How to Report Scammers to the Admin

(Note: This procedure is only valid at the time of the writing, which is March 2013. I don’t know if Sulit will be making changes to their website, thus making some of the steps below inapplicable. But just try them out, and see what happens. Notify me so I can either update this blog, or write a new one)

I decided to write this blog after learning that some people that were also scammed at that website, but did not know how to properly report the incident. The fact that these Scammers do not get reported contributes to the reason why there are a lot of them in that website.

The good news is that Sulit does have an effective Admin that addresses your concerns as long as you provide them with the correct information, in the proper way. The bad news is that they can go no further than just banning the Scammer and deleting their accounts. They won’t be able to help you get your money back, nor help you report the incident to the proper authorities.

Of course, the Scammer can just set up new accounts, and start posting at Sulit again. However, at least you will be able to make the life of scamming people more difficult for them. They need to set up new e-mail addresses and new identities since Sulit now has more stringent rules for online retailers. Also, you will be able to help keep other people from being scammed, albeit temporarily.

‘Signing Up to be a Member of’
If you are not a member or registered to the site, you need to sign up to be member or register so you can use the full function of the site. You can do this by going to the sign up page, whose link I am posting below. It is easier nowadays since you can use your Facebook account (if you have one. But which Filipino now doesn’t?). If you are the few Filipinos not on Facebook yet, you can also use an e-mail address to register.,Browsing+History,Sign+Up

‘Reporting to the Admin’
Once you have an account on the site, you can now sign in, and report the seller. You can follow this link to report the incident:

Just a quick guide: The NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS fields are automatically filled up, so you just have to choose the SUPPORT TYPE section, which in this case will be for SCAM/ILLEGAL REPORT. You will then be required to write a detailed message on the MESSAGE section.

When you write the message, you need to write your story, but do NOT forget to include the following details in your message:
– NAME the Scammer is using on the website;
– AD ID the Scammer used. This can be found on the ad of the Scammer, it is noted just below the “Price”.
– DATE when you were scammed
– AMOUNT of money that were scammed out of

Most important of all will be the SUPPORTING DOCUMENT. This will be used by the Sulit Admin as SOLID PROOF against the Scammer. This can come in different forms, but the best one to use the RECEIPT you used to transfer the money. If you transferred the money thru LBC, Kuarta Padala, M. Lhuillier, etc., you can SCAN the receipt, and use it as support document for your complaint.

‘Providing Negative Feedback’
After reporting the incident to the Admin, you can also do one other thing against the scammer, and that is to provide a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK against him or her. What this does, is ALERT the other potential customers that this person is a Scammer, and hopefully keep them from being scammed.

What you need to do is go to the Ad of the Scammer, and then on the right side of the screen you will see the details of the Scammer, and then look for the link that says, “Post Transaction Feedback“. Click on that link to post a negative feedback on the Scammer.

The ADVERTISEMENT ID will be automatically filled up, so you will need to fill up the RATING section. Choose (-) NEGATIVE.

You will now be asked to fill the MESSAGE section for the feedback. This message will be seen not only by the Sulit Admin, but by the other users as well, so tailor your message to them. My suggestion is to put as much detail as the report you submitted to the Admin, but also make sure to WARN other users that this seller is a Scammer.

Last but not the least, CHECK the box next to the “Check this box if you had a transaction with this member for the specified advertisement“, and then click on the “Post Feedback” button.

‘Sulit Admin Response and Action’
The Sulit Admin will not respond or take action to your complaints right away. It takes them about a day to respond and take action. If after two days they have not taken action, report the incident again, and keep reporting until they finally respond and take action.

They might respond to you by Private Message or e-mail, but even if they don’t they usually take steps in terms of removing the Scammer’s Ads, and then BANNING the account of the Scammer itself.

‘Responding to Scammer Retaliation’
If you do the above items, take note that the Scammer CAN and WILL likely retaliate to you by doing the exact same things to you on the Sulit website. They are thick-faced people, and will also report you to the Admin. In that case, the Admin will ask your side first before deciding on the matter. What you can do is FIGHT these people by responding to the Admin and justify and convince them that you are right.

Make sure that you have ample SOLID evidence possible, like the receipt for the payment. You can also use the text messages on your phone as proof. Do NOT delete the text messages you have with the Scammer, it can be used as evidence later. If you need to go to the Sulit Office to show them the text messages, then do so.

