Scammed at The Incident

I have been doing business transactions in the internet since around 2000, both buying and selling, and between then and now I probably have had hundreds of transactions already. Out of those hundreds of transactions, I have been a scam victim about less than half a dozen times.

The percent rate is pretty low, but it is always painful when it happens because you end up losing hard-earned money to criminals for something which you are not able to get. I have decided to come out and blog about the latest one, to show everybody how it happened, and perhaps they can learn a thing or two about the whole incident, and hopefully keep people from getting scammed themselves.

‘MyPhone A919 Transaction’
I wanted to get a new phone, and after careful consideration, I finally decided to get a MyPhone A919. This retails for about P8k at the time of writing, and I found an ad on by a seller named, “BIgBigSale19”. She (I found out later) was selling the same unit at only P7k, with a P1k discount.

So I contacted her thru Sulit, and gave her my phone number. She later texted me and inquired if I was interested in the phone. I decided to commit since the seller looked legit, she had about a dozen ads of other phones she was selling.

I wanted to meetup at the SM Mall of Asia, but she said she was based in Mabalacat, Pampanga, but offered free shipping. Here I hesitated a bit, because I usually prefer meetups. I was feeling a bit lazy, and I was attracted at the low price and free shipping she was offering, meaning I just had to wait for the unit to arrive at home.

I committed to her on a Saturday, and the payment options she was offering was only thru the Pawnshops (Cebuana Lhuillier, Mhlullier), and thru LBC or Western Union. I decided to pay thru the Pawnshops, but since those were closed during Sundays, I told her I would pay for it on Monday morning. The seller provided her payment details to me, meaning her name and Address. The name given was that of a woman, with the following details:
– Name: Jhonna Mae O. Cabatuan
– Address: Apartment 3, Maryland St., Green Meadows, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Monday morning came, and at this point I was starting to have second thoughts about the whole transaction. However, the seller started texting and badgering me, treating me like a Scammer or someone who was reneging on my commitment. At this point I got irritated, and told her the deal was off, but she apologized, so I decided to push thru with the payment.

I initially wanted to pay thru Cebuana Lhuillier, but since I had a hard time getting there, I decided to pay thru LBC instead. As soon as I made the payment, I texted the seller the tracking number and my shipping details so she could ship the unit immediately. She confirmed that she was on her way to get the money.

‘No Shipment’
I went thru the whole day the next day expecting the unit to arrive anytime at my house. I figured it should arrive before 5:00 pm, and that if it did not I would start asking her about it. I did NOT ask for the tracking number of the shipment after payment, mainly because I was a bit pissed off with the seller, and felt confident the shipment will arrive, anyway. It turned out to be a HUGE mistake.

At 5:00 pm, the unit had not arrived yet, so I started texting them to follow up. It took a couple of text messages from me before they responded, saying that she will ask the person she sent to send the unit. By around 6:00 pm, still no response, so I started badgering her about the Tracking Number. She again tried to assuage me by saying that she was still waiting for her helper to provide the information. However, after that she did not reply back to my text messages anymore, and then finally at around 7:00 pm I sent a formal report to the Administration about the Scammer. I included with the report a scanned copy of the receipt I had for the LBC transaction / payment.

‘Sulit Response’
I sent a second report to Sulit about half an hour after I sent the first one, but just got an automated response from them. Apparently, since I filed the report after their office hours of 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, I had to wait the next working day for my issues to be addressed. I am glad the whole incident did not happen on a weekend, or else I would’ve been forced to wait a while longer.

In the meantime, what I did was post a negative feedback to the seller. She had a couple of ads in the site, and I was worried she might end up duping more people. I hoped that my negative feedback will discourage people from making any more business transactions with her. I also posted a negative comment on her MyPhone A919 ad, as somebody was asking her some questions about the same unit.

Sulit finally suspended the account and deleted all of her ads by noon the next day. The account and ads were still there in the morning when I checked, it only disappeared when I checked around lunch time. The delay was around 15 hours, which was sort of okay, but I felt they could’ve done it sooner, like temporarily suspend the account just to ensure no more people were duped by the Scammer.

As of this writing, I have not yet received any response from Sulit about the whole incident. No, “we are still investigating the whole incident, blah-blah-blah …”. Just nothing at this point.

‘Parting Shot’
I tried calling the Seller’s number (celphone number 09468695775) in the morning, and it still rang. After Sulit bought down her account and ads, her phone number became irregular: Most of the time it would be off, but sometimes it would be on, with the scammer not answering the phone when I call.

I also tried reporting to LBC the issue, I was hoping they would blacklist the Scammer since I have her contact details. I left a message to their website relaying my intentions, but they have not responded to me thus far.

For everyone’s reference, I am posting in its entirety my text message conversation with the Scammer. As you can see from the text message conversation, she is quite glib, and knows when and how to push the right buttons to manipulate people. I guess you have to be, to be a Scammer like that …

-> 09468695775 Text Message Conversation

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226 thoughts on “Scammed at The Incident

      • e bkt po active pa ung sulit ads nila? kung reported as scam cla dpt totally blocked na sila ng sulit po db?

      • may same case po kami.. kahapon lang po ako nakipag transact IPHONE5 DAW for 10k name: Joemar Polta sabi nya po ipapadala niya yung unit ngayon.. until now wala pa din.. eto GCASH account :09166370013 and eto gamit niyang no. 09062738475. sana po tulungan niyo dsin ako sa kaso na to.

      • kahit naman report pa natin sa admin yan at ma block nga nila ung ads,ung pera namn hindi na ata mbabalik,na scam dn aq ng olx,hanganng ngaun wla pa ung item sa smart pdala ko pinadala

    • OMG… I am also having a transaction with her today. buti nalang naging sigurista din ako kaya nagsearch muna ako kung may lalabas sa search engine about her. thanks sa blog na to kundi sayang ang 16500 ko. shes still using sulit….

      • Na scam nia din ako po O+ 8.15 ang unit
        9k po ang price .. yung Asn Cellshoppe and Accesories page s fb..
        meron n po b findings na na trace eto s JHONNA MAE O. CABATUAN?

        sayang masyado pera napadala ko. akala ko legit masyado ang site nla.. tsk3

    • JOANA’S GADGET SHOP | joana marie

      I want to share my experience of buying online products.

      I bought beats and jansport from JOANA’S GADGET SHOP | joana marie. She said that all her items are original. When I bought it, I found out that it was fake. I texted and ask her again however she gives me an unprofessional response. I trusted her when she said that it is original. I am not trying to give you some bad reputation but my point is, just be honest with your buyers. She was very accommodating at first but after our transaction she was very rude. I hope all people know how to differentiate the fake and original so you won’t regret at the end.

    • Hi! My name is Ian and I just bought my simcard a few weeks ago. It is brand new. The other day my friend typed my number to search for my twitter and this blog appeared. I didn’t do any scamming and I live far from the said place and I would never do such a thing. Please clarify the number that you posted here.

  1. thanks for this blog i have learned a lot , this incident was similar to me . im hoping that my money would back to me i just send it a while ago thru smart money padala and then i told her that i already sent the money . i waited an hr but no reply after 5 hrs she reply then she told me that she hold that unit because i only sent 5k but based on our conversation she told me that i can pay for half then after recieving the unit i will pay the other half . she still replying my text and badgering me that if i give the full payment she will sent the unit . what will i do please kindly help me , is there any chance to get the money back ??? thankyouu godbless

    • Thanks for sharing, Aileen. Right now, it seems there is little chance to get your money back. I never got my money back.

      You can try to have it blottered at the police station, but current laws in the Philippines are so backward that online scammers tend to just get away with fooling people and not getting caught.

      Really sorry to hear about how you lost your money. I will try to write a blog on how to avoid online scammers, hopefully it will help people from getting scammed.

  2. possible pa po ba mapa void ung transqaction o mapahold sa smrt money? since na skin pa ung track no at di ko pa nppadala sknya .. or pde ko ba matrace yung tao un gmit ung accnt nya ? hay ang hrap ng online wlang lban yung buyer

    • Puntahan mo agad ang Smart, try mo na i report sa kanila. Not sure kung makukuha mo ang money, pero baka at least mapa ban mo sila dun man lang.

      Me name at address ka na nila, right? So yun na yun, unless me false ID silang ginamit.

  3. hi.!! thank’s for this blog.. sobrang dami ri n pla ng na scam.. pare parehas tyo ng na expirience.. naka encounter tyo ng masasamang tao, mga manloloko.. ask ko lng kung mababawi ko pa yung pera ko sa smart padala.?? 2 times akong naloko.. 5,400 nung una after 4 days 1,900 nman.. hnd ko binigay sa kanya yung ref # makukuha ko pa b yun?? Salamat!! GOD BLESS

  4. haist, i am usually very vigilant in doing transactions online. I ‘ve been doing online purchases for years now and i am very sad kasi for the first time, na SCAM ako… this is my first time doing transaction thru… Sabi ko na nga ba… i should have not tried.
    nakakaasar lang, i forgot to search for her name prior to making a payment…
    i just purchased (kuno) Cherry Mobile Flare na ibibigay ko sana kay bf.
    i paid her thru Mluiller last Sunday April 7, 2013. I was expecting the package to arrive today pero namuti na mata ko.. walang dumating…
    she’s not responding to my text message anymore…
    Ito ang bago nyang ad.. at may facebook page pa talaga sya.,Position,1-12,12#comments

    So I therefore conclude good bye Php3280… and I will never do any transactions on ads posted at
    Kulang sa customer protection unlike ebay.. may money back guarantee…

    • Ako din, matagal ng bumibili ng gamit sa internet, kaso ngayon lang na scam.

