Knocking Out Shane Mosley

The fight between Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas had just ended, and Manny Pacquiao won by Unanimous Decision. By all accounts, it was a one-sided affair, with Manny dominating and winning all twelve rounds of the fight.

However, I am pretty disappointed with the result. I actually expected Manny to Knock Out Shane Mosley. The reason for that is not just in terms of my high expectation of Manny, but more importantly, I felt it would’ve had a significant impact in his negotiations for a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

‘Leverage Against Mayweather’
One thing to remember about Shane Mosley, is that he is one of the few opponents that is common to both Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather. Everybody knows that Pretty Gay Floyd has been avoiding Pacquiao for as long as he can, wary of the only fighter that perhaps could not only beat him, but knock him out as well.

Floyd fought Mosley in May 1, 2010, and in that fight, Mayweather also dominated the bout, but it also lasted all twelve rounds, with Mayweather winning by Unanimous Decision.

My feeling is that if Pacquiao had knocked out Mosley, then that would’ve given the impression that Pacquiao was better than Mayweather, since Manny was able to do something that Floyd had not. Then that would’ve put a lot of pressure on Floyd Mayweather.

He is a very vain man, and he insists that he is the best boxer of his generation. Now if Manny comes along and knocks out someone he was not able to knock out, then people would naturally expect and think that Manny is, indeed better than Floyd. That would put Floyd on the defensive, and perhaps finally come out and try and prove once and for all that he is better than Manny in the ring.

As it is, though, there is no such pressure on Floyd. He can say that Manny is no better than him, that in fact he is still better than Manny. And that would have a significant impact on the negotiations. He can keep saying, not only am I the bigger attraction than Manny, I am also better than him so I should have a bigger share of the purse.

That’s why I am really disappointed with this result. It has not helped make any progress in terms of finally having that fight with Mayweather.

‘Opponents Too Big’
It’s hard to blame Manny, though, for not knocking out Mosley. Shane was overly nice before the fight, and during the fight itself both fighters were seen talking to each other. What were they talking about? Mosley has NEVER been knocked out of the fight, so is it a case of a nice fighter asking his tormentor to have mercy and preserve his no knock out record? That definitely is a possibility.

Or perhaps Manny’s opponents simply has gotten too big for even his vaunted punching power? That certainly seems to be case, since Manny has NOT knocked out any of his much bigger opponent in his last three fights: Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito and now Shane Mosley are much bigger physically than Manny, and punches that used to knock out or batter into submission smaller opponents now only sting and dizzy these bigger fighters, but not knock them out.

This is something that Manny Pacquiao and his Coaching and Managerial staff should seriously start thinking about: No more bigger opponents for Manny. While his power seems to have improved, it has not been proportionate enough to keep that one punch knock-out, nor has it been enough to batter his opponents into a knock out.

‘The Knock-Out’
The Knock Out is an important part of why people want to see a Manny Pacquiao fight. They just don’t want to see him batter his opponents into a decision, they want his opponents to go down in defeat by a spectacular K.O. This is the same reason why people wanted to watch a Mike Tyson fight before: Because such a fight always resulted in an exciting K.O.

With bigger opponents, that is now gone. And if that is gone, expect Manny’s popularity worldwide to sort of mellow down a little. Manny needs to get back into his K.O. ways. At least, until Floyd finally agrees to fight him.


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