Chinese-Taipei Beats China, 88-75

Chinese-Taipei lead all throughout the game, from a one point lead in the first quarter, 19-18, they padded it to five points at the half, 52-47. They extended the lead slightly to six points at the end of the third quarter, 66-60, before more than doubling the lead to thirteen points at the final buzzer, 88-75.

‘Chinese National Team’
Finally saw Wang Zheng (China no. 15) play, who is listed as over 7 feet tall. Medium build, and with very good coordination. Almost unstoppable in the post. I think he will be a monster in any games against Asian teams, but he lacks athleticism and strength which he will likely need in games outside of Asia.

China is just too tall, aside from Wang, they also had a triple tower of around 6’10” players in Dong Han Lin (China no. 11), Ren Jun Fei (China no. 12) and Ren Jun Wei (China no. 13), and they fielded all those three guys together starting from the third quarter. Then they pulled out one of the 6’10” players, and put in Wang.

Because of that very tall lineup, the Chinese had a terrific offensive rebounding game. They had a ton of offensive rebounds, keeping the game from becoming a blowout.

What did them in, though, was the turnovers, and their outside shooting was off. Just too many case of losing the ball to the opponents, and cases of butterfingers on their part.

After Wang, who had a monstrous game, the next best player for China was Ren Jun Wei (China no. 13), who had a great game scoring from inside.

‘Chinese-Taipei National Team’
The CT team is tough, and very quick and fast. They relied mostly on fastbreak opportunities and ability to beat their men off the dribble to score their points. They also were able to hit a couple of shots from the outside.

Chang Po Wei (CT no. 5) is an undersized power forward, only about 6’4″, but uses his quickness for drive-in and fastbreak plays. He also plays with a lot of energy and hussle, enabling him to be one of the team’s top scorers.

The CT player I’m most impressed, though, is Chou Po Chen (CT no. 15). He looks like he’s around 6’8″, but is a natural small forward. He likes playing from the perimeter, and has enough dribbling skills and quickness to beat the Chinese frontline off the dribble, getting his points off difficult layups.

He does tend to drive too much to his left, though, and his outside shooting is non-existent, as is his low post game. But his height and SF skills are something that we might want to watch as his game progresses even better later on.


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