The seller will also be able to post a Negative Feedback to you, but Sulit will give you a chance to contest it. If a negative feedback is given to you, just click on the link on the bottom allowing you to contest the feedback, and again use as much detail as you can in the message, and also send the receipt as solid evidence.

‘Parting Shot’
I hope I am able to help some of the people who were scammed at Sulit find some partial closure to the issue. Losing your hard-earned money to Scammers can be heart-breaking and deeply frustrating and disappointing. Taking some actions will at least help alleviate the pain.

The Philippine government is currently HOPELESSLY inadequate in terms of dealing with online Scammers, that is the main reason they are PROLIFERATING right now. There is no effective avenue where to REPORT such Scammers, even if you have their names, addresses and other details. The Philippine National Police (PNP) and Department of Trade (DOT) have no effective tools to handle online Scammers, hence Scammers remain SCOT-FREE, scamming even more and more Filipinos everyday. PNoy has to start taking action on this issue, or else this will become an epidemic …

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26 thoughts on “How to Report Scammers to the Admin

  1. Sir,ma’m good evening po! Report ko lng po ang (SECURER) use nia d2 sa sulit.2 name nia gamit (rein Jo relagalado,genchic Padilla) nag bibinta po sya ng cp s4 d2 sa sulit pg pinadala na po clone! Ang use # nia 09163234893 true GCASH po pinapadala ang confirm na nia ung money saka nia ipapadala ang clone.sir,ma’m Hindi lng po ako ang naluko nian madami na po!gusto ko po maibalik sakin ang 13,000 pesos! & I hope sana mahuli po yan at makulong na ang scammer na yan! Mapapatunayan ko po na nag padala ako sakaniang pera true gcash I have receipt po! Madami po sya dahilan para d maibalik ang pera ko.sana po help nio ako na maibalik ang pera ko.thank you very much

    • This made me feel so traumatic experince. Last week Feb 9,2015 I tried to look an iphone 4s at olx.

      I text this number 09066571178 according to her she is Carol Sean G. Temporal, she is currently studying at Bulacan State University. We made a good conversation , last sunday, she texted me to deposit the payment of item , i told her i will deposit the money just 50% of the total bill, so i deposit it thru smart padala, when i send her the account number or control number she didnt reply anymore, Yesterday afternoon, I made a call her using other number she answered the phone I asked her when should i expect the item , she told me 3-4pm within that day, Im waiting the LBC until 7pm, when i tried to call her agin she didnt answer my call. ]

      Im hoping for your actions.

      Thank you 🙂

      • Hi! My name is Yanyan and I just bought my simcard a few weeks ago. It is brand new. The other day my friend typed my number to search for my twitter and this blog appeared. I didn’t do any scamming and I live far from the said place and I would never do such a thing. Please clarify the number that you posted here.

  2. Enesto isa kami sa naloko nun Genchic Padilla, nalocate na namin yun Rein Jo Relagalado he’s from Brgy. Pangao, Lipa City, Batangas and were filing a case against him. kindly email to me then i’ll give you the information where do you find him this is my email

    • Maam tagabatanggas din po yung nanloko saamin yun ang nakalagay po sa adress nya, tulungan nyo naman po ako o, pero din po kasi ng mga classmates ko yung nandun. At ako po ang ginigipit nilang magbayad dahil ako ang nagintroduce sa item, kaya po help me i dunno what to do, i still have the reciept and name info ng nakatransact ko. Im just a student and i dunno what can i do about it =( help me po what can i do and where will i go?

  3. Grabe!! ang sakit ng heart ko. nag down ako sa knya ng 6k kse ipapadala niya ndaw. at nsa lbc na siya tapos ngyon hindi na siya nag rereply. bumili ako ng ipad mini. grabe ang mga manloloko ngyon. please help me to find the case. lawrence tan daw siya. eto number niya 09071330798. my receipt po ako ng pnadala kong pera smart padala po.

  4. sir,mam ireport ko lang po yung scammer pag tapos niya po mkha ang pera ko hindi na siya nagparamdam..gusto ko pong mhli yun..

