2009-07-22 RP Loses To Lebanon, 83-95

* Stats shown at the start of the game: RP team averaged nineteen point seven (19.7) turnovers per game. I was expecting higher numbers, but nevertheless, that’s a bit high for any team.

* Willie Miller in the last three games (prior to the Lebanon game) averaged 14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists per game on 53% shooting. Too bad no stats about his turnovers, but his shooting clip is pretty good, especially for a Guard.

* Aguilar’s stats before the Lebanon game: 11.5 points, 6.5 rebounds per game.

* Turnover stats up to the third quarter: Lebanon, 11. Philippines, 21. Nine turnovers for the RP Team in the third quarter alone. But that’s because we play too many players at the court at any given time. This was evident in the Bench scoring, where RP had 40, Lebanon, 9.

* The RP Team surprisingly had more rebounds up to the third quarter, 19 to 26.

‘The Lebanese National Team
* I’ve seen Brian Beshara play a couple of times in 2007, and I’ve always thought he was more of a sometimes rough-playing role player than anything else. He certainly never was as offensive minded before as he is in this game. I don’t know his stats in the tournament, but if he is consistently averaging double figures, that means he definitely has improved a lot offensively as compared to before.

* He had four three-point field goals in the first half and then added another one in the third quarter. Add in a couple of drives, some jumpshots, and he topscores the game with 29 points.

* Vroman is a terrific overall player on offense. Excellent one on one post moves against Taulava, and more excellent drive in plays to the basket. At 6’10”, with that athleticism, he is almost unstoppable. He had fifteen points on 50% field goal shooting at the half. The commentators did point out that he does tend to complain a lot to the referees about fouls. I also saw him getting blocked a couple of times during the game by the RP players, though. At least three blocks on him the whole game. He had a terrific jam on the reverse side of the basket after a spin move at the post off the default slam dunk king of the tournament, Japeth Aguilar.

* Fadi El Khatib noticeably had a very “quiet” game, although scoring 14 points despite not exerting himself very much. Took some three point shots, only driving when he is open, generally just sort of taking it easy. I expect him to be back to his assertive, “monster” old self in Tianjin.

* Lebanon played zone in the first three quarters, then went into a man-to-man defense in the fourth.

‘The RP National Team’
* RP played man to man in the first three quarters, then went into a 2-3 Zone in the fourth. The type of defense both teams seem to have no overall effect on the game, though. It was more due to the turnovers (again) of the RP Team that was the main cause why we lost that game.

* I just noticed that when one or two guys come off the bench, that’s usually the time when the turnovers occur when they start running the run and gun. It seems Yeng is really making too many substitutions, and making the team run a lot. That, with the fact that the team hasn’t been playing together that much, is causing people to lose balls. From that, I think we can assume where Yeng will make some of the adjustments come Tianjin.

* Willie Miller was miserable coming off the bench in the third quarter, committing quite a number of turnovers in that stretch, at least three. Then Baguio, also coming off the bench at the same time as Miller, contributes at least two. The problem with Willie, I feel, is that once he gets the ball at the half court, he sometimes tends to look to drive or to score. In this game, it was causing him turnovers.

* Not that Helterbrand was doing a lot better. He does tend to stop at the top of the key at times to look at his teammates, and run the plays more, but there was a stretch in the fourth quarter wherein he was blocked once, and had at least two or three turnovers.

* Yap, Raymundo and Helterbrand I felt played well in the game. They looked steady and composed, and looked like they had a good field goal percentage from the floor, making most of their shots.

* Japeth wasn’t as effective this game offensively as he was against Japan, mainly because I felt he was going up against taller and beefier players than he was against the Japanese National Team. Instead of five dunks, he ended up with only two impressive ones, though. That’s what I have been saying about learning how to create your own shots: Against bigger competition, that may be the only way to score consistently against them.


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