The RH Bill and the August 7, 2012 Monsoon Floods

The Anti RH Bill Idiots believed that God sent the floods the swept the country last Tuesday, August 7, 2012 because he was angry about the RH Bill. Its typical of these Religiots to end up with this type of bullshit in their desperate pleas against the RH Bill.

This argument is pretty stupid, to say the least, for a number of reasons:

‘Five Reasons’
First, the floods KILLED some people, and provided UNTOLD MISERY to countless more. Now, were all those people who were KILLED and SUFFERED MISERABLY PRO RH BILL PEOPLE? I don’t believe an Omnipotent God angry with the RH Bill would send floods that would INDISCRIMINATELY make people suffer regardless of whether they are “Pro” or “Anti” RH Bill. You would expect something more “surgical” in nature.

Second, I don’t believe God would only PUNISH people, and yet not use his power to address more pressing and important needs of the country, like the utter poverty some of our countrymen live in. Like the people in this video, for example.

Third, if God were to punish people, he would be punishing more deserving people out there. For example, there are MANY corrupt politicians in the country, siphoning off money from the government coffers, and using it for their own greed. And yet these are the people who hardly felt the wrath of the monsoon floods, seeking shelter comfortably in their plush mansions in exclusive subdivisions. Where is justice here?

Fourth, if the Anti RH Bill cause is so “holy” that God would intervene, how come is it that 26 years after the supposed “miracle” at EDSA, the country is still quite SHITTY as ever, aber? I don’t believe God would insist on keeping this country as shitty as it is now, with 30 million people wallowing in poverty if we really are supposed to be so “blessed”.

Fifth, the RH Bill was voted on a day BEFORE the floods. The floods came on the day it was supposed to be voted on, and yet the Lawmakers opted to vote on it a day in advance. If they had stuck to the original schedule, the voting would not have pushed thru, but it did because they voted early. If anything, one could say that if there really was “Divine Intervention”, it came in the form of INSPIRING our lawmakers to ensure that the bill was voted on inspite of the floods.

‘Parting Thoughts’
The purpose of this blog is not to rant against God, but simply to point out how silly it is to insist that “Divine Intervention” caused the floods. Everyone suffered regardless of their opinions about the bill, and Divinity clearly has a lot more “intervening” to do on more pressing matters rather than just causing even more suffering in this country where 1/3 of the population or 30 million people are under the Poverty Line.

Enough of the stupidity of the Catholic Church in the country. PASS THE RH BILL NOW!!!


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