Foreign Intervention in Philippine Basketball

The whole Philippine basketball community was rocked recently when the FIBA Central Board reinstated Graham Lim in the FIBA Youth Commission. To those not familiar with the background of Mr. Lim, and as to why this development would be such a big deal to Philippine basketball, well, let me just give a short background on the issue.

Mr. Lim was among those personalities that were involved in the banning of the Philippines from FIBA-sanctioned international competitions, and although his group, the Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) was subsequently eased out as the legitimate basketball body in the Philippines by the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP), he, with the support of Traditional Politician (Trapo) and the GMA Administration crony Prospero Pichay, had continued to challenge the SBP’s authority.

I kept wondering why the hell would the BAP continue to insist in trying to get back into power, after causing so much trouble to Philippine basketball, and after being rebuffed repeatedly by Mr. FIBA Secretary Patrick Baumann?

‘FIBA-Asia Corrupt Politicians’
Then suddenly we learned that Mr. Lim’s return to the graces of FIBA was in no small part due to the support of Mr. CARL MENKY CHING, a former FIBA-Asia Secretary-General from Hong Kong and DATO YEOH CHOO HOCK, the current FIBA-Asia Secretary-General, from Malaysia. It turns out that those two clowns helped broker the meeting on behalf of Lim with Mr. Baumann.

With such “friends” in high places, no wonder Mr. Lim was brazen enough to continue to challenge the SBP’s authority.

Now, why would Clown Number One Mr. Monkey …, er, I mean, Mr. “Menky” Ching and Clown Number Two Mr. Choke …, er, I mean, Mr. Choo Hock, be so obliging in terms of helping Mr. Lim? At first, I thought its because of their common Chinese heritage that caused those two clowns to sympathize with Mr. Lim.

However, I began thinking: The appointment of Mr. Lim generally would mean a more turbulent political situation as far as the governing bodies of Philippine basketball is concerned. A strenghtened BAP would mean they would be more emboldened to cause trouble for the SBP. The more trouble, means the bigger the possibility of again FIBA banning the Philippines from international competitions.

Not only that, but what if the BAP eventually eases the SBP out of power? That would generally be bad news, because the BAP had already been in power before, and the way they ran things then was basically just shi….

‘Undermining Philipping Basketball’
This got me to even more thinking, that Mr. Monkey … er, I mean, Mr. “Menky”, and Mr. Choke …, er, I mean, Mr. “Choo Hock”, probably have more than just racial emphathy in mind in helping Mr. Lim.

Hong Kong and Malaysia have not exactly been what we can consider as basketball powers in the region. Sure, they are generally more progressive than our country, hence probably a lot of pride there, but a PBA All-Star team has, and will continue, to wipe the floor like a rug out of any legitimate national team they can field out there.

Its possible that those two clowns are tired of seeing their National teams of being treated like sh.. on the floor that they thought it would be a good idea if they can also have the opportunity to undermine Philippine basketball if they can. For them, its like hitting two Filipinos with one stone: Help a fellow Chinese, and at the same time cause mayhem in Philippine basketball.

And that is exactly what is happening now. The BAP will continue to challenge the SBP, leading to gad only knows what consequences in the future. And who will benefit from it? As far as South East Asian basketball is concerned, ambitious countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Get the Gorilla out of the room, so to speak, so they will just have to end up dealing with their fellow Smurfs on the hardcourt.

At any rate, having these foreigners interfere with our local basketball affairs is simply unacceptable. With basketball being so popular in our country, FIBA should be treating us like a rare gem, instead of a hockey puck for political manipulation.


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