      Ang pagkakaiba kasi dito sa Pilipinas, wala masyado gumagamit ng PayPal. Mas mahirap kasi mang goyo duon, so ayaw ng mga local Scammers gumamit ng PayPal.

      Kapag bumibili ako abroad na PayPal ang gamit, hindi ako nagogoyo. Dito pa sa Pilipinas na kapwa ko mga Pilipino ako nagoyo dahil ayaw nilang gumamit ng PayPal. Hay, naku.

  5. It’s me again, you know what I realized, mali pala pangalan na nalagay ko sa receiver’s name. instead na Jhonna Mae O. Cabatuan, I placed Jhoanna Mae O. Cabatuan. I was ecstatic when I realized the error but to my disappointment, despite the error on the name, she was able to redeem the ML Kwarta padala.
    Grabe, the force was with me na para hindi maloko nya pero grabe and kapit nya. Na redeem nya ang money kahit mali ang name. Come to think of it, oo, 1 letter lang ang nadagdag but it should forfeit eveything, right?
    I emailed ng ML Kwarta Padala to complain about it kasi if I report her to baka ma question ako kasi mali ung name na nakalagay sa mga text messages trail namin vs sa pinadalahan ko.
    Wish me luck na sana mabawi ko pa ung pera from ML kasi naman dapat naprevent un in the first place diba?

    • mag kaso ka if meron kang evidence. pag hindi mo kasuhan yan tatawanan ka lang nyan. Duterte should do something about yang mga online na yan. kasabay sana nya patayin ung mga manloloko.

  6. loko yun. buti nalang medyo sigurista ako.. kundi naloko nya ako ngayon araw. hay… thanks sa blog na to at nabasa ko about her. 3 units p naman bibilin ko. sa sobrang mura bibilin ko na talaga at tinanong ko sya kung bakit mura ang sabi sale sila at magexpand sila sa SM North. first time ko magtransact sa sulit dami palang ganito. thanks again sa blog na to. ingat tayo lage

      • Ako po naloko lang kanina nagpadala ko sa smart padala gustong gusto ko ng slr cam kaya nmn naakit ako kc 7k lng.paghulog q ng pera nd na ko nireplayan.. giel niet name nya. Grabe manloloko inutang ko pa ung pera nd na naawa.. grabe cla!

  7. Biktima dn ako nyan… april 22, 2013
    what if kng magtulungan kaya tayo para makilala kng cnu talaga c jhonna mae o. cabatuan?

  8. i hope i had read this blog prior to paying her. i hate myself for not researching before trusting that damn online seller. She has a new account at Sulit. I have already reported her. She also have a facebook account now:

    I hope she will not be able to do the same with other persons after us.

      • sana nga mahuli e2 rhk111 .. nice cguro if sa tv eto ma feature. I’ll never stop clapping my hands til the show ends if this will happen..

  9. sad, grabeh ang babaeng e2 kung maka panluka.. parang walang kaluluwa. Been buying online stuffs many times, and this has been the first time na naloko ako.. I forgot to ask my husband for her name kc for me to check before he’ll pay.

    Sana wag na to makapanloko ng iba. grabeh ang apog. nakukuha nyang maglustay ng pera na di nya pnaghirapan.. Shame..

    • Did you report her, Nyle? Her account is already suspended when I visited your link to her Sulit ad. If not, then probably she duped somebody else who reported her …

      • @rhk111 : Yes i reported her yesterday.. haay.. grabeh. sana mhuli eto.. kaloka. ang dali2x ng pera nya, no sweat!. tau ang naghirap xa ang nakinabang.. tsk3x

  10. Until now . Dami parin pla nyang naloloko hay at isa na ko . Nakakalungkot isipin na may mga gnyang klase ng tao isa lng ang praan pra mgwa to magtulungan tyong lhat

    • uu tama ka.. bat di kaya tau mg report sa imbestegador, t3, at kung ano2x pa jan. para namn mkita ng buong pinas at mundo ung mukha ng manggaganchong eto..

      • sayang pag may image kayo ng mukha yan ang pinaka matibay na id
        ipahuli na yan tapus talupan ng balat mula ari nya hanggang mukha

    • Nyle, thanks for the report. I relayed your report to Sulit, and upon investigation they have now BANNED that account. Keep the reports coming whenever you find them. Alternatively, you can also report them to Sulit yourself …

  11. Hi..i just had the same experience as u guys but from a different seller.. Gadgetseller1981 yung name nya sa sulit.. Its also my 1st tym to purchase smthng at sulit and unfortunately,i got scammed pa.. 😦 a total of 9040..:(

  12. Attached herewith is the link sa nangloko sakin..

    I purchased the iphone4 pro wala eh..naloko.. I already sent a report sa admin pro i still got no reply from them. Grabe tong taong to..gumawa pa ng account para mag lagay mg *positive feedback* sa page nya para mapaniwala yung buyers na trusted seller talaga siya.. I tried to google their address pero it doesn’t exist.. Yung seller na nagpa kilalang JERRY B. PALOMAR sent me his address dw harison street puerto princessa palawan.. Pero walang ganung address..pati yung nag bgay ng feedback..yung address wala ring ganun…:(

  13. Jerry Palomar 09288720773

    Di na xa ng rereply at d na rin na cocontact.. Guys beware.. Gadgetseller1981 ung user name..huwag kayong bumili sa kanya..:( haaay.. Im a fountain of emotions right now..

  14. Guys I’m really idiot after i read this i still send the money to MLhulier, though after i sent the tracking Number, I go back to retrieve it after less than an hour.. Anak ng puta bil;is ng pagkuha sa pera.. then i receive a tracking number and i dont think its true.. Hay sayang ang pera.. badtrip na scammer un.. first time ko naloko…HotNew2013 eto username nya.. at sa FB meron din cya page mag ingat na lang tayo sa SCAMMER na to// LAtest ako na victim..

      • ano ba ang kailangan para mapaban sa sulit? naggagawa lang din sya ng iba account eh.. balewala din.. may naisip ako e.. nakokontak pa number nya e.. dapat e may magpanggap na makikipagmeet sa kanya tapos meet up in sm clark para mahuli…

      • Naicp ko n din yan eh kaso mhrap mgslita dito sa blog dhil bka nbbsa nya rin to at mlmng nag aupdate din sya kya bka my mangtimbre lng di sha mhuli .. Bka isa sa mga ng co2ment eh gagawa din nya pra mlmn nya ung ngyyri dto sa blog .. Mas mgnda kung personaly ntin pagplanuhan

    • Hai antanga ko now ko lang nabasa to,tiwala kase ko i lost 9k kanina lang. 😥 sino ba talaga yang jhonna mae cabatuan na yan?? Panigurado marami pa yang maloloko.

  15. I was scammed by the same person worth 24,000php! my bad I just saw this blog only now 😦 I’ve been buying stuffs online for a couple of years now.ngayon lang ako naloko! ;(

      • 24K bakit hindi? Meron pa ngang 15k so possible yan! Malay mo ilang units ng cp kinuha or other gadgets. Isip isip din or ikaw mismo si jhonna mae cabatuan?? Bat kung makapagreact ka alam na alam mo binebenta at worth nya?? tsktsk!

