Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto

‘Fight Prelude’
– Miguel Cotto is being shown having his hands being taped, with Roach watching

– Foreman-Santos fight over, with Foreman winning the bout by decision. Foreman knocked Santos down on the closing minutes of the twelfth round.

– Inspectors shown signing Cotto’s gloves. Start of the fifth round between Chavez Jr. and Rowland.

– Trio sings the Philippine National Anthem in Yellow, Red and Blue National dresses. Nice, really nice. One of the most memorable National Anthems I’ve heard.

– Fat, ugly blonde girl sings the Puerto Rican National Anthem. LOL.

– I think that’s Ramiele, the Fil-Am who was on the American Idol a couple of years ago singing the US National Anthem.

– MTV of Manny’s Knock Outs being shown to the tune of “Thunderstruck”. Manny enters the ring to the tune of Rocky. All smiles for Manny, as usual. Relaxed, and loose. Bad news for Cotto.

– Cotto now enters the ring to the tune of some Boricua rap song. Cotto serious as usual. Attending his own funera? LOL

– Michael Buffer introductions. Pacman’s entourage on the ring is noticeably much bigger than Cotto’s

‘Fight Proper’
Round One – Cotto refuses to touch gloves with Cotto at the start of the fight. Cotto landed the first, hard punch of the fight, and it seems to have stunned Manny. Not good. Overall, I give this first round to Cotto.

Round Two – Cotto very effective with his jabs, and then counter-punching beautifully. Manny’s left straight going thru Cotto’s defenses, though. Manny landing combinations, Cotto is starting to feel the strenght of Manny’s punches, I can see it in his demeanor. This round goes to Manny for me.

Round Three – Cotto down in the third. Woohoo!!! Manny connecting to the body, but Cotto’s left hook also landing. It would be hard to call this round without that knock down on Cotto.

Round Four – Another close round. Combinations by Manny, but Cotto also responding with combinations. HOWEVER, Cotto goes down again on the closing rounds of Round four on a solid punch. Manny definitely wins this round.

Round Five – Action slows down a bit, but Cotto now more cautious, doesn’t have the same confidence anymore. Pacquiao teeing off selectively. I think Manny wins this round easily.

Round Six – Manny in control of this round, teeing off at will. Great body shots by Manny, Cotto backing up. However Cotto got some good shots in the closing seconds.

Round Seven – Another round by Manny. He was landing combinations, with Cotto backing up, and Manny being the aggressor.

Round Eight – Gotta give credit to Cotto, he has given Manny his most difficult fight since Marquez. But I think Cotto is weakening. He threw so few punches this fight, just kept backing up. Another round for Manny for me. But what a difference. In Round One, Cotto was so damn confident. This round, he is running away, scared to mix it up.

Round Nine – Cotto is now too weak to fight. Just keeps backing up. Its just a matter of time. Cotto is hanging on for life. He definitely not winning, Cotto now just trying to survive the fight. Cotto’s face a mess.

Round Ten – No offense whatsoever from Cotto, just a lot of running around the ring. Pacquiao getting tired of chasing him around the damn ring. No way Cotto is winning this fight. He just wants to survive.

Round Eleven – Gotta give it to Cotto, he is quite light on his feet. Doing a lot of shuffle going backwards. Manny wins this fight, Cotto is in survival mode, so at least he can say Pacquiao didn’t knock him out. Cotto is just too scared to mix it up.

Round Twelve – Cotto keeps backpedalling, no offense. Manny lands a solid left straight, and Bayless stops the fight. Cotto’s face is a mess, full of cuts. Cotto goes over to Manny’s ring, and offers a hug. Fight over.

‘Fight Summary’
It was close in the first four rounds, until that punch that knocked down Cotto for the second time. You could see his head wobbling about before he hit the canvass. After that punch, Cotto finally probably admitted he couldn’t win this fight, and started to go on the defensive. From thereon, it was all Manny Pacquiao.

The change in Cotto before the Round Four knock down was just stunning: He was so confident before that knock down, so full of heart, and it was really a close fight until that point. But afterwards, you could almost see the fight slowly eroding away from him.

‘Fight Epilogue'[/g]
Cotto has nothing to be ashamed of. He did his best, even won a couple of rounds, but in the end, The Pacman is just so much better. I don’t think Cotto’s career is over. I think he will have a good career after this, unlike Hatton. He proved in this fight he is a damn pretty good boxer. But just not good enough to beat Pacquiao.

I think the fight was officially over in the fourth round, when Cotto almost didn’t get up. He realized he could be knocked out, and just stopped trying to win. He figured he just wants to survive without getting knocked out.

As for his left shoulder, as he was heading to the dugout, you could clearly see, aside from his very battered face, some redness around the area of the left shoulder. I thought it was just some minor swelling, but turned out to be a damaged shoulder, from one of Manny’s punches. Incredible.


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