Ah … another of those movies with cool, cool firearms, following in the footsteps of movies like “Blade”, or “Heat”. This time, though, “Wanted” likely will top all of them, as it is a gun-nut movie heaven.

Sure, it is mostly fantasy, but it is fantasy in a very “fun” way. If the phrase “stretching the facts” is to be used to describe a movie, this movie would take the cake.

‘Curving The Bullet’
Take the case of “bullet deflection”, for example. Bullet deflection in the movie meant the ability to curve the path of the bullet so it goes around an object before hitting something.

It sounds fantastic, but there seems to be some basis for that in Physics. It could be possible for a bullet’s path to follow a curved path if the gun is whipped as the bullet was leaving the barrel, allowing momentum to affect the bullet’s path.

The movie stretches that principle, by insisting that by whipping a gun as you fire it, you will also be able to curve the path of the bullet around a target.

It is a stretch, but a nice, could-be-possible, one-for-the-Mythbusters kind of stretch.

‘Firearms Heaven’
And of course there are the guns. Beautifully engraved Matchmasters and Berettas, cool guns like the classic Mauser, the “Cornershot” shoot-around-corners system, amond others, and my personal favorite, the modernized flintlock pistol.

Here is a link to the guns featured in the movie, albeit it is incomplete as it did not include my favorite modern flintlock pistol:

‘Cool Movie’
The movie has a lot of other cool stuff, like some of the most incredible stunt you have ever seen on a movie. There are also things like a thousand year old fraternity of assassins; The concept of “Bullet Time” taken to another level (shooting wings off flies, :D); Cool music; Cool, fast cars; The sultry and “foxy” Angelina Jolie; A fat guy with Al Pacino’s “Scarface” accent, and pretty handy with the knife; A supernatural element in the “Loom of Faith”; Rat bombs; Betrayal, and intrigue, etc., etc.

Truly a terrific movie. I had seen it twice already, and plan to watch it a couple of times more. It heads the short list of videos I want to buy in original DVD or Blu-Ray. If you are an avid firearms or military enthusiast, and have not seen this movie yet, then better grab one right now. Then sit back, relax, be prepared to enter the realm of fantasy, and enjoy the movie.


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