2009-08-07 RP Beats Japan 78-69

* The 2-point Field Goal percentages at the half were actually close, expect that the Japanese took about 10 more attempts than us. They also had seven more rebounds than us, but we had seven more three point attempts, and hit a higher rate of them at 38% to their 33%. Another stat to consider, was the fact that we had six more fouls than them, a reflection of our more physical type of defense.

* The most striking stats for me, would be the 2-pt. ield goal shooting of the big men from both sides. The Takeuchi twins only hits from 31-38% of their shots. On the other hand, Taulava and Thoss hit 83% and 88%, respectively. Those are PHENOMENAL numbers, meaning the Takeuchi twins couldn’t defend against them, while the twins themselves have trouble scoring against our frontline.

* Miller also hit 71% of his 2-pt. shots, another spectacular effort, aside from dishing out 4 assists, and having only 2 turnovers in the game.

‘The Japanese National Team’
* Both teams essentially played man to man defense all throughout the game.

* I can now see why the Japanese big men were shooting so poorly in the game. They have trouble against a physical defense, especially in a half court game. They have good low post moves, but once our big men bodied up on them, the miss their shots, or lose the ball. The only way they could score, was either anchoring fastbreak plays, free-throws, or outside shots. ‘Medyo mahihina ang katawan;, despite their medium body build. You could call these guys as “soft”, in a way, despite their good rebounding numbers.

* The only way the Japanese big men were scoring were during fast break plays, outside shots, or freethrows.

* The Takeuchi twins are about the same height as Mick Pennissi, making them about no more than 6’8″

‘The Philippine National Team’
* Mick didn’t score a lot of points, but he helped keep the game close, and also helped keep the Japanese’s defense honest by hitting three straight three point shots in the first half.

* I felt we won because of good defense, and good individual effort on offense by the players. We eventually shutdown their fast breaks plays midway in the first half, and played physical defense against their big men. On offense, Pennissi hit three three-point shots in the first half, then Thoss scored most of his points in the third. And in the fourth quarter, it was Asi Taulava’s turn to shine. Miller, Yap and the others sustained us all throughout the game.


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