  16. ipatrace nyo sa LBC kung saan inencash ung padala nyo, matatrace nila, natrace ko kasi kung san nya naencash, at may cctv dun, pwede daw natin gawan ng police report yun para mahuli siya.. basta dapat alam nyo tracking number nung nagpadala kayu sa kanya. itago nyo ung tracking number or receipt copy nung nagpadala kayo.. victim din kasi ko ni jhonna mae cabatuan. and actually i am planning to do a police report sa pampanga. join me! 🙂

  17. i submitted a report to abs cbn sana mabasa. alamin nyo sa kung saan inencash yung pinadala niyong pera, basta nasa inyo ung copy receipt na binigay ng lbc para sa tracking number, may cctv kasi sila so malalaman kung sino nag encash malalaman natin kung sino siya. pwede natin gawan ng aksyon un. kailangan lang natin ng tulong mula sa mga pulis.. 🙂

  18. grabe andami na talga naloko yang jhonna mae cabatuan na yan! ang ayos2 ng usapan tapos lolokohin ka lang! e pano na lang dun sa mga pinaghirapan talga yung pera para lang makabili ng bagong fone tapos wala rin pala.sakit nun! excited tapos bglang malalaman na naiscam na pala ng walang awang bitch na jhonna na yan! nakakapanghina! 😦 sana wala ng mabiktima pa yan..kase kung tayo kaya pa natin tanggapin pano na lang sa iba naloko baka madepressed yun kasi di birong maloko lalo’t hirap din hanapin ganung halaga. nag-order ako ng cherry mobile omega hd 2.0 worth 8k sa kanya ang ayos ng usapan namin,sinend ko agad payment sa LBC kse tiwala rin naman ako dahil tagal ko na rin nagOol shopping.late na nya binigay tracking # only to find out na puro invalid at no data lumalabas,kinabahan na ko.nagsearched ako sa fb no data at google un na! legit scammer pala ang puta! sorry sa word kulang pa ang murahin sya!:(

  19. I am a recent scammed last june 14, 2013 by the person named JERRY BOBADILLA PALOMAR with a contact number 09052666496 with LBC send and swipe card #: 4215-8500-2338-1941. Madami syang account na ginagamit sa sulit (iloveiphones2013, gadgetseller, iloveiphones1988 etc.) at iba iba yung location Nya. Pinaghirapan ko pa nman pag ipunan ung pera at sa isang iglap ay mawawala Lang. Put*ng ina Nya! Sa lahat po ng na biktima ng Tao na Ito ay Sana mag tulungan tayo na mahuli sya. Kahit na pa ulit-ulit natin I report sa sulit ay pa ulit ulit din syang gagawa ng bagong account. And in that way marami pa rin syang ma bibiktima. Sana po aksyunan nyu Ito! Salamat po!

  20. iisang tao lang siguro ang nasa likod ng lahat ng ito. Ba’t hindi tayo sumangguni sa pulis or sa imbistigador(mike enriquez) im sure aaksyunan nila yan para mapa blis ang paghuli sa tao or sa mga wlang kwentang mga scammer na yan. kung cnu man po sa inyu ang may kayang i pursue ang kaso na ito, Sana po pag tuunan nyo ng pansin dahil hindi lang po ito pra sa mga taong na biktima nya/nila kundi pra din sa mga taong bibiktimahin nila na walang alam. Hope this will end up soon.

  21. Bat di nyo itry tawagan mismong PNP mabalacat o PNP angeles pampanga kasi tiga dun daw talaga yang JHONNA BITCH na yan,report nyo para kahit papano maaksyonan kung sakaling klangan pumunta dun at least meron man lang pumunta magreklamo tlga.para matulungan kayong mahanap sya kse kung puro dto intrnet lang la mngyyri.Sana mahuli na yan para himas rehas na yn.madami na rin nahuli scammer lately tyagaan lng yan! God bless u all!

  22. pwede po b ipush na ntin to hanggat di nahuhuli un ptuloy prin sya/sila mkapanloloko, ako ang latest ,., ngaun araw lang !! ang mali ko di ko agad n search name nya shiitt,, 1st time ko pa nmn ! demmm !!

  23. anyone here want to set EB para mag karoon ng action para sa Jhonna Mae O. Cabatuan.. need na putulin ang panloloko nito ,, pinag hihirapan ntin ang pera , nagtiis at nag ipon ilang pagkain mmsarap ang tiniis , tpos ganun lang kdali makukuha ng JHONNA na yan … tsk tsk push natin to please

  24. To all,

    Naniniwala ako na kailangan talaga balikan iyang si Jhonna Mae Cabatuan, pero kailangan din nating mag ingat dahil hindi lalakas ang loob niyan kung walang kaakibat na SINDIKATO iyan. Sa Pampanga ang base niyan, alam nyo naman po siguro kung anong sindikato ang malakas po duon sa Pampanga.

    So kung me resbak iyan, kailangan malakas din ang i resbak diyan. Atsaka pa hindi natin alam kung minamatyagan na niyan ang blog na ito at naghahanap lang ng paraan para maisahan tayo ulit. At any rate, ang mai sa suggest ko po is maghanap tayo INDIVIDUALLY ng paraan para balikan nga iyan.

    Ako po mismo nagsisikap para humanap ng paraan para mahuli nga ang babaeng iyan at ang sindikatong nasa likod niya pagkatapos makita ko kung gaano karaming tao na ang naloloko niya, hopefully ho magbunga ang aking paghahanap. Salamat po.

  25. buti nlng pala ngbasa ako ng negative feedbacks nya.. i was asking kung meron n xang protector for o+ 8.15 to think n khit o+usa havent released any protector case for the unit yet.. tas tinignan q ung ad nya ang nkalagay e jelly case.. then when i ask thru her fb account ang sabi nya leather case.. dun plng mejo nghinala n ko.. so i ask if she can provide pics.. she hasnt replied yet.. buti nlng hndi tlga ako mabilis magtiwala even if she had o+8.15 for 9k.. sa price nya plng maghhinala k n tlga e.. tinalo nya pa sa sale ang o+.. tnx for this blog..

  26. naloko din po ako nagpadala ako kay jesterleen uy. ng lebak sultan kudarat kahit na small amount palang nppdala ko. hndi ko na sya makontak sabi nya skin ibabalik yun pera ko pero nun tinatawagan ko na sya di ko na sya makontak manloloko sya

  27. Still intact on my mind of what Jerry Bobadilla Palomar did to me. He’s freakin damn fuckin bitch. sorry for the term, just wanna express my feelings. Please report this to the proper authorities. siguro yang si jerry palomar at ang sinasabi nyo na si jhonna mae cabatuan ay iisa lang. anu sa tingin nyo? kung hindi man ay sana mahuli na sila. mga walang magawa sa buhay kundi maloko ng kapwa. I do believe that KARMA exist! may araw din kayo!

  28. Guys,hindi lng pala jhonna mae cabatuan gingamit ng manlolokong yan,kse may ngtry umorder sa knya ibng details binigay,hindi naman kase ganun kastrict mga lbc,mlhuiller,western,etc sa mga identification card basta ikaw ung nasa pic at may sign ka dun okay na kahit fake id pa! share lang! Kaya sa susunod maging mas lalong mag-ingat na tayo sa pkikipagtransact online!

  29. so i guess i’m the latest victim here
    alkjngjsnvknnfaeiurfqwi4jjjkrnjkwnejkfbasndvm nmv mz
    hahai just dont know what to do letche 7500 yun..anung next move natin dto?

    • patuloy p rn panloloko nya..inaabangan q nga s fb page nya ung bwat mg-inquire s knya tpos pina-private msg ko cia pra msabihan q hbng ndi p cia nkkbyad s knya..kawawa nman ung mga susunod n mabibiktima nya

      • nako yang mga nagcocomment sa kanya, gawa2 din nya yang mga account nyan kaya nalalaman nya kung sino yong nakafigure out na scam sya tapos iyon, iboblock ka na…anung latest nito?

  30. Sana pala nag google muna ako para nalaman ko na scammer pala yung Jhonna Mae Cabatuan na yan.. It’s ok may araw din yan 🙂 buti 4k lang ang dinown ko pero still, masakit pa din sa bulsa.. gagawan ko ng paraan para mahuli na to para wala na siyang malokong tao. 🙂 keep calm and trust God pa din.

  31. late na nung nabasa ko blog na to..nabiktima nya rin aq, tue ngpdla aq s knya tru mlhulllier ng money, pero khpn wlng dmting n celpon skn..ngduda nko kya nung search q name nya, Jhoanna Mae Cabatuan, eto n nga nbasa q..Cherry mobile flare inorder q s knya,2500..buti n lng small amount lng pero masakit p rn s bulsa..sna mahuli n cia..tuloy2 p rn panloloko nya s fb page nya e.nareport q n rn cia s fb at s sna mahuli n cia at makulong

  32. inaabangan q nga fb page nya,pg my nkita aq n ngcomment s knya at interesado bumile, ngpi-pm aq pra masabihan cia agd..

  33. Ay buti na lang talaga at nabasa ko to, i’m planning to buy pa na naman ng cherry mobile omega hd 2.0, plano ko sana mag drop by sa shop nila this coming friday sa sm clark, ayoko kasi ng thru shipment.hehe,para sigurado, gggguys

  34. I sent an email to Imbestigador about this because I was also her victim just 2 days ago. For those who are interested to participate in this action, please email me your contact details at so that I can reach you if ever they respond to my message. Thank you!

    • Sis,matagal na po yang mga pics na yan galing pa sa dating fb page nila -CelltronixDrCelfone nakita ko before mga yun 2010 pnaupload mga pics na un.not sure if until now meron pa ung page nilang un last tingin ko nun june pa nung nascam dn ako.meaning matagal na talaga nkkpanloko mga yan bigtime na kumbaga! pero ikalat na lang natin pics nila especially the one na may nilagay namga pangalan.sana lang talga awa ng Dyos mahuli na yun

      • patuloy pa rin panloloko nya ngaun..inaabangan ko nga s fb nya ung mga ng-iinquire ng celpon s knya, tpos i-pm ko sila pra masabihan ng scam sila..Awa nman ng Diyos, dame ngreply skn n ngpapa-thank u sila skn kse nasabihan ko n agad sila before sila mghulog ng money s ASN..

