Why the Hell is Gibo Teodoro Running for President?

There are some Taxi Drivers who are fuc_ing moro_s. Some, not all, but some. Some of them do offer an alternate, ‘masa’ view on politics, those that are more “politically” inclined.

One time, for example, some old Taxi Driver started ranting about the government, etc., and I have to admit, he did have some sensible views about some of the Presidential candidates particularly about Gilbert Teodoro.

‘Not a National Figure’
His first observation was quite valid: What the fuc_ is a person like Gilbert Teodoro, who has never ever won a national election before, going out and running for President?

It makes sense. Teodoro is not a celebrity. He is not a nationally famous person. And it is true, that he has never won a national election before. Now, if Senators, who have won national elections before, are hesitant to run for Presidency, then how much more an unknown like Teodoro?

I’ll take it one step further: What elective position has Teodoro won before? If he hasn’t even won an elective position, then why is he running for the highest office in the land?

‘Conspiracy Theories’
His second observation, which gives in to cynicism, is that Teodoro is not really expected to win the Presidency. What is being done, is he is being groomed for something else in Philippine politics. His seemingly unwise foray into Philippine politics is actually a way to expose him to the public eye, reasons for which we can only speculate at this point.

One speculation, is that the elections will be rigged, to let him win the elections.

‘Dadayain na naman daw ang eleksyon.’

This is possible, but highly improbable. If Teodoro is number a close number two in the surveys, that scenario is very possible. But right now he is nowhere anywhere near the top three. Trying to let an unknown like him win the elections thru cheating when he is so far out of this world in the surveys is simply political suicide. They all might as well shoot themselves in the head, because its probably a faster, quicker way for them to die rather then have a revolution go after them if they push thru with it.

A more likely possibility, is that Teodoro is being groomed to head an alternative government out there, in case of some military coup. This is more possible, since that means even if he is not a national figure, people will still get to know him, more or less, by his exposure in running for the Presidency of the country.

Whatever reason it is why Teodoro insists on running as President when he is nowhere near the national consciousness in terms of popularity is causing some nasty rumors out there. And I can’t blame them, because it really doesn’t make sense for him to go out and run for President.


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