nico Salva had his shot spectacularly blocked by SBC’s defense, & he was only able to get some points towards the end of the game.

* Chris Tiu seems to have his guns jammed this game from the 3-point area, though he didn’t seem to have missed any of his mid-range jumpers. I think he has that shot down pat, & Black should allow him to take more of those types of shots, especially if he is missing from the 3-point range.

* The biggest disappointment for me is Rabeh Al-Hussaini. After pretty good stints in the last University Games & the CCL, I haven’t seen him play well lately offensively. He did get some blocks, plus some rebounds off Sam, but his low post presence was nowhere to be seen, & he couldn’t hit many of his outside shots. I was hoping to see Ford Arao numbers from this guy this season, but the way he’s been playing against SBC lately, am beginning to doubt that. He just can’t seem to get off good shots against quality Centers.


* Sam Ekwe was one of the main factors this game around for SBC, as not only did he dominate the rebounds against ADMU, he also was a big factor offensively. Udo in their last game was able to match Sam’s output in terms of rebounds, but wasn’t a factor offensively, as he was this game.

* Borgie Hermida played another good game against ADMU. Most people tend to the see more of Ogie Menor’s flashy shots, or Pong Escobal’s 3-point shooting, but Hermida has been pretty steady lately w/ those outside shots & penetrations. He has become a vital cog for this team, providing steady plays at the point.

* I wasn’t impressed w/ Ogie Menor’s percentages from the floor as he missed quite a number of times spectacularly. I think he still lacks a reliable outside shot, as well as a good cross over dribble off those penetrations. Well, he still has 2 more seasons w/ the Red Lions to work on those weaknesses.


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