The Incredible Hulk 2008

It definitely is not a “restart” of the Hulk movie franchise, but it’s not a straight-cut sequel either, since the origin, as told thru the opening credits of the film, does deviate from Ang Lee’s “Hulk” a couple of years back.

This movie focuses more on Banner’s search for a cure, his running away from the military who keeps tracking him down, and the love story angle between Banner and Betsy Ross.

Edward Norton is perfect as Dr. Bruce Banner, because not only is he a terrific actor, one of the best of his generation, but is also quite lean and nerdy, the exact opposite of the Hulk, which is what Stan Lee had in mind when he started the character, sort of like a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde variation.

I like Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno’s cameos in the film, they got more screentime than in the last Hulk movie. Lou Ferrigno particularly had a couple of lines in the movie, even got Norton to tell him, “you’re the man!!!”

With an interesting villain, and possibly the birth of another for the sequel, the movie overal is fast-paced, relatively well-written that had me engrossed right from the start, to the very end.

As far as negative stuff is concerned, I can’t recall one, as I totally liked the movie.

Well, perhaps it is a quite a serious movie, with very few light moments, two of which involved the Banner’s pants. The first one was when he insisted on buying garterized pants, and the second when he was given purple pants, since it was the “stretchiest” they could find.

A great movie to watch, MUST-SEE for me.


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