Holdap!!! Part 3

‘In cahoots’
Now that I learned that the Philippine Corinthian Liner has had a reputation of bus drivers and conductors consorting with criminals, I did find it strange that the bus driver and conductor of the bus I was on didn’t act as if they really wanted the criminals to be caught.

If they were really serious about catching the guy, they would’ve stopped the bus, allowing the passengers and/or they themselves to trail the holduppers. Instead, the driver continued driving the bus at a slow speed, therefore not allowing anybody in the bus to follow the criminals.

Also, if they could’ve stopped the bus, and tried to make a ruckus to draw attention from possible passing police authorities. It was an emergency, after all.

I also found it suspicious that they did not stop to ask the help of the MMDA Enforcers when we passed them. We had to ask them to stop so we could report the incident to those MMDA Enforcers.

PHILIPINE CORINTHIAN LINER. Remember that name, next time you ride an aircon bus in Manila.

Am very disappointed with the authorities, particularly the PNP. Take note, that I had FOUR opportunities to report to them the incident, and nothing came out of it. First to the MMDA Enforcers, then to 117, then to the PNP at the SM Megamall gun show, and finally to the PNP at the EDSA-Shaw intersection.

A victim shouldn’t be bothered to go to the Police with the jurisdiction where the incident happened. It should be enough, that you see a man in PNP uniform, report the incident with details, then they should be the one doing the coordination amongst themselves.

That’s my idea, of how its supposed to work. If not, then that inefficiency would be a glaring weakness in the PNP’s campaign against criminals.

I hope some stup_d PNP General hasn’t gone out to complain about citizens not reporting crimes to them, because heck, here I am trying to report a crime, and I was met with RED TAPE and INCOMPETENCE (shakes head). And to think that the whole PNP organization got pay raises, equipment support, etc. all these years, and yet to no avail. The service they bring to the people, is still as substandard as it was before.

‘Crime statistic’
I suspect one reason for all the red tape, is due to the concern of these policemen to have a crime reflected on their records. You see, when a crime is reported, it becomes a statistic against them if they don’t solve it. They are forced to work, when a crime is reported.

To these incompetent pieces of sh_t, an unreported crime, is better than an unsolved one.

Well, I guess that’s part of life in the Republic of the Philippines.


2 thoughts on “Holdap!!! Part 3

  1. (Chuckle) Bakit masama loob mo? Holdaper ka ba, ha? Mga abnoy na katulad mo, na obvious na me sayad sa utak. Kilala na kita, kupal, at obvious ka dahil sira ang ulo mo.

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