UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar

Couture came into the ring very relaxed, very loose, smiling around, while Brock looked pensive. Even though he was a lot bigger than Randy, he did have a very limited MMA experience, and he was going up against an MMA legend, so that was probably the reason for his looking tight.

Everybody loves Randy, judging by the reception he was getting, and the boos Brock got. Brock, the WWE superstar that he was, obviously was not used to being booed, especially when he was not acting out like in the WWE

Brock was just huge, it seemed like the size of his skull was twice the size of Randy’s. It was like watching a man going up against a full-sized gorilla. I don’t think Brock is only 6’3″ as listed on the Tale of the Tape. If Randy is indeed 6’2″, Brock was easily about 3-4″ taller than Randy

‘The Fight’
I don’t think Randy was in any way rusty after a long layoff as it was classic Randy Couture at the beginning of the fight: The clinch, then putting Brock against the fence. However, there was one big difference this time, and that was he was trying to move around a very strong, very heavy 275 lbs. Lesnar.

In between rounds, both fighters were breathing hard, but it looked to me that even more so for Randy. Brock is just too big, heavy and strong, and it was Randy that I felt was wearing out faster, and not the other way around.

I think Brock fought a very good fight. He was patient, and cerebral. He just wasn’t trying to overcome Randy with his size, weight and strength. He was thinking things thru, applying techniques, and just letting his strength come into play whenever it could.

Randy was jarred a couple of times by Brock in the second round, before he got hit on what seemed to be the area just above the ear, which dropped him like a rock, allowing Brock to follow up and finish him off.

‘The Future’
Lesnar versus Nogeira will be an interesting fight (if Nog will win against Mir in their fight). It will be close one, despite Brock’s size advantage over Nogeira. I want Brock to win, and he will have to dig very deep inside himself to pull it off against “The Big Nog”.

Nog is younger, stronger, taller and bigger than Randy, and it looks like his ground game will give Brock problems. In no way do I think Brock will dominate the fight against Nogeira, but I feel he will have just enough to pull off a win. I hope.

What’s with Brock spitting all over the place during the post game interview with Joe Rogan? He reminded me of some of our fellow Filipinos with that kind of an attittude.


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