  5. ATE tagabatanggas din po yung nanloko saamin yun ang nakalagay po sa adress nya, tulungan nyo naman po ako o, pero din po kasi ng mga classmates ko yung nandun. At ako po ang ginigipit nilang magbayad dahil ako ang nagintroduce sa item, kaya po help me i dunno what to do, i still have the reciept and name info ng nakatransact ko. Im just a student and i dunno what can i do about it =( help me po what can i do and where will i go?

  6. pano po mahuhuli ung scammer nagbayad ako through BDO so binigay nya sakin acount no at acount name pano po kaya un hnd ko na kc macontact ung seller sa sulit

  7. Good day po,irereport ko lang po itong taong nan loko sakin,nakita ko yung benibenta Nya sa OLX at agad po me nagtxt skanya Kung available pa ung iPhone 5s na benibenta Nya,sabi available pa at agad me nakipag transact sa taong ito at nagpdala po Ako ng pera sa BDO sabi Nya nasa Lbc na sya pra iship ung item,pero Hindi na sya nagrereply pinatay n Nya cp Nya at Dina rin po sya nagrereply sa fb po matibay na ebidensya po Ako Ito name ng manlo loko sheeneda ong cayetano 09266229298 gusto ko po syang makulong!!!pra mahinto ang kanyang panloloko!!

  8. Ako po Naiscam March 18, 2015 Maayos po ako usapan namin ang ginamit nyang pangalan ay Ella mae Deguzman Address nya section 35 Barangay Hundred island faitlane Street. Blk 28 Lot 34 Gerona Tarlac Gamit nya pong # 09161772308 meron po akong katibayan pati po mga text. Hiningi ko po ung Acc. Nya sabi full nadaw po tapos ung isang acc. Naman ang ibinigay e2 po yung Full na account nya (5299675573579107) e2 po ung Isang account nya (5299675573582101) bumili po kasi ako sa kanya ng unit iphone 4s po. Hope You will Help me. :-(:-(

  9. i dont know if oxl support team will help is find those people scamed us but they should do something about this i after q napadala ang pera kay jessica jane romero galvez hindi na sya nag reply hope someone from sulit admin could help us

  10. Hello guys, Nabiktima na rin ako ng scam na yan kahapon lang. Ganto po ang nangyari:

    Nagb-browse ako ng “Iphone 4s” sa ( Finally, may nakita ako na kaya ko i-afford. 3,800 pesos ang price niya, kasama na daw doon ang shipping fee. Nakasulat kasi dun sa description ng item ay “Shipping only”. Dahil first time ko lang mag online shopping, eh wala pa ako masyado alam sa scamming na yan. So I contacted the person immediately kasi inisip ko na baka sold out na o baka maagawan pa ako kasi mura nga lang. Nag reply naman siya sabi niya na available pa daw ung item at wala pa nman nagpaparecerve, so sobrang tuwa ko nun. Pinareserve ko naman kaagad, pero sabi ko sakanya na next week ko na kukunin kasi 2,900 pa lang money ko at kulang pa. Sabi niya naman na “Ganito na lang po para ndi ko na mabenta sa iba. Ibayad niyo na po saamin yung 2900 niyo then I will ship the iPhone 4s right away. Pagkakuha niyo na nung item, doon mo na bayaran yung remaining balance” So I was like.. wow! bait naman neto. Tanga tanga ko nauto ako. Edi yun pumayag naman ako. The next day.. tinext ko siya na on the way na ako sa LBC para ipadala sakanya yung 2900 pesos. Pagkapadala ko, tinext ko agad sakanya yung tracking number at sender’s name. So ang sabi niya naman “Okay, I’ll ship the unit after lunch. I’ll update you agad” So ineexpect ko na naship niya na yung item by 2-3 in the afternoon. YUN NA PALA YUNG LAST MESSAGE NIYA SAAKIN. Pagdating ng 2:30 pm, text ako ng text kung naship niya na yung iPhone. Pero still no reply. So tinawagan ko na ng ilang beses, ayaw naman sagutin, paminsan binababa niya. Pagdating ng 5 pm, nagtext saakin yung LBC na naclaim na daw nung reciever yung 2900 pesos ko. Pero nung time na rin yun, ndi niya pa din ako nirereplyan. Minura ko siya ng minura pero wala pa rin talagang reply. Grabe nakaka putangina talaga. (sorry guys for the bad word, nagalit lang talaga ako) 15 years old lang ako at 5 months ko inipon yung 2900 pesos na yun galing sa baon na binibigay saakin ng mga magulang ko. Ndi na nga ako kumakain ng recess at lunch makaipon lang para mabili ko yung gusto ko. Pero wala! yung 2900 ko napapunta lang sa demonyong magnanakaw. Anyways, ang pangalan ng demonyong hayop na to ay si Mark L. Chan, nakatira siya sa Sarphill village, Bajada, Davao City. Nireport ko na din yung ad niya sa Olx.

