Anonymous Commenter and the Terrorist Bombings

(Update September 3, 2013: Before you read this blog, note that I have CHANGED my mind about “Anonymous Incorporated”. I think this group has a HIDDEN AGENDA, and that is ultimately to DESTABILIZE the PNoy Administration. They do this by using the Napoles Incident as POLITICAL CAPITAL to spread negativity on the current administration. To know more about this, you can follow my Facebook Page about this organization: Beware of Anonymous Incorporated)


And the Anonymous Commenter strikes again. I recently made a blog about the comments of an anonymous person in the blog, “Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?” (access it here:, but I did not include some comments because I thought they were too “outrageous”.

The Anonymous Commenter said that the “Powers-that-be” will do something drastic, like stage explosions around Metro Manila to distract the people from the ongoing scandal involving Napoles. Personally I thought it affected the credibility as he or she seemed a bit too much of a conspiracist and a loony. However, look at the news item we just got: Car bomb kills 6 in Cotabato,

Hence, without further ado, I am reinstating the Anonymous Commenter’s comments here about these staged explosions:


Anonymous says: August 2, 2013 at 8:36 pm
I dont have social media presence nor in the internet. My only platform is through this blog – your blog. I don’t even know you and perhaps you will never know either. As long as i am still alive, I will post on this blog if you dont mind. Thanks for doing sharing your blog to your social media nonetheless.

This news is slowly fading away and only a couple of local media outlets are currently covering it. The Revillames and Estradas are already preparing their speeches should this issue reach the senate. Some speculations in the current congress thinks that this issue is bigger than the corruption of Gloria Arroyo itself so everything is carefully planned out for the next step. There are extreme suggestions within the congressmen involved to create mass hysteria and stimulate “terrorism” activity in the city. They are planning to set off explosives in public places soon and will blame it to the Reds (CPP-NPA) organization.

Do you think that the Ayala Mall explosion before is an “accident”? How about the recent explosion in one of Ayala’s apartments in The Fort? Has anyone of you heard the case again and its updates? None.

It doesnt make sense, does it?

The Napoles lives in Ayala Alabang. Their house is adjacent to Ping Lacson. When Lacson bought the house in Alabang, this was the time when he and Erap were throwing accusations against each other. There was a news clip before of an interview to Lacson and he consistently denies that he does not have a house in an exclusive village. The Napoles’ was laughing hard because the family was the one who recommended that house to Ping.

As you can see, a significant number of residential owners in Ayala Alabang have sits in congress, senate, supreme court, mayors and governors. The Ayala’s are not in the position to deny these individuals who belong in the government from buying properties.

Imagine that at this very moment you are reading this and all the houses with owners that have sits in the govt disappear in thin air – how many house units will be left in Ayala Alabang? Let us say that ayala alabang will be like empty plots of land like in Fairview or Rizal. That is how significant these home owners are to the Ayalas.

How about Forbes? The Napoles have properties in Forbes Park as well. Who developed Forbes Park in the 70s? The Ayalas. And the same home owners in ayala alabang can be found in forbes park. The explosions in the ayala properties were no coincidence. They used it as a platform to divert the attention of the masses so that local media will cover the explosion news instead of corruption expose’ involving key individuals from the congress and senate during those times.

Now they will do it again soon. But this time, it will be exactly similar like the MRT bombings and bus bombings like before – they will bomb the public. Once this happen, all news will be focused on the bombings and slowly the Napoles and all the congressmen and senators, and judges, and secretaries, and undersecretaries will slowly crawl in the dark, away from all of us, together with all their wealth.

Oh, havent i mentioned that Jenny has already moved her money from landbank, metrobank, bpi, banco de oro and consolidated all of their accounts to HSBC hong kong recently? Ooooppss.


Anonymous says: August 2, 2013 at 9:27 pm
Those facts of blowing up buildings, bombing public transport and killing innocent civilians in the process is outrageous. Yes, it is beyond me how they do that. At what cost? Let’s do the math here and lets figure out why the philippines is still poor and why the congressmen, the senators will go as far as killing us all.

Currently, the philippine senate and congress is already drafting the budget for 2014 and it’s roughly Php2.3trillion. Yes, that is our country budget and that is made up of all the taxes that everyone paid. That is almost US$57.5B. That is a lot of zeros. Every year, the pork barrel allocates Php200M for EACH senator and Php70M for EACH member of the congress. There are:

24 Senators with 6-year terms maximum of 12-years
288 Members of Congress with 3-year terms maximum of 9-years

1 Senator x Php200M x 6yrs = Php1.2Billion per Senator for his full 6-year term.
1 Congressman x Php 70M x 3yrs = Php210M per Senator for his full 3-year term

Because all senators and congressmen are very patriotic and want to serve our country to their maxed out terms, let us do the math again:

Php1.2B x 2 = Php2.4B in 12-years pork barrel per senator
Php210M x 3 = Php630M in 9-years pork barrel per congressman

These are the amount of each senators and congressmen allocated to them in their respective tenures. Imagine the market value of this sector – the way Janet imagines it.

Because of companies like Janet, all the people that you vote use similar corporations like of Janet to steal money from the people’s coffer – from you, from us. Just imagine the huge amount once they’ve get a hold of their budget. Now think deeply why our country is still a mess. Can you now see the whole picture why our country is still poor? Why you, the reader of this blog, works so hard yet you save nothing?

This has been happening since the times of Marcos. The only difference is, during Ferdinand’s time, he’s the only thief and his cronies so the effect is the country doesn’t notice that they are “poor”. When Apo was ousted, EVERYONE sitting in power is a thief. Now the country can definitely feel poverty.

The figures listed above remain as the key motivator to Janet Napoles. That is why she is reach. That is why ALL members of the congress are filthy reach, That is why ALL senators are filthier. The sad fact is, there are numerous companies similar to Napoles that operates as we speak. Then why is Janet so popular? Because her company is generous to the greedy congressmen and senators, her company is the only one that can afford to give as high as 85% cash-on-hand off from their allocated budgets. Other companies similar to Jo-Chris Trading and JLN Corporation can only go as high as 65%.

Close your eyes now and imagine a senator gets 85% of Php2.4B. Now think about why ramon revilla – bong revilla, the arroyos, enrile, lacson, estradas and all of them are still in power, one generation to the other.

Open your eyes and reach to your pocket – how much do you have?


Anonymous says: August 6, 2013 at 2:19 am
Everyone is asking why are bombs exploding in the south and not in metro manila? The family of Napoles originated from the south, they can speak Tsabakano and they were born in Lamitan, Basilan. Fundamentally, their stronghold is in the south and they have ties with the Ampatuans. Jaimes Napoles is also a retired Marine Major and he still have access in the armory in zamboanga. It does only make sense for Napoles and his PDAF sources and bosses to bomb the south instead, particularly CDO. Just my 2 cents.


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