  35. Thank you for this info.. Just a while ago I was browsing through their FB page and had plans of buying my nephew a new phone from them. Thank God He let me saw this and all the other feedback about the seller.

  36. magsasama sama po kayo lahat para mahuli na tong tao na to. Mas maganda kung ipa imbestigador o i TULFO na to. Sobrang dami na ng nadadali nito. I setup na to ng mark money, please do legal action para matigil na panloloko nito. just concern for all of you guys.

  37. I stumbled upon their sulit ads. Natuwa ako kc mura ang FLARE nila. Checked their FB and found pics ng company outing at post ng mga buyers.

    The company outing pics reminds me of KUYAJUNE1980 who scammed me along with my buyers money nun HOLYWEEK. Una pumayag ng meet-up sa SM Baliwag, just as I was to board a bus nagtext sya na nasa SM na sya at need n nya makauwi dahil me pabasa daw sila ng pasyon. Since medyo busy din ako because of our own Holyweek familky traditions pumayag ako na ipa-SMARTMONEY na lang ang pera. Nasira ako online at galit na galit din ang mama ko kasi nagmumura ako on the phone the entire Holyweek dahil di pa disabled ang SIM nila at nasagot pa sa tawag ko. They were partying at the beach with the scammed money.

    By the way, they also used the same “scammer ka ata” tactic on me and threatened to post online that Im not a good buyer as I placed a huge order and failed to honor my word. Kaya ayun mega hanap ng GCash to SMARTMONEY trader just be able to pay for their discounted loadwallet na di naman dumating.

    If you guys still have the LBC tracking number, check nyo kung san inencash. Some of KUYAJUNE’s transactions are thru LBC and as I investigated other victims LBC transactions ay nasa Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija sila as opposed to their claim na taga Bulacan sila.

  38. i was the newest one. nag search ako sa sulit. nag download ako ng form, pina scan ko and inemail along with my ids. 3k yung downpayment but i told her na sa 5 pko mkakapay. she offered 500 lang for shipment para ma ship nman. she had my details nman daw. and malabo nmang tatakbuhan ko sya. anyway. nkapadala ako ng 50o khapon thru cebuana pera pdala but i got no reply after. i tried searching more and found this blog. buti nlang tlaga 500 lang yung nabigay ko but its still 500! how much more if 3000 pa yung pindala ko. i am much more worried kasi she has my details. like from where I work, address, id.. d nman yun mgagamit against sakin noh? gusto ko syang tirisin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have read all the comments and blogs, but “di matatapos yan” the best way is entrapment, apprehend and put her behind bars (and cut both her hands off, so she cannot use the keyboard anymore…hehe), “makulong na lang, anong use ng ma suspend ang account nya, “Account suspesion is only temporary” eh gagawa lang uli ng panibagong account yan eh di paulit ulit lang” na scam na din ako dyan sa mga buy sell na website pero once lang di na sana maulit, ma ingat na ako till now, yun nang scam sakin ni report ko sa admin, na suspend ang account, anung ginawa ng scammer lumipat lang ng website from tpc to sulit tapos ayan na naman tuloy ang operasyon. the best way to buy thru website is be vigilant na lang, tsaka instinct, pag ka text mo seller tingnan nyo yun style na kadududa, gaya ng arrogante sa pag kuha ng bayad, kesyo hanggang 2pm lang ang lbc, kesyo kelangan makuha na nya payment para umabot sa cut off ng padala, tapos walang bank account, gusto sa mga pera padala ang payment, gcash, smartmoney, tapos super cheap ang produkto na di kapaniwal, then yun may bank account nga pero sasabihin sa bank account relative daw nya ipapasok yun payment, matamis mga pan iinganyo etc. etc., mga ganun style ba. yun maingat nadadale pa rin, walang kwenta mga positive feedback, o tagal ng membership, ang seller o buyer pwede mag bago “good dati, bad ngayon” ” pag nagipit kapit sa patalim kahit itaya nya yun reputasyon na as a good seller or buyer…marami na din ako sa mga “muntik” sa mga scammer “only to find out later that the user was suspended due to problems arising from recent transaction” i just trusted my instincts…hope this helps…..FYI: as of now I still do buy and selling online…….BOW

    • ang galing talaga nila..ang tyaga nila mghanap ng mga pics ng iba pra lng may katibayan na legit sila..grabeh..sna dumating na ung karma sa knila..

  39. It’s the same home address given to me to send money,but this time she used the name Christiano Villa. We can report this to Mike Enriquez’s show,sobra nadin kase. Lahat naman ng estblishents may CCTV cameras and for sure nakuhaan ang mukha ng 2 na to.

  40. OMG. -_- I also saw HIS or HER rather post on sulit. Balak ko pa naman sna mgavail nung phone na pa’installment. Here’s the ad’s link: . Ntatakot ako sa shipping transaction kya plano ko sana eh pmunta nalang ng SM Pampang, kahit sa Taytay Rizal pa ako mangagagaling. Pero ngayong nakita ko na itong blog na ito. Buti nalang, kasi kung ngkataon mgssayang lang pala ako ng pamasahe at pagod. Thanks to the blogger. At sa lahat ng comments at nging aware kami sa panloloko na gngwa ng taong nsa likod ng yan. Kung me maitutulong ako pra maipahuli yang tao na yan, gusto ko ding tumulong. Pra wala na syang mabiktima pa. Hay.

  41. same thing here.1st time ko maloko…sad talaga… just sent Php13,000 on Nov.5,2013 thru Smart padala kay Alden Cruz pero after payment, no reply na from that person. smart center # nya is 5577519332866103. sobrang minadali niya ako magbayad. last message is papunta na siya ng LBC ng morning to ship the item and will send me the tracking number afterwards. after office, tried to contact him. off na rin ang phone nya. kakasuspend pa lang din ng sulit ng account nya. alden1144 yung sulit name. sana makarma yang taong yan. hard earned money, napunta lang sa wala. I know di ko na makukuha yung amount na yun but how to report that? sa sulit or sa smart? maaksyunan ba nila yun? thanks po.

      • naloko na rin ako nyang bwisit na yan! Paano ba mapapahuli yan? Note 3 ang binenta niya sa akin dati P13000 daw. paano ba matrace ang mga smart padal accounts na yan

  42. Just a few days ago I was also scammed at 😦 P4000. I know it’s not as big an amount as compared to what others have lost pero it’s money pa din, tsaka po I’m a student so hindi basta basta un. I don’t even know her real account details, cause I added the account provided on the ad sa facebook, pero when I messaged the person wala raw siya binebentang ganung item. I only have the smart money account. Not even the tracking number because it was directly sent to the person 😦 Nawalan po kase ako ng phone that day so talagang nagmamadali ako maghanap ng replacement. I’ve been buying stuff online for ages kaya kampante ako, and I usually prefer meet-ups/pick-ups if it’s a big amount. Kaso sobrang kelangan ko na ng phone that time and ishiship daw agad agad etc so naloko ako 😦 Sana makarma sila. For everyone’s information, SERA MAE ALCANO ang account na nakalagay dun, seracute24 para masearch niyo siya sa fb.

  43. i was just scammed just today. first time ko maloko and it really hurts kse pinaghirapan ko yung pera na yun and yet wlang konsensya yung gumawa nun btw name pla nya JERICHO FERNANDEZ na taga BAGUIO daw! I was doubting nung una pero ang gling nya mag salestalk and nadala ako sa mga sinabi nya. haaay! 😦 kung sino man bumibili sa taong to please beware. name pla nya sa sulit Gadgets11NikeSB. please help me report to mga kuya and ate ;(

  44. sabay pa tayo princess .. dec. 16 nya di ako na scam,, kaya pala ayaw nya sa mlhulier or sa cebuana mag pa dala ng pera kc malalaman ung address nya .. bibili dapat ako ng omega hd 2.0,, badtrip ,, ang bait ko panaman sa text kc sabi nya buntis dw sya kaya dw d sya maka punta kc dw kabuanan nya na .. eh malayo dw ung lhuilier sa kanila , inintindi ku na lang.. inoferan ko pa naman sya ng magic show para sa birthday ng anak nya ..kc magician ang proffesion ko .. tapus dec. 17 ng hapon ko dw marerecieve thru jrs .. around 4 to 5 om .. tapus wala dumating .. dismayadong dismayado ako ng raw na yun .. anyway.. dyos na ang bahal sa mga ganyang klaseng tao kc maski ako d ku alam ang gagawin ko para ma trace kung nasan sya ..haaaaiiisssttttt!! 😦

    • Bakit, ano po yung comment? I’m wondering.hahaha nagalit si kuya eh. Peace yow. Galing mo kuya, naisip mo to. Dapat mauso yung blog ng list of online scammers. 🙂 para maiwasan natin to. Hayst.grabe. Nawawalan nako ng pag asa, hindi ata totoo yung nakita kong post. Parang scam sya, infairness naman talaga.