    Today, I texted him again pero using my other number naman. Lolokohin ko siya na kunwari kukunin ko ung unit niya. Pero this time, iba yung style ng pagkatext ko sakanya. Kunwari jejemon ako, yung parang ganto “Hi ackue nga pLa c Jessa frm Laguna, buY k0 sna iPh0ne niyo” Hahaha! Nagulat ako at nagreply, sabi niya
    “Hi mam jessa, avail pa ang iphone. I only do shipping” Bobo nga talaga at nauuto ko siya ngayon. Ineexpect niya na papadalhan ko siya ng buong 3800 pesos bukas hahah! Sarap makipag lokohan amputa eh noh. Ito lang guys pero sana naman matulungan niyo ako mahanap yung demonyong magnanakaw na si Mark L. Chan na taga Davao Del Sur, Digos City. At sana rin po wag niyo isipin na “2900 pesos lang” Kasi alam niyo naman po kung paano ko inipon yun, halos mainggit na ako sa kinakain ng mga kaklase ko. PS: Kung nagtataka kayo kung bakit ko napadala yung money eh 15 years old lang ako. kasama ko po mommy ko, Siya na nag asikaso lahat.

  11. guys im one of ur member now.nscam po aq fhemmy lozada dw sya from cebu.pngdown nya aq ng 1k via smart padala tpos sbe dw ng mngr nya kulang dw.dgdgn q p dw hulog q.nd then sbe nya lhit now nlng dw.dt t ngduda n aq.but still kinukulit nya aq nd convincing me n mkuha nghulog ulit aq knina tpos nung mhulog q n.humihingi n nmn ng dgdg so ngduda n aq.ang dinodoubt q lng is bka mgmit ung neym q n hningi nya pra mdla dw ung unit n inorder q.guys mgtulungan tau

    • guys e2 po ung id no nya s olx id no nya.chekit out right now.100658535.the cost of the unit was 4500.wg kau mnwla d2.guys mgtulungan tau pra mhuli n mga 2.grbe cla.nd olx doesnt answer my report.hay

  12. meron din nanloko sakin REYNALDO SUAREZ… sa olx ar ar suarez xa… nagbebenta sya ng xperia z3 tapos nung pinadala ko payment ko 13,000 bnlocked na nya ko sa fb at d ko nadin sya makontak sbi nya tga san miguel bulacan daw sya at may shop sya “ABCell gadget” sa camias rd.payawal st.brgy poblacion san miguel bulacan pero nung nag email po ako sa lbc inencashed nya yung bayad sa 10th avenue caloocan… need ko lang mag pkita ng police report at ibbigay sakin ng lbc ang cctv footage… kung sino man po may kakilala n pwede tumulong sakin please po… may mga nalapitan nadin po ako… REYNALDO SUAREZ!!!! pinost ko nadin po sya fb ng kumalat …salamat po

