Pacquiao versus Dela Hoya

I am oh so glad to live at a time when we get to see some of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen, like Michael Jordan, and now Manny Pacquiao, the greatest Filipino boxer of all time, and one of the greatest boxers of all time. His fight with Oscar Dela Hoya is now part of the history books, let me save the items I posted on various message boards in the internet here on my blog for posterity.

Here is my blow-by-blow account of the fight:

– Keyshia Cole sings the US National Anthem
– Karyll (Zsa-Zsa Padila’s daughter) sings the Philippine National Anthem. She did a lousy job of singing it. Missed some words, voice not that great (shakes head)
– Crowd cheering as Manny is shown sparring with Roach on video
– Manny entering the ring to the tune of “We Will Rock You”. He looked very relaxed entering the ring, smiling, waving around
– Dela Hoya looked VERY fit as shown on the weigh in videos. Could be bad news for Manny
– Oscar entering the ring. He still looks pensive, though

Round One
– Ring introductions over, start of Round One
– Manny more active on his feet, landed a couple of good punches. Dela Hoya ineffective. Manny dominates Oscar in Round One. Go Manny!!!

Round Two
– Manny again for Round Two. Manny too quick on his feet for Oscar. Shi_, this could be a repeat of the Diaz-Pacquiao fight

Round Three
– Oscar lands some jabs and body shots, but Manny still ahead in Round Three. Gap closing, though

Round Four
– Manny again wins Round Four. Roach is really smart. When he said Manny can take Oscar, he was very right

Round Five
– Shi_, Oscar is over. He should just retire from boxing. Manny again for Round Five
– Dela Hoya-Pacquiao fight = Diaz-Pacquiao fight

Round Six
– Oscar’s left eye closing. Total domination by Manny in Round Six
– Pacquiao-Hatton next

Round Seven
– Ho-hum. Total domination again by Manny on Round Seven. Oscar got cornered, took a lot of punishment, legs wobbly
– At the end of the seventh round, an official goes over to Oscar’s corner to ask him if he still wants the fight to continue. Oscar says “yes”

Round Eight
– Manny again for Round Eight. What was supposed to be an exciting fight is turning out to be rout in favor of Manny
– At the end of Round Eight, the same official who asked Oscar’s corner before again went and asked Oscar if he still wanted the fight to continue. He also kept asking Oscar if he has a headache. Beristain is seen talking to Oscar in Spanish and shaking his head
– Fight stopped after Round Eight. Manny wins by TKO. Woooohooooo!!!!

Post Fight
– Oscar kept praising Manny in the post fight interview
– ‘Duguan na ilong ni Manny sa inglisan.’ LOL
– Oscar said before the fight he trained for King Kong, but in this fight he got beaten by Godzilla
– Hatton’s next. I hope that would be more interesting fight than this one. Then Mayweather will be Manny’s last fight

‘Dela Hoya Sell-Off?’
I have been reading rumors about Dela Hoya supposedly selling off the fight to Manny. These probably came from people who either lost big for betting on Dela Hoya, or those whose reputations are at stake (i.e., boxing “experts”) who previously proclaimed that Dela Hoya would beat Manny black and blue. They have a hard time accepting, and also living with the consequences, of Manny simply beating an over-the-hill Oscar Dela Hoya.

Most people would point out that Dela Hoya did not look as pathetic on his last fight. Well, two things I can say to this:
– Manny was either quicker, and/or had a lot more heart than Dela Hoya’s previous opponents
– Time has a funny way of suddenly catching up with aging athletes. It usually comes relatively suddenly: One fight they are still okay, the next fight suddenly they hit a brick wall. The reason I know this, is because I’ve seen it happen on other sports as well. The most particular example I can remember is Alex English of the Denver Nuggets. Alex was playing well past his prime in the NBA, when he suddenly hit that age wall on his last season. The previous season he was hitting 17 ppg, still okay, still a superstar, still the team’s main scorer. But the next season he suddenly didn’t have it anymore, dropping down to I think less than 10 ppg. It happened to Alex English, and it now happened with Oscar Dela Hoya.


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