Holdap!!! Part 2

‘The Getaway’
When we reached the Estrella overpass, the man got off the bus, then I saw him run up the Estrella overpass to cross the highway. It was only later after discussing with the other passengers did they point out that another man wearing a light yellow shirt got off at the same time the holdupper got off the bus.

The guy in the yellow shirt never uttered a word during the entire incident, relying on the perp with the black baseball cap to do all the work. He obviously was the backup, keeping an invisible profile, but ready to assist if something happened to the main guy.

As soon as the perps got off, I rushed to the front of the bus to tell the bus driver to look for a Policeman we can report the incident to. One of the passengers wearing a black shirt went to the door, with the intention of going after the perps. But the bus driver didn’t stop, he kept the bus moving at a slow pace, so the passengers couldn’t get off the bus.

‘MMDA Enforcers’
Before we reached the Guadalupe MRT station, I saw some MMDA Enforcers trying to ticket some motorists. Funny how the bus driver didn’t point it out to me, good thing I saw them. I immediately asked him to stop, went down, and reported the incident to the MMDA Enforcers.

All they could do was text the details to their Headquarters, or so they say. It took awhile for them to complete the text and send it out. In the end, they told me to report it to the police since it was a police matter. So I asked them where is the nearest Police Station? They couldn’t remember, and just told me to call and report it to “117”. It was only later we learned that there’s a police station there at JP Rizal near the Guadalupe MRT station.

I got back to the bus, and talked among the other passengers. The bus, by the way, was only about half full of its seating capacity when the whole incident happened. It turns out the holduper had gotten everybody’s celphones, and some even lost their wallets. I got off at the Robinson’s Pioneer Mall, bought a cheap celphone, then called “117” using the SIM card I saved to report the incident.

The operator who took my call sounded as if she didn’t want to believe me. I thought perhaps she had gotten one too many prank calls that she had gotten skeptical. I patiently continued to give her the details, in the hopes that she will eventually believe me. Then the line was cut, for some reason.

So I called again, got to talk to the same operator, and continued to provide more details. Then she put me on hold. After about 2-3 minutes on hold, I just hanged up.

Then I had this great idea: Heck, am going to the gunshow, lots of PNP people around to report the incident to. Yup, I’ll just go ahead and do that.

‘Da Pulis’
True enough, the PNP was there, on the booth accepting deposits of firearms. I approached the guy in the Claim counter, and asked him if there’s anybody there who could take my report that the bus I was on was just held up.

‘Naku, sir, kelangan i report nyo yan sa detachment sa me Shangrila Mall, di naman jurisdiction yan (Sir, you have to report it to the detachment near the Shangrila Mall, that is not our jurisdition)’, he said.

I stared at him for a couple of seconds. Then I finally said, ‘Wala ba sa loob puede kumuha ng report ko? (Isn’t somebody there inside willing to take my report?)’. ‘Wala sir, e. Sa detachment talaga (Nope, nobody, sir. It has to be on the Police Detachment)’.

I just turned my back on him, walked away, then bought my ticket to the gun show.

‘Shangrila Detachment’
Later that evening, I went to the trouble of going to the Shangrila detachment to report the incident, accompanied by my brother. When I told the old policeman on the front desk where the incident occurred, he again told me that it should be reported at the Makati detachment since the incident was, “….. not under their jurisdiction …..”.

At this point, my brother, who is a Lawyer, introduced himself as “ATTORNEY blah-blah-blah”, and took out his Interpol ID, gad knows where he got it. The old guy wanted to refer us to his superior, but the superior didn’t go out to meet us, so he was forced to get the details of the incident, writing it down on a blank bond paper, and afterwards promised us that he will coordinate and report it to the J.P. Rizal Detachment.

I was too tired and frustrated by this time about the whole incident, so I didn’t bother going to the J.P. Rizal Detachment, and just went straight home.


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