Anti-AbNoy Censorship

When GMA7 on Facebook came out with a “Think-Before-You-Click” campaign middle of July, 2011, my ears suddenly went up. First of all, because it smacks of CENSORSHIP. Second, why only now? Then on July 20, 2011, ANC 24/7 on Facebook came up with a post trying to censure people about name-calling. It used a post by a single, pro-Abnormal in Malacanang individual who complained about the President being called “Abnoy”, “Abnormal” or “Panot”.

A single post, and ANC 24/7 started its crackdown, banning people left and right based on every single word of namecalling. Now, why am I against this? For a couple of reasons.

First is the timing. Both ANC 24/7 and GMA7 have been on Facebook for a year or so now. ANC 24/7 insists that the rule has always been there, but it is also clear that whatever rule it is, they are only implementing it now. So why only now? I have seen both organizations allow Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to be maligned and called with names for so long now, including in both in ANC 24/7 and GMA7’s FB pages. And during that time, they did NOTHING. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

They allowed such things to happen in the previous administration, and suddenly when the new Abnormal President is in place, it is suddenly not allowed?

‘Propaganda Tool’
Second is the fact that derogatory remarks can and has been used a propaganda weapons, by all sides of the political spectrum. When a person makes a derogatory remark against a public figure, that is a powerful propaganda tool. When you read or hear that, it clicks into your subconscious that the public figure must have done something very wrong for people to call him or her such.

That negativity does have an effect on people. It makes them dig deeper, rethink their opinions, and try to get and learn more facts about the individual. In other words, it forces people to THINK, and DOUBT.

In the case of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the incessant name-calling resulted in her being DEMONIZED. Again and again, all that negativity eventually put in the minds of most people that she is not a person worthy of respect, and people assume that she must have done something so wrong that other people know about to deserve such a label.

The media knows this. ANC 24/7, GMA7, all of their bosses know this, if they are smart. Now, if they know this, then why are they allowing such a tool to be used against Gloria, but not against the Abnormal in Malacanang? There is clearly one reason for this, and that is to favor the AbNoy.

Who is behind this campaign, then? I have no doubt that the people in Malacanang are behind this campaign. The groups “Balay” and “Samar”, through those idiots Lacierda and Valte, because this is not the first time I have come across this from the Pro-Abnormals.

When I was still posting in the Local and Foreign Issues thread of Pinoy Exchange, I was incredibly surprised at the gall of the Pro-Abnormals to chasten people from calling their Abnormal idol names. They do this, while calling Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) all kinds of names, from “Dwarfina”, to “Pandak”, to “Mandaraya”.

It is typical of these morons to insist that they are “special”, that whatever applies to other people should not apply to them, since they are “special”. This kind of stupidity is the reason why this country is such a fuck-up, the “righteous” and “double-standard” mentality of certain, elitist sectors of this society.

‘Parting Shots’
The Abnormal and his ilk know that they cannot deliver all of their promises to the Filipino people, especially since they are all so incompetent and stupid. Couple this with the holier-than-thou attitude of the Oligarchs, and this is likely the start of their plan to censor media, to quash criticism, and establish a quasi-Oligarchic dictatorship.

I can understand why ANC 24/7 would be the first to implement it. After all, they are owned by the Lopezes, one of the Abnormal’s biggest campaign contributors. With them starting to implement censorship, expect this Administration to slowly but surely try to muscle in all of the other major media organizations in line. The dawn of the Oligarchic Dictatorship is starting …

Like this page is you are against censorship by the coming Oligarchic Dictatorship:!/pages/ANC-247-is-now-Malacanangs-Mouthpiece/206188336097361


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