  45. I was about to pay P7,000 for Omega HD, as in ready na kc nsa LBC nrn daw xa at ipapadala n skn un unit and the tracking number. Nagkataon nmn n me phone shop near LBC, napabili ako ng 2nd hand n S2. Kc ngalangan dn ako s Omega HD e. Taz sabi ko, “Sorry po talaga, nakabili npo ako ng phone ko, pcenxa npo”. Alam nyo ba, sunod-sunod yung text nya skin. “Wala kang isang salita Mam,,,sinayang mo lng ang oras namin,, eto n nga e…blah blah blah..” Parang hello… Ano b kasalanan ko,, e right ko nmn umatras s deal anytime I want.
    Afterwards, nalaman ko n scammer sla. Bwisit cla!!!

    • Ang kakapal nga ng apog ng mga iyan, ang gagaling magsalita na akala mo talaga correct. Walang mga konsensiya talaga. Kung me diyos talaga e dapat yang mga ganyan ang inuuna niyang parusahan ng husto.

  46. A new scammer, Just this morning, i agreed with miss ann marie cunanan from bani pangasinan, seller of iphone 4s, 32gb, for only 7k which reduces to 6.3k, she said shell be sending me an email that contains a copy of lbc receipt and then ill send her the payment, its an advantage for me so i can check the receipt first, when i rcvd the copy of receipt i suspect so i decided to go to lbc branch near me and ask for verification, then they they said and confirmed that it was a fake receipt, no barcode instead she put an image, my fam nme is not as i sent her, but she said its fine as long as there s a person in house upon delivery which is imposible bec you cant get anthing when ur input data in lbc and id are different, she even put wrong detail in origin which lbc claimed not to be written that way, she type area date instead of area dest. For area destination. She even put a line before the contents wherein you cannot find in orig lbc receipt. I tried to call her but she didnt aswer my call then she texted me, “binobogus mo lang pla ko” i tried to call her but shes cancelling my call. So i texted her that i will reprt her and help others not to be scammed by her. I have the copy of receipt tell me how to post it so that you can check on it. Thanks to God, I was saved, Buyers, watch for this girl… Take care, think twice or more before paying,

  47. warning warning po.. don’t deal with this user zeruspula…
    would be a scammer.. nahuli ko sya. i was having a deal with him. he mentioned that he is from laog then i have reserved 2 of his items..
    then i use my other number and do transaction with him as well… ang sabi nya sa bataan daw sya… well well well.. sana wala pang naka deal tong taong to!!!!

  48. ZERUSPULA…. active pa din sa SULIT/OLX… beware kayo dito.. o kaya mag in- trap operation na.. lagay na ng BITAG para mahuli mga katulad nit….makipag transact na kayo kunyari..tapos ipadala nu sa LBC.. then kung saang LBC.. me naka abang na tapos pag kuha nya… sabay dampot na.

    • I coordinate sa Press ang bitag, mahirap yung tayo-tayo lang e malamang me SINDIKATO yang babaeng iyan na me kasamang mga bayarang Pulis pa.

      • Pra nga pong me sindikato sa online selling..prang marami silang galamay pde palit ng username at number anytime..ayun me ads na ulit sa ayosdito at olx at mkkapanloko na ulit ng tao…paano ba sila mahuhuli at mghihimas ng rehas?

  49. nawala na si zeruspula sa sulit.. pero merong ulet.. USBPHONE naman…..ingat ingat ho kayo.. USBPHONE is still active

  50. hindi na ba maibabalik ang pera ko 10k po for iphone5 sana .. sana po tulungan niyo.. hindi ko expect na mangyayari to sakin. JOEMAR POLTA. (benj lapok) gcash no.09166370013.. CELLPHONE NO.09062738475.

  51. Jonathan James Alfafara gamit din ngayon sa acct. na binigay sakin para ihulog ang pera ito acct. number 5299-6751-2068-5150 dali na para ma trace na agad may account sila sa ayosdito .com dyan ko nakita

  52. Pangalan lang ng mga cellphone ang naka post sa kanya tapos price na 2k down payment pala yon trace nyo na agad para malaman na kung sino yan pakilala pa nya ay princess mae uy sya at sa sm pampangga office nila dali na ngayon lang to muntik narin ako buti nlang medyo wais ng kunti

  53. Can you please help me?:'( I was scammed. di ko alam kung paano mababawi yung pera ko. huhu kasi smart money lang yung payment ng cash please help me

  54. Hi, I should have read this blog sooner… at least na suspend na ung OLX account nya, but goodbye 8k.

    Anyway, ito yung details nya:

    Cellphone Number: 09303262676
    Smart Padala Account: 5511519329398102
    Email Address:

    She goes by the name Analyn/Sydnie Jacob

    Buti na lang di ko kinash yung buong 15k–kalahati lang sa una, kalahati pag ship. Kalahati lang nawala sa akin.

    Sayang wala na akong Note 3.

    Anyway, check these details for future scammers.

    BTW, may paraan pa bang makuha yung pera sa Smart Padala?

    • Try reporting it to Smart Padala, make sure you have documentary evidence. I encourage you to report it to them, even if you don’t get your money back it will at least make things harder for her as she will have to create another identity or something. Better than doing nothing …

      • that’s the problem, too. I get a “Thank you for calling SMART” then I get cut off.

      • nareport ko na sa smart. apparently di nga rin smart account yon, basta pinasmart padala lang siya. at least na report ko yun.

        oh well… due dilligence na lang next time.

  55. IM REALLY SORRY for what happend to all those who got scammed. It really pisses me off reading thing like this. Just a suggestion though. If any of you have her contacts details including her address then everyone should go to the authorities to make a report since there are alot of complainants. Technically, what she did is STAFA. The chance of getting your money back is slim to non but atleast no one else will become a victim.. Just a thought.! Again, Im really for your losses. 🙂

  56. Hi Guys. Mag put up ako ng website with backbround check of sellers pero within Metro Manila lang. Ano sa tingin nyo?

    • Go kuya! That would be a great help. Sana lagi din updated. Dapat may batas na tayo sa ganyan eh.kakasura naman. Wala ba tayong ebay philippines version? Para may moneyback guarantee. Saya mga pera sa scammer lang mapupunta.

  57. Add Michael (Mike) Adrian Reyes Icasiano, owner of Gadgetshop8988 to the blacklist. Don’t do business with him despite his “our old account Ralph and Mike (blackberryappleipod) was hacked, kami na mismo nagpa-suspend” excuse. I got scammed. Ubos yung unang dalawang buwan na sweldo ko sa trabaho ko. Don’t be deceived by his “free delivery” promise. Don’t take the risk. If any one else was victimized by him, speak out by commenting. More people should be warned of these horrendous acts.

    Here are links to his pages:

  58. first time ko po na scam sa sulit. Ang pangalan po nya Eliza Sales Esguerra from Mactan Cebu City. until now wala parin ung order ko na cellphone. At di na po sya nagrereply.

  59. ako din nascam ni jenilyn ebalca, grbe 1st time ko yung 5.5k na yun regalo pa nung parents ko sa birthday ko grabe nakakaiyak kasi kagabi nagriring pa phone nya ngayon nakapatay na

  60. Hi, I’ve just had the same case and I think na sya rin yung naka deal ko kasi parang ganyan din yung style nya, she accused me of being a scammer because na late yung padala ko, through smart padala sya. And ang sabi nya, napadala nya na unit, actually nauna nga sya magpadala bago ako makapagdala nung money. Iphone 5 yung offer nya thru installment. Then eto na, ang usapan kasi namin is hindi ko ibibigay sakanya yung reference number nung padala hanggat di ko natatanggap at nachecheck yung product nya, then the next day ayun na sobrang galit sya sabi ipapa police daw kami and such so parang naguilty ako pero nung mga 12pm nasend ko na sakanya yung confirmation text nung padala (without the reference number) then after nun binlock nya ako (pero active parin number nya) tapos nagulat ako nung tinawagan ko yung smart padala ang sabi ay na claim na daw yung money, sabi ko wala silang karapatang maglabas ng pera hangga’t walang reference number na binigay then sabi nya wala daw silang kinalaman dun labas daw sila pero naibigay nya sakin name nung nag claim, Evelyn Reyes daw (hindi ito ang pakilala nya sakin noon) Tanong lang pwede ko kayang mademanda yung smart padala? Kasi in all aspects, mali talaga sila, and balak kong ipa police tong babaeng to pero natatakot ako na mamaya baka hindi sya yan, kasi baka kasabwat nya rin yung sa smart padala. Pa help naman po 7k ang nawala sakin, Im so desperate na mahuli tong punyeta na to. 😦 eto number nya: 09371970137

  61. Omg. Nakakatakot. May too good to be true pa naman akong deal.D pa man pero parang anlakas ng kutob ko eh.hahaha ayoko na ata,. Kasi usapan namin ay express pera padala. May code naman yun, pero is there any chance makuha nya ang pera kung sakali without any code, pero may ID sya at amount kung magkano?

