Rambo 4

Finally got to watch Rambo 4 recently.

‘The Bad News’
The bad news, is that the plot is basically hare-brained and stereotypical. Something about Missionaries, and another motivation for Rambo to go to war that they hadn’t used before, which is a love interest.

The movie also is a lot more graphically violent than the other Rambo films I remember, thanks to the wonders of digital special effects. Limbs flying, heads exploding, decomposing bodies, mutilated bodies, all shown in their gory glory.

‘The Good News’
The good news, is that the action is pretty good. You don’t watch movies like Rambo for the plot anyways. Just some barely decent excuse for gunfight action, and that should be that.

If I were to use a phrase to describe the action, it would be, “The power of the .50 cal”. From the Barrett fifty, to the good ol’ Browning fifty, lots of heavy machine gun and big caliber action, giving John Rambo more firepower to mow down soldier after soldier.

‘The Final Verdict’
Surprisingly, I did enjoy the movie. Just turn off your IQ to match your five year old son / nephew / neighbor, sit back and enjoy the gunfights, and everything should be okay.

At the end of the movie, I did get goosebumps seeing John Rambo dressed up as he did on the opening sequence of the first movie, with the Olive drab military jacket and matching duffel bag, walking on a deserted highway.

Rambo was then passing thru a town where he had that unpleasant encounter with a redneck Sheriff which started the whole Rambo adventure. In this movie, we see the same setting, with Rambo walking a similar highway, but finally reaching home. Its probably Stallone’s way of finally saying goodbye to this character after four movies, and over a decade or so. Or not.

Anyway, recommended, only if nothing else better is available to watch.


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