  13. Gusto ko lang po ishare yung nangyari kanina. Hindi naman po ako naloko pero MUNTIK NA. I’m glad na nakinig ako sa nanay ko kahit na halos magkatampuhan na kami kanina. Ganito po kase yan, naghahanap po ako ng iphone 4s sa OLX (former at natuwa naman ako dahil may nakita ako na worth 3,500 lang at complete set na, so dahil mura lang at naisip ko na baka maunahan ako, tinext ko na agad yung seller (nasa bus ako nun pauwi galing school) tinanung niya kung saan location ko, I said Cavite tapos sabi niya taga-Isabela pa siya so sabi niya shipping nalang daw then umagree naman ako, sabi ko magkano po shipping fee tapos sabi niya wala naman daw bayad pag smart padala, maghulog nalang daw ako dun tapos ipapadala nalang daw niya yung package through LBC so umagree nalang din ako, then I gave my complete name and address to him, he said na pag nasend ko na daw sa kanya yung confirmation # or the control #, isesend naman daw niya yung tracking # para daw walang dayaan at dapat sabay daw kami maghulog so I feel satisfied naman then sinabi ko, sge ihuhulog ko nalang yung pera mga 2 or 3 pm but he demanded na pwede ba daw 2 nalang kase kailangan na nya yung money edi pumayag naman ako I replied sge pakihintay nalang po then he replied again na pupunta na daw siyang LBC at ipapadala na daw nya, pwede bang bago mag-2 ihulog mo na yung pera, medyo nagtaka ako na parang naiinis kase ganun na ba niya talaga agad kailangan yung pera masyado siyang demanding gusto na nya makuha agad yung payment, pumayag nalang ako kase baka icancel na nya yung offer sakin, sayang naman yung phone kase mura lang. Bago mag 1pm nakauwi na ko sa bahay sinabi ko agad yun sa nanay ko para magpasama sa smart padala, then she start to asked me a lot of questions kung paano ba napagkasunduan namin, tapos yung nanay ko hindi pumayag sinabi niya manloloko lang daw yun, syempre pinagtanggol ko naman pinaliwanag ko yung napag usapan namin para maintindihan niya, sabi ng nanay ko wag muna daw ako maghuhulog ng pera hangga’t hindi ko nakikita o nahahawakan yung item. Namroblema naman ako kase sabi nung seller naideliver nya na daw syempre baka anung isipin niya sakin, baka isipin nyang manloloko ako so gumawa ako ng paraan sabi ko sir pwede bang ibigay mo muna yung tracking # bago ako maghulog para atleast makasigurado din ako na pinadala nyo na talaga yung package then he replied Sorry sir naloko na kase ako ng ganyan dati, (he thought na lalaki ako dahil medyo panlalaki yung name ko but di ko na rin sinabi sa kanya na girl talaga ako) tapos sinabi ko sir hindi naman po ako manloloko, ihuhulog ko naman talaga yung pera basta kailangan ko muna ma’track yung package, kase yung pera pag nahulog ko na yun hindi na pwdeng bawiin unlike sa inyo pwede pang bawiin yung package, ilang beses ko syang pinilit pero matigas talaga siya ayaw nya sakin ibigay yung tracking # unless na maghulog muna daw ako, he said sir naipadala ko na wag naman po kayong ganyan nagtiwala pa naman ako 😦 Medyo nagworry ako kase baka pag di ko tinupad yung pinagusapan namin baka siraan nya ko sa facebook or any social media sites kase alam na nya yung name ko 😦 natatakot ako baka ipagkalat nya na manloloko akong buyer, nagreply ako sa kanya I said, Sir hindi tlga ako manloloko may tiwala po ako sa inyo but sana pagkatiwalaan nyo rin po ako as a buyer mahirap na kase pera din yun, ang reply nya naipadala na daw nya hinihintay nya yung payment wala naman daw sanang lokohan, medyo naiinis na ko kase pilit nyang pinagpipilitan yung gusto nya so I prayed nlang humingi ako ng tulong kay God na sana hindi ako maloko dahil baka masayang lang yung pinag ipunan ko na halos hindi nko kumakain araw-araw para lang maipon ko yung baon ko. Gusto ko na talagang ipadala yung payment pero ayaw pumayag ni mother kase pag ganyang klase daw manloloko lang daw yun so nakinig nlang ako kase “Moms knows best” ika nga. Tapos eto nagtry ako mag search about sa scamming na nagaganap pag shipping ang mode of payment, na’try ko ng bumili ng phone sa olx through meet ups pero yung shipping kase di ko pa naeexperience kaya wala akong idea kung paano ito nagwowork ng di ako maloloko, luckily I’ve found this I read all the comments at sobrang relate talaga ako buti nalang hindi ako nagpaloko agad dun. Kung siraan man nya ako kaya kong ipagtanggol ang sarili ko kase una I’m a buyer bakit kailangan nyang pilitin akong maghulog ng pera dun pa sa may fast processing transaction tapos ayaw nya ibigay yung tracking # e hindi ko rin naman makukuha yung package agad dahil halos ilang days bago ko makuha yun, btw I’m only 16 years old sorry kung nobela pero I hope na wag kayong magpapaloko agad mas maganda pa rin talaga pag meet up at the same time yung malapit lang din sa inyo para hindi kayo maloko.