  62. Wala bang way para makulong ang mga scammer na yan?
    Nascam na ako twice thru which is now Magkaibang year. Ang t*nga lang kasi I thought legit na yung second dahil may proof of shipping siya kuno. Will never transact again ng gadgets online. Nung una, P13,000 ang nakuha sa akin, tapos naging P14,000 naman yung next transaction. Since maganda talaga ang offer, maeenganyo kang magtiwala at bumili. Payments were made thru SMART PADALA (Sana makatulong sila sa atin kahit matrace man lang ang mga walang kaluluwang scammer).

  63. Check also Michelle Anne Villanueva she’s selling iPhone 4 worth 7000, cry cry, sent the money through smart pera padala,
    michelle anne r. villanueva / netopz smart padala baguio city branch / smart padala number: 5299 6720 9438 7102, Wish I’m that knowledgeable about scammers, pinag iponan q pa naman ung pera, tas sabi ng smart ndi nah ma reverse ung transaction kac correct naman ung details, may : wag mo muna ibigay ung reference number until u got the unit: ang puta, hoping makarma cYa

    • tama ka diyan xanti kung alam ko lang idea mo na wag muna ibigay yung reference number ginawa ko sana yun. hay naku hanggang makarma na lang yung mga manloloko. dapat talaga huwag mag tiwala sa smart money na yan.

      • Be aware too to this person name:
        CHRISTIAN GAUTCHI BANAL aka reynan hernandez at madami pa syang gamit na name sa ayosdito at complaint na rin sa kanya nabasa ko sa po kyo mkipag deal sa taong scam ako nito..ngpadala ako ng 3k sa lbc pero nung mkuha ang pera binaligtad pko mhirap dw ako katransact..di nya binigay yung ipad mini..hudas tlga…eto mga no.gamit nya sa pagdeal…09264252520 /09129295114 /09357775192 /09366411112 /09353698704

      • Na experience nyo na po ba minsan nag inquire lng kyo dun sa unit at nung ayaw nyo bilhin e nagalit at nagbabanta yung owner kuno ng unit? Meron pong ganyan sa naexperience ko yan ipad3 yung unit nyang binibenta..sna di kyo mabiktima nun malamang scammer din yun

  64. I agree! NEVER EVER TRUST PEOPLE whenever you get attracted and transacted with the online products. I guess, KARMA will never leave her. And God knows the consequences she have to take about the scam she made… I feel very disappointed and depressed for myself cause I easily Trust people whom I don’t know. I hope everyone will be inspired by your story. Thanks.

  65. Hi! I don’t know if she’s a scammer or not but we had an agreement that I can buy her ipod for only 3k. So the next morning, I sent the payment through smart padala and she said that she will send the receipt and tracking no by 5pm. at around 5:30, I texted her asking if she already sent the receipt and tracking no in my viber. But she replied saying that she is the sister of the one I’m dealing with and she onws the Ipod. She also said that her sister confused the amount of ipod. instead of 3k, it should be 4.5 but she will give it to me 4k. Before that text, at 12nn, she texted me that she already sent the package. They demand that I should send another 500 pesos for my remaining balance of 1k since the ipod became 4k instead of 3k. We had another agreement that if I sent 500 the next morning, she will send that tracking no and the receipt. After that I sent another 500. She sent me a tracking no but when I looked for it on the internet, in was not registered and someone already had that tracking no. So I demand that she send the receipt that she really sent something though that carrier. She didn’t reply. Night came when she finally responded to my texts saying I should settle the other half of 1k by sunday before she can send the receipt. I demand a refund but she said there’s no refund and cancellation. She also said that if I want a refund, I should get the money through the smart padala. Please be carefully in online shops. Also, be careful of this person: Chrissa Ann Ching. smart padala/BDO no: 5577-5193-3118-0100 Contact no: 09267752232

  66. Beware of this SCAMMER “HAZEL ANN SAYAMA CHIANGCO” on online selling sites “”
    Note: B4 na i-post ko pa ung LINK ng product nya na nakapost sa AyosDito, pero ngayon d ko na mahanap post nya, mukhang dinilete nya na. nakatunog ang MANGGAGANCHO. But guys ingat lng ibang name & # na ang gamit nya ngayon.
    BIRTHDAY: 4/7/1994
    LBC CARD #: 1207903186
    POSTAL ID #: 3940568 Expiration: 12/17/2016; Postal Add. used: Quezon City (I think Proj.3)
    ADDRESS USED (to send her money tru LBC): Blk. 11, Lot 8, Curie St., Brgy. Ferdinand Marcos, Ilocos Nort (but she claimed the money within Marikina City)
    CP #: 09361372817
    ONLINE NAMEs: Hacsg / Lanerge / & not sure sa iba pang name na parang xa din, d ko nlng post .

    I wanted to buy a shoes at a discounted price, so when I saw the advertisement posted on online selling site I grabbed the opportunity.

    We communicate tru text then ngkasundo kami na tru LBC ung shipping ng pera “ung bayad” & ganun din yung pag ship ng item. Pag nakuha nya na ung pera I shi-ship nya narin yung item. So I sent the money tru LBC then after 30mins. LBC Marikina texted me that the money I sent was received by the claimer “HAZEL ANN SAYAMA CHIANGCO”

    “I sent the money to the seller but no shoes was delivered”.

    Nangyari din po ito sa 3 pang biktima nya din na nakausap namin. After the deal was closed & they sent their payment, the same seller intentionally made no response if the item is already shipped or not.
    Then I track the tracking number tru LBC site then I asked the LBC – where is the exact location of the said branch code, then they told me the exact location, almost the same with other victim within Marikina lng din na claim ung pera. & the payment of other “2 victims” tru LBC but the scammer claimed it in Palawan Express (I don’t know the exact branch).

    BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! “Don’t let this happen to you”.
    Beware of scams – Scammers continue to target everyone, regardless of age, gender, education or income level. Scams can cost people a lot of money and cause a great deal of distress.

    Scams are increasingly sophisticated and use a variety of tactics, excuses and lies to convince you that it is a genuine request.

  67. Jooosko ipapareport ko si Anna Liza Randoy Cheung fb name 19thousand yong naluko nya sakin gusto ko mabalik yon sakin iphone 4 dapat pero di pinadala nangloloko lang

  68. Hi mam same po ang nangyari saatin. Russel torres naman po ang name nya. Nung feb 14 pa po ngyari un hnggang ngayon hnd ko po alam ggwn ko. 4k po ang nkuha skn pls help

  69. this is really bad 50% of adds are scamer.. ito ang pugad ng scammer na walang tatbaho sa philippinas kundi mag lokoh sa kapwa..naisahan ako ng isa sa sscammer ng sulit march 29.2015… ng pangap siya bilang isang cellphone buy and sell name kian rheaniza ortega plase be whare this name true scammer.. for / number of scammer 09366354955

  70. hey guys. Just got scammed this day by this bogus seller. hirap pala talaga ma scam at maloko lalo na alam mong no chance na ma ibalik ang perang na ipadala lalo na sa smart money padala. kasi hindi natin ma track kung sino ang nag claim nung money. so sad talaga sa mga victims sa atin pa. eto yung nang scam sa akin please be ware talaga. hindi na talaga ako mag online buying once is enough and twice is too much.

  71. pa post po, this is my story naman.
    Ingat po tayo sa taong ito, marami syang account sa,
    OLX account: BrianBejarValdez
    See – puro suspended ung account nya..
    email ad used:
     FB Page:
    – He is using fake name under Brian Valdez & FB name Gretchen Liberty M. Valdez
    Possible Real Name: IAN VEROLLO JUMAO-AS, kung hindi ka man ito, just let me know, pero malakas ang evidence ko kasi, nsa Jumao-as Clan sya, kaya nakita ko FB ng brother and sister mo na naka-add yung account mo.
    Location: Cebu
    CP number used:

    One of his victim

    Actually kasabwat nya ung nagpakilalang asawa nya…
    I believe, this person has connections in some western union agents – because he can still claim the money even I just gave the “tracking number only” and nakapangalan p un sa friend ko…
    Ang style kasi nito, para ma-check nya daw if I have enough cash to pay the item, para ma-ideliver nya na ung item sa akin for testing. Kapag ok na, then pede ko nang ipadala sa Name nya ung cash….(sounds good right?..)
    Misis nya ung tumawag pa sa skin, tpos..kunwari nasa hospital sila kasi…for emergency dw kya mjo mura ung item…
    And take note, may GodBless pa yan ha….and he uses religious words,para sa church daw…etc….

    Eto po picture nila, I covered black ung mga bata to protect them, alam ko pinsan nya ung cover photo nya…kya nka-black din.

    Other scams that involves western union agents
    Western Union agents accused of helping scammers,

    “WESTERN UNION AGENTS might run a scam and get paid commission by the criminal to cash the transfer, or they have used fake ID which hasn’t been checked out correctly.”

    • Sht. This same facebook account scammed us! Got 7k from us for Canon60d sana. May recorded convo kami sa phone ko, hanggang ngayon di ko dinedelete. Recorded ang voice nya and asawa nya, nakikipag-away sakin, kala mo sya pa niloloko. ROMER VILLAREAL pakilala nya. and yan din ang mga pictures sa fb. na-save ko pa nga. Tapos ang email nya, marygoldilovesjesus ata yun. Nilalagyan nila ng Jesus para siguro magtiwala ang nabibiktima. Sana mahuli na tong mga taong to. Ang pinadalhan kong acct BDO and ROMER VILLAREAL talaga ang name. Last August 2014 kami nabiktima nito.

