Philippine Kidnappings on the Discovery Channel

There’s a new show on the Discovery Channel titled, “Kidnap and Rescue“, and it is putting the Philippines in a bad light because it has so far already featured two kidnapping cases in the country. In both cases, foreigners were involved. Here is their official website: Discovery Channel’s “Kidnap and Rescue” Episodes

One episode I have not yet seen, but detailed the above Episode Guide was about a Fil-American kidnapped by a Taxi Driver.

Another episode not yet in the Episode Guide and aired more recently was about a Chinese businessman kidnapped in Manila by a terrorist organization, and then rescued by the “Guidry Group”. The group is a private security organization, which offers various private security services, including Kidnap Retrieval. They have operatives who are mostly former law enforcement and military personnel. Here is their official website: The Guidry Group

The was shameful for the Philippines as it showed how corrupt our law enforcement officers were, asking the company for money to help rescue the kidnap victim and capture the kidnappers.

Although the group was able to retrieve the kidnapped Chinese businessman, they paid a big price for it when one of their own operatives was later taken at a Manila Hotel by the kidnappers as payback. That operative was tortured, a audio tape of his ordeal was sent to the Guidry group as a warning. His body was never found, its assumed he was killed and his body dumped somewhere.

‘Malala na talaga ang krimen dito sa Pilipinas,’ where even they can take revenge against a foreign operative group and not get killed.

That particular episode did not refer to the Philippines, and instead only refers to a country “somewhere in Asia”. But all the actors and actresses spoke in Tagalog, and all the footages were in the Philippines, so there is no doubt which country it was referring to.

Its sad to see negative publicities like this being shown on international television, as if we needed another one after that fuck up with the Rolando Mendoza Hostage Crisis.


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