    • Mabuti naman at naka iwas scam ka. Dapat talaga meetups, para sigurado. Kung malayo siya e di pasensiya na lang. By the way, I just bought a Canon SX400 Camera today on OLX, and natuloy kasi meetup talaga, as inkaliwaan ang abutan …

  14. na scam ako kahapon -_- october 30,2015
    Pangalan niya Bastillo store niya daw ay GameTrade bumili ako ng game para sa ps4 maayos naman pagkasalita niya kaya naniwala ako sabi ko meetup tas sabi niya malayo daw siya smart padala nlng mahaba conversation namin so akala ko talaga legit seller siya pero pagka send ko ng pera di na sya nag reply at di na sya macontact :c

    ito number niya – 0916 194 9749
    ito Smart Padala niya – 5229-6759-9549-1105

    Nagbasa ako ng mga comments dito tas halos lahat na nascam ay puro nag pa smart padala, so pag yung seller ay nag sabi smart padala isend yung pera wag na kayo bumili dyan mostly scammers sila,, sayang naman ng 2k ko :c

  15. ako rin nag browse aq sa olx ng iphone 4s ang pangalan niya ay pauline joy biasca taga bacolod 5.8k yung item nya so sinabi q skanya kung pwede 5k nalang so pumayag sya sabi nya if kukunin kodaw ngayon is sya na magbabayad ng shipping fee at free cases at powerbank so parang excited tuloy ako.agad akung nagbayad sa palawan 5000 at 100 ang 5100..i text her the reference no. mga 1pm lang nov.07,2015 na claim na niya ang pera …text q sya kailan ang item mkuha sabi nya..mag text lang dw sya kung kailan mag send.kasi ntraffic po daw ang mga 7pm sa gabie nag dududa nku kasi nanaginip ako ng masama…tinext q sya about sa item..sabi nya itetext lang dw nya ang tracking no.. so nakalma nku pero wla pdin i try to ask the ip4s sa ibang no. kung available pah..then nagreply sa na available pah…dun na parang nabaliw ako ..grabing anxiety.trauma.galit..hindi q maexplain..grabi malaking bagay saakin ang 5k dahil pinagipunan q yan halos hindi nku nagbibigay sking nanay kung sweldo q para lang mkabili ng everything has a reason..dahil dito i became a strong person..umiba ang perspective saking pamumuhay..salamat din kay God dahil he comforts me he allow me to face this prove that he is God ..hangang ngayon hindi na nagreply c pauline joy..pero wla aqng magawa experience is the best helpless.feel injustice..pero kahit ganito nangyayari skin hindi ako nagrevenge o nagmura skanya kasi walang mangyayari ehhh.instead i keep the word of God sa romans 12:19 nagsasabi na lord sakanya ang paghigante so yun..mas mabuting ang dyos nalang maghiganti..masabuting sya nalang maghigante.

  16. She name herself as Fionna Torres at OLX. she is selling her goods and we had an agreement of using Smart padala with the account number 5299672308488126 amounting P 2,500.00 January 11, 2016.
    She told me to pay on BDO, but after the transaction she is not answering her phone. she gave me her viber which is 09169444157. but she contacted me using this number 09234145644 and 09756087427. and this is the address she gave me.
    Barangay poblacion 06 diamond st. blk 53 lot 61 iba zambales.

  17. Actually i was also scammed too for 2x at which is now olx last MARCH 21, 2016. I was looking for an iPhone 6 that time then i saw her ads shes selling 2ndhand iPhone 6 and 6s which is have a huge discount says she needs a money for an urgent matter let say around 6k and 8k. Actually i hesitated that time because its too affordable. So i message her to confirmed it she said she needs money. I asked her, “Paano ako makakasure na isesend mo nga ang unit ko?” Then she replied, “Pwede naman pong downpayment muna, then after na makuha niyo na po yung unit, saka niyo na po bayaran yung kulang.” Then i was convinced that time because of the transaction. My classmate is also convinced that she’ll order the other unit so i texted her about it, then she said the downpayment will be 3k per unit. Then i sent her thru lbc for a total amount of 6k. Then started sending her proof of receipt in fb messanger. Then she replied “Papunta na po akong lbc.” Then i told her “siguraduhin mong maayos ang unit na ipapadala mo ha.” Then she told me okay na okay daw yung unit. Nagtaka ako kasi one hour has passed, i message her to confirm the tracking number then OMG, it didnt send. I asked my classmates why? They said IM BLOCKED. Then i was totally mad i called her for how many times but my number is also blocked. Then next minute i reported her to the lbc. And it really sucks why? Lbc has nothing to do with it. I just want lbc to block that bitch in all lbc branches to stop her. (Her facebook name is japanese zhakuri amimoto….)