    • Just for an update, here’s the full story until now (an excerpt of the complaint letter I emailed to NBI divisions concerned with the case):

      “May 01, 2015

      Criminal Investigation and Detection Group
      Camp Crame (CIDG Building)


      I am sending you a letter today in order to report to you a case of an
      online scam / fraud whose initial transaction began sometime in late
      2014. Let it be known to you that although while this case may have
      started several months ago from now, the late report I am doing now is
      only as a result of an allowance given to the accused to make a refund
      of the money he scammed from me, who, as of the present has not done
      albeit promised to do so for a few times now. Yes, I was able to make
      contact with the person on his Facebook account, which, luckily is
      still active.

      The person I am reporting about the scam is Paulo Pobre Palmaria of
      San Vicente, Tarlac City, Tarlac (see attach as proof) whose platform
      he uses was At the time of getting scammed, he was still a
      student of Tarlac State University (or at least that is how he claimed
      to be). In fact, knowing this, I even contacted the persons concerned
      in their school via email, but only to not get a response for some
      reason. Attached here are two separate files I wrote to the persons
      supposedly concerned from their university with the issue.

      Here is the summary of the case:

      I knew first thing that I got scammed after giving me a false number
      code needed for the verification of the item I should have bought from
      him which was to be shipped via LBC. The code given was: 103766840660
      whose actual screenshot you will see attached with this email.

      Checking the same code on LBC’s website shows an error regarding an
      invalid combination of numbers for code. Likely the number was just a
      forgery and was not even legit to begin with. This was the primary
      reason I contacted the accused in his Facebook account.

      An initial promise was made regarding the refund which started on the
      day of my first contact with him on Facebook (sometime around January
      of 2015) after getting scammed, maybe as a result of my threat I made
      that I will have him blottered to the police should he not return my
      money amounting to 4000 pesos. Supposedly, this was the payment for
      the second-hand i5 3570k processor he had posted at — an item
      I needed at that time since having a broken desktop computer.

      Maybe as a result of pity and a little sense of trust, I have not gone
      through reporting the case to the police thinking that the money may
      get refunded given an allotted time which he himself also requested
      for a few times since and has been on-going for four months now —
      more than enough a time to make a refund of the amount, in fact.

      However, my most recent ultimatum to him which I delivered to him via
      private message to Facebook sometime around March 2015 was to have it
      refunded at the end of April 2015, which is supposedly yesterday and
      by which he had agreed upon.

      Sadly, as what you would expect from a scammer who does not intend to
      pay back what he owes, no such refund was made. I even gave him the
      details of my bank account to where the money should be deposited to
      which it should belong as a refund. He still reads my private message
      to him occasionally on Facebook which gives him the reminder of his
      case. However, there was no reply to it recently despite having read
      it himself. For this reason, I am now committed to reporting the
      accused with regards to the criminal liability he has inflicted upon
      himself and is the reason you are reading this email.

      Attached here are proof of the fraudulent transaction he has made with
      me. Do note, however, that I uses, since it offers free
      texts, as a means of sending SMS to the accused so my replies will not
      be seen in line with the SMS I received.

      If you are wondering as to where did I get this contact information,
      please see this website from a concerned citizen:

      Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.



  72. i’ve been a member since 2010 but this is the first time i got scammed in my life, even after online shopping in countless shopping sites for more than a decade already. it happened this monday, may 18 2015. I was scammed on by Mhica Joy Gayamo Orina of Bacoor, Cavite who also goes by username mykeemhiel01- the ad was titled ‘coach leather bag good condition’. I though it was a bargain for 2,500 and all her ads looked legit it was hard to tell (because I can usually tell the fake posts). she responded quickly to my inquiry and may i mention she responded with a different cp number after I texted the number that was posted on the ad ( I have now added this on my list as a tell tale sign that someone is a potential scammer is if they reply with a different cp # other than the one registered on the ads). I deposited my payment to the PNB account she gave. I should have backed out when she gave me a 10 digit number account. PNB regular accounts have 12 digits. The PNB in my area wouldn’t accept that transaction saying that this is an ALLIED BANK ACCOUNT and that they can’t check who’s account it is. so the said PNB branch told me to deposit in an ALLIED-PNB branch in Baguio instead. I filled out the 10 digit cash card slip. After depositing, this 19 year old girl ( I know all her personal details now. I had her background checked after getting scammed) had texted that she’ll be bringing the bag to LBC next morning since it was already past cut-off time. No more communication from her after that. My calls and texts were unanswered.
    I had reported it to OLX already and will also be doing the same to PNP cybercrime. As long as Mhica Joy Gayamo Orina of Bacoor, Cavite gets it in her permanent record i don’t mind losing 2,800 pesos. All future legal employment here and abroad would be near impossible. I contemplated pursuing other things as well but I must confess that i pity her- I saw her pics and records and it shows she came from a broken family, got pregnant in her teens and looks like she is a part-time prostitute. At 19 she already ruined her life. Then again, if she is part of a syndicate I want to see them all behind bars and see justice served.

    Scammer: Mhica Joy Gayamo Orina, birthdate: September 22, 1995 place of residence: Bacoor, Cavite.

    I won’t be using anymore unless they bring back the feedback rating system. This only happened after they took the feedback features out. I’m sticking to safer places from now on.
    olx ad used to scam me:,Position,1-5,5

    • hi jane, i also encountered that girl “MHICA JOY GAYAMO ORINA” last july 27th and her ads was under michael kors bags category. as what you have said in your testimonies, i found the same thing. as i clicked all her ads, it looks all legit. she catched my attention due to cheap prices indicated in her ads and willing to give 1k discount. my whole transactions with her was all via call. yes… i can sense she’s a teenager-to-early 20’s. after the bargain process, we ended-up with 4k deal (for 2pcs MK bags) and promised to be ship after I sent the money via cebuana lhuillier. i gave the reference # via sms and called her asap. the following day, she texted me around 4pm the reference # via lbc. day after, i called the lbc to track the said shipment. surprisingly, it was invalid! then right after, i called her number (09368734311 and 09355504306) but nobody is answering. i kept calling her 2days straight but and nothing happened. i reported to olx.admin and also to cebuanna lhuillier. i also made a police report against MHICA JOY GAYAMO ORINA of Bacoor, Cavite. for now, im requesting a cctv footage from cebuana lhuillier, brgy molino branch but it will take time for them to grant my request. so sad and disappointed that these type of people are very used of this kind of modus.

  73. Hi. I was just scammed the other day of a big amount. I have been an online seller for many years already and am cautious and always pay thru bank deposit. Victims have their weak moments and scammers prey on it. I guess I allowed myself to let down my guard coz I reallly wanted the item and wanted it shipped immediately. Since banks are closed on holidays and weekends, the seller was able to convince me she is legit and sent my payment thru smart money padala. I was immediately given an LBC tracking number, but was declared the next day by LBC as “not found” in their system. I immediately repoted it to SMART and they informed me that the seller MARY ANN C. GARCIA does not exist in their system but the account number is registered to ALBERT SANTOS LACSAMANA of No. 120 P5 St. Jude Village, Brgy. San Agustin San Fernando Pampanga. I checked in facebook, the name appeared, and some of the surnames mentioned here and other threads related to scams are prevalent in his list of facebook friends from mabalacat, pampanga. Im from Davao City and I am planning to report the incident to the PNP and NBI.

    • SMART office informed me that the money had immediately been withdrawn right after payment and the rest, the day after. The number (09471820419) which is tied up to the smart money padala account does not answer my calls and text messages, while the globe number that was used during our transaction can no longer be reached less than 12 hours after payment. I hope SMART can improve their system by implementing STRICTER MEASURES in order to give more protection to the public against online fraud.

