Dino Daa's Game

I saw Dino Daa play live in one of the last games I saw there in the Philippines. The best word to describe Dino Daa’s game, would probably be “light-footed”.

When he has the ball, Dino likes to stay on the balls of his feet. As a result, he looks like he is always lightly bouncing up and down on his feet when he moves about. That “bounciness” gives him a lot of quickness and speed, and this from a guy who is not necessarily lean, but rather medium built.

He’s not that tall, probably no more than 6’3″-6’4″, but that quickness is the reason for his success as a basketball player in the NCAA with the Letran Knighs. He is so quick, that in two to three dribbles, he is able to always gain enough space from his defender to enable him to get off a shot.

The best way to defend against those moves of his, would probably be to find someone who is at least as tall as he is, and who can keep up with his quickness. If not, then probably they can try to double team him and make him give up the ball as soon as he puts the ball down on the floor.

He also has a pretty decent set shot all the way to the three-point area to vary his offense. As long as he receives the ball in the proper position, and has about a second to aim and get off a shot, he will have a good chance of making that shot.

Aside from that, he also has good speed going up and down the court. I saw at least two situations wherein he was already posting up underneath the basket waiting for a pass on fastbreak plays.

On the downside, he is not really a great leaper. He doesn’t really get that high in the air for a shot. He also could use a couple more inches in terms of height. But then again, if he had those, then he would’ve been unstoppable. As it is, he is already quite effective in the NCAA level.

Though we still need to see how he will fare in the PBL, with that kind of a skill set, I think Dino has a pretty good shot at making it to the PBA someday.


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