    Here’s the bitch info: ⏬

    Maggie Mae Fernando
    Agbalo panay capiz visayas

    And the other one, said he needed money for her wife because it was pregnant and it will give birth anytime, his ad is iphone 6 plus and he wanted a downpayment for 5k or 3k but his iphone is in 13 or 14k. He always badgering me about when do will i send the money, im also busy that time because we have thesis to finish. And he told me that i was unfair because i cant send him money thru time as i said its too hard to find a cash padala because its holy week, he said smart padala is okay. Tapos lagi niya ako kinukulit na admit daw ang wife niya kasi nagtubig keme keme his annoying pero nanaig ang awa saakin. So i sent him 3k he did send a tracking number i waited for the unit to come until 5pm that time, i checked what he sent to me at fb of proof of transaction and the tracking number that he gave to me is also the pictures that he sent i realized that it was fake and taken. ✖ scammed again. One thing i only know DONT TRUST ONLINES.

    Smart padala account number:

    Mike Facundo
    (His facebook profile is his face and his children)
    Nueva ecija
    5299 6759 9592 1101

    If you can help me to blocked them i would say thank you very much 🙂

    Just please be very careful.

    Nung time na nasawa na ako nantrip ako ng scammer nahalata ko na by the way she text.

    Ang last kong sinabi,
    “Thats not the way legit sellers transaction. Nakakapagtaka yung way mo ng pagpadala. Di mo ko maloloko.”

    She replied,
    “Nanay mo pokpok” (i laughed, kasi tama ang hinala ko, well 3pts for me.)

    Then i replied,
    “Are you sure? My family has a high standard and you dont know me, tanggapin mo nalang na nautakan kita SCAMMER.”

    And she didnt reply i think she was pissed off actually mahaba yung mga text kasi ineengganyo niya ako about her units which is fakes biruin niyo hindi pa nga nilalabas ang Iphone SE dito meron na siya. Lol very funny.😂
    Dont trust online kahit maliit man o malaki ang discount. Ingat kayo loyal buyers.

  18. sir/maam good day nag hanap po ako ng phone sa site nyo may na kita po ako tapus nag msg ako sa kanya tapus nag text, binigay nya yung voters i.d nya na para makilala sya at ma sure na hindi sya scammer, hanggang nag transact na kme nag down ako tapus kapag na recieve kuna yung phone chaka ako mag huhulog ng balance pero hangang ngayon hindi pa sya nag reply or nag mail sakin sabi nya wala pong airbill ang jrs door to door nag tex ako sa kanya hindi na sya nag reply, ito po yung pangalan nya at I.D NUMBER CELESTE ASH KENNETH SAGLES BRGY MAL-ONG ANDA PANGASINAN yan po yung i.d number sa OLX po ewan kulang if saan dyan po sa dalawa, 112587069,1394385, pero yung 11 yan yung sa post nya na i.d number ng buminta sya ng cellphone IPHONE 5S. pa tulong naman po please. salamat po


  19. sir/maam good day nag hanap po ako ng phone sa site nyo may na kita po ako tapus nag msg ako sa kanya tapus nag text, binigay nya yung voters i.d nya na para makilala sya at ma sure na hindi sya scammer, hanggang nag transact na kme nag down ako tapus kapag na recieve kuna yung phone chaka ako mag huhulog ng balance pero hangang ngayon hindi pa sya nag reply or nag mail sakin sabi nya wala pong airbill ang jrs door to door nag tex ako sa kanya hindi na sya nag reply, ito po yung pangalan nya at I.D NUMBER CELESTE ASH KENNETH SAGLES BRGY MAL-ONG ANDA PANGASINAN yan po yung i.d number sa OLX po ewan kulang if saan dyan po sa dalawa, 112587069,1394385, pero yung 11 yan yung sa post nya na i.d number ng buminta sya ng cellphone IPHONE 5S. pa tulong naman po please. salamat po ito po yung number nya 09977335481

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