  74. Hi guys i have different situation i posted my blackberry mobile phone to olx and after 3 days i got a buyer just this morning and a meet up is set at her covinent place she tested the unit and format every thing turns out to be ok and she hand me her payment and we had a deal! Untill a few hours passed by the buyer texted me again and saying the phone is dead and she brough the phone to cell techincian the finding was the unit was wet grounded ect ect. And she wants a refund. My friend told me this is a scam their going to buy items from olx and then change the internal defective parts

  75. i bought iphone 4s sa kay Antonio Mercado and i paid nung saturday but until now wla pa din yung unit. i tried texting her today at wala pa ding reply i hope wala na siyang ma scam na iba. 09161182856 at 09267741345

  76. Cnu nakakakilala dto na scam na dn ba kau neto 5577-5159-6409-3131 mabalacat pampanngaa dw na nsa pangasinan ngaun martin martinez 19 yrs old ngbbnta ng ps vita at motor

  77. Another bullshit bitch scammer to avoid hiding in the identity of Abby Avenido (I doubt it’s her real name). She used a different name and I’m sure she’s gonna use mine too to fool you guys. Anyway here’s her smart money number 5577 5193 4180 9102 . cell number 09367115754 found in

  78. ako din po na scammed nung july 11,2015 ni REYNALDO SUAREZ…sony xperia z3 ang binebenta nya worth 15k sa olx hanggang natawaran ko ng 13k… tga 201 brgy.poblacion san miguel bulacan daw xa number 09269000206… meron daw syang shop “ABCell gadget” sa camias rd.payawal st. brgy.poblacion san miguel bulacan beside jollibee san miguel daw… since malayo from imus cavite kasi ako sabi nya thru shipping pero para wag daw ako mag isip wag ko daw ibbgay tracking number hanggat wala ung item sakin… ang gusto nya thru palawan express hanggang nkrting ako ng lbc at pinaliwanag ng lbc sakin n pag palawan express kahit di mo ibigay ang tracking number e nag aautomated n send na daw ang palawan express sakanya… kaya thru lbc sinend ko ung 13k payment ko… minessage ko sya (REYNALDO SUAREZ) na ok n nbyad ko n at ang sv nya tatawag sya sa palawan express para iconfirm tapos sv nya wala pa daw name ko dun sbi ko naman nagsend n ko thru lbc palawan express hanggang pakita ko daw proof sai sinasadya pagpicture ko naisama ko ung tracking number… nagulat sya bkit lbc malayo daw kasi sakanila un… knabukasan na daw nya maeencash un…tapos nkipagchikahan pa sya sakin un pla on the way n xa sa lbc at pagdating ko ng mga 3:30 sa office d ko n xa mkontak at naka blocked n ko sa fb nya SUAREZ T REYNALDO (… i tried to contact lbc at lumalabas given the address of him na bulacan e inencashed nya yung payment ko sa caloocan… i dont know what to do first please help me guys… sv ng lbc sakin file ako ng police report para mabigay nila cctv footage… beware AR AR SUAREZ ang seller name nya sa olx… anyone knows him please pkihelp ako to find him


    olx seller name: AR AR SUAREZ

  79. na scam iphone 4s white 16gb
    thru smart pera padala
    wag ko daw bgay ref# pagnagpadala un pala sya din mismo may ari ng account # kaya kahit d mo bgay makukuha nya.

  80. Oh my GOd, that same person in the pic with kids SCAMMED me and my boyfriend, last year pa po to nangyari. Ang pangalan nya sa FB ay Romer VIllareal. Bibili dapat kami ng DSLR, it was worth 15k ata then pina-down kami ng 7k, tapos nagagalit na sya, kesyo bogus buyer daw kami. Pag di daw kami nagbayad agad ng downpayment, ipopost nya daw po kami. Tapos ayun, nagpadala kami sa BDO. Romer VIllareal ang name, taga-Cebu po ang address. Tapos nagbigay sya ng LBC tracking no., may pinadala nga siya, pero guess what kung anong laman ng package? SIRANG COVER NG LUMANG MODEL NG CELLPHONE. Walang kwenta. Inunahan ko sya magblock sa FB, paminsan-minsan, chinecheck ko, pa-iba-iba ang pangalan niya sa FB. Nagtiwala kami kasi ang pictures nya sa FB ai happy family. Baka kinuha nya lang yan sa iba and ginamit nya.

  81. Ayosdito pala kami na-scam, not at Sulit/Olx. But, wag na tayo mag-order jan. Buti pa sa Lazada. Jan sa mga ganyan kasi, kahit magreport wala nman nagagawa, kasi walang background check ang mga nagbebenta jan. Hai advice lang ha, if you’re planning to order one now, please think again. You might find yourself blabbing in the next comments about your freaking bad experience. Mamatay n yan mga scammer na yan, nakakainis.

  82. Beware!! check this out guys Kitty Fashion Trend sa FB isa cyang bogus seller grabe marami cyang naloko till now, we need your help guys para ma end na panloloko nila,
    BDO acct name Merlina A. Guerena

  83. Parang same situation here. kahapun ako na biktima ng scammer nato tapos binigyan pa ako ng maling tracking no. Pag check ko kanina sa remittance na sinabi nya wala naka rehistro sa kanila. Di na rin nag rereply sa mga text ko. Kaycee Hermes name nya sa fb. Wag kayo paloko sa kanya.

  84. Biktima po ako ng Online Seller Scammer po. Si Eddie Ramirez Cubay po ito ang fb niya
    Seller po siya ng mga Broadband modems na nagbibigay daw po ng mataas ng speed compare sa mga nabibili sa globe or smart sa murang halaga. Saka Cellphones po. Nakita ko ang Fb po nya nag try kami nag order kami ng Broadband at ng Cellphone iphone 6 po. Ang sabi niya busy daw siya sa mga delivery nasa out of town daw sya kaya shipping na lang daw sa LBC tapos ang payment ko sa smart padala na lang daw ito ang smart padala number 5299-6761-3536-9102 Smart padala
    Pagkatapos po sabi niya kinabukasan lang daw po darating na ang Shipment at yon broadband naman daw ay idedeliver niya din after 3 daw after niya out of town.
    Pagsend ko po ng pera sa smart padala hiningi niya sakin ang reference number. Ayaw ko ibigay non una pero kinulit nya ako ng kinulit hangang sa binigay ko po sa kanya at nag tiwala ako kasi may mga pinakikita sya sa wall nya na mga comments daw na legit seller siya. Pero mga kakilala pala niya at kasabwat ang mga iyon at ang iba dummy accounts niya. Umabot na ng isang buwan walang dumating na units na order ko. Pag pag follow up ko ito ang sagot niya. “Miss Pasensya ka na may anak kasi ako pinakakain sana maunawaan mo mahirap ang buhay ngayon. Kaya kung nabiktima kita sorry ka na lang kasi uto uto ka”.
    Ito ang FB niya:
    Name: Eddie Ramirez Cubay (Online Scammer)

  85. tinanggal kasi nila ang feedback system sa OLX which is obviously a stupid move, wala silang money-back guarantee. ang habol lang nila is ung kinikita nila hangga’t libo-libo ang gumagamit ng site nila. It just feels sad to see thousands of people getting scammed cause of lack of effort on OLX’s side.

    anywho may few tips pra makaiwas sa mga scammer sa OLX:

    * I-research nyo ng maigi ung bibilhan nyo. And by research, I mean check all his/her other ads, check if they have a bunch of images of the item/s they are selling. try nyo i-search through Google Images ( ) yung ilan sa mga images na yun to see if ginoogle lng nila yun or ripped from other sites/post. Kung mahanapan nyo ng same post/site na meron yung image, compare those two carefully.

    * Call ( Video chat if possible) the seller lalo na kung malalaking halaga ang nakataya sa transaction nyo. Demand and extract details from them, subukan nyo sya kung alam niya yung produktong binebenta nya. If ever mag rason sila na kunyari pinapabenta lang sa kanila yun, gawan nyo ng paraan para makausap nyo yung original owner ( iwas bili na rin ng mga nakaw to).

    * Lastly, do meet-up deals as much as possible. Iwasan nyo yung mga deals through padala kasi 90% ng mga scams, dyan nangyayari. Sa mga ganitong klaseng deal, ang aasahan nyo lang dalawa is ung tiwala nyo sa isa’t isa at mahirap magtiwala sa di mo kilala lalo na kung di mo pa sya nakikita, and one unspoken rule (kind of an obvious one) is that you trust no one over the internet unless you know them personally kasi di yan parehas ng mga snatcher na mahahabol mo pa at pwedeng bugbugin ng buong barangay mo pag nahuli nyo.

    * Wag magpapadala sa seller pag sa kalagitna-an ng deal nyo eh ikaw pa yung pinagdududahan nya na baka ikaw ung scammer, eto madalas ang napapansin ko sa mga nakakachikahan kong scammer, joker tong mga to. Ikaw ang buyer, ikaw ang maglalabas ng pera, dapat baligtad na imbis ikaw ung pnapalabas nilang may chance na mangscam, sila yung may mas malaking probability na mangscam. Wag ka matakot, turn down deals and report them if you feel something is off or something went wrong in your conversation.

    Hope the author of this post adds these tips to his/her post para mabasa ng future OLX buyers at mabawas-bawasan ang mga na sscam at malugi yang negosyo ng mga scammer na yan.

    • Naloko din ako ng isang scammer sa sulit. Si mary jane garcia. My fb sya at mga post ng proof of shippings and mga comments. Pero ksabwat nya pala. Garabe. Help me pls.

  86. Sinong nkakakilala kay mary jane garcia? Isa din syang scammer sa sulit. Bago bago taga bilbao albay dw sya, magandamng babae, kapanipaniwala dhil sa fb nya my mg ID’s sya at proof of shipping at mga positive comments. Kasabwat nya pla ang mga un. Help me guys na mabawe ang pera q.


    02 816 4675

    I confirmed. He works there. They just started investigation on him. More calls more faster the process…

  88. Watch out for these scammers who sell in olx, Angel Lacerna of Lahug, Cebu City and Christia Joy Ramirez of Tagum City

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