Homosexuality: Separating the Sinner from the Sin?

The latest Vatican Synod’s recognition of the contribution of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community[1] has ignited a storm of debate between the Conservative and Liberal sectors of the Catholic community. Reading among the comments being generated in Social Media, one topic that I found to be highly interesting was the Catholic and/or Christian Philosophy that one can SEPARATE the Sin from the Sinner, in this case particularly the ACT of Homosexuality from that of BEING a Homosexual.

Personally I find this to be STUPID Philosophy (a Philosophy being insisted on by the more CONSERVATIVE side of Catholicism) mainly because it actually WORSENS the situation than eases it. The “Conservative” or EXTREMISTS side works on the principle of HATE, and it really doesn’t matter whether they hate the Sin or the Sinner, all that hate just gets transferred to another area and at the same time makes things more complicated, for a number of reasons.

’Worsens Witch Hunt’
Insisting that one can be gay without committing the sex act actually WORSENS the WITCH HUNT surrounding the hate against Homosexuals as people now look for other “signs” that make one gay. For example, never mind if the person has never had a homosexual act, people will instead ask, does he have some sort of a Heterosexual relationship? If none, then automatically he’s gay. Is he an old bachelor? Gay. Having Erectile Dysfunction? Gay. In other words, it BROADENS the definition of WHAT is a Homosexual among these extremists. For them, it is better to err on the side of “overkill” than let a Homosexual pass thru unnoticed.

People are extremely complex works of nature, with extremely complex thoughts and feelings that cannot easily be generalized, and “Homosexuality” is NOT the only answer for every single deviation of behavior out there like what these religious extremists insist on. Unless they are able to actually SEE for themselves who that person is Masturbating to, they have no right to make ASSUMPTIONS on an individual’s Sexual Preferences.

’Strong Sexual Drive’
Separating the Sin from the Sinner separates the Sexual Act from the Person, so the Conservatives will insist that a Homosexual is “tolerable” as long as he/she does not do the sexual act, in effect FORCING homosexuals into CELIBACY. For me, this is bullshit because sex is a VERY STRONG, NATURAL HUMAN DRIVE that cannot be stopped for a vast majority of the population, so if a person is really gay he/she will commit the act. Alternatively you CANNOT keep a person from having sex.

How do we know this? Simple, by looking at the Catholic Church’s FAILED insistence on Celibacy. Priests VOLUNTEER to be celibate, they prostate before God himself and proclaim again and again their vow to never engage in sex. And yet, despite being volunteers, despite promising before a supposedly Omniscient and Omnipotent God, how come MANY Priests still end up VIOLATING their vows of Celibacy? Actually, a LOT, as this website collecting all the sins of Religion will show: Tales of Religious Hypocrisy

So, if volunteer Priests cannot fully enforce their vows of celibacy, how much more when it is being forced on other people like homosexuals? Also, it should be kept simple: Homosexual Acts = Homosexual. No Homosexual Act, Not a Homosexual. This is better than making constant assumption on what makes a person gay or not.

’Excuse for Intervention’
Probably the worst effect of this stupid policy is that it STRENGHTENS the extremists need to INTERVENE with other people. Suddenly these dimwits will insists on intervening with their fellow men in whatever way they can to keep him or her from “sinning”. Suddenly they think, “Oh, I am doing God a favor by doing this, so I must keep them from sinning”, and one way to do that would be to constantly remind homosexuals that they are sinful, and hence, the discrimination.

So they think, “this guy must be gay, so to keep him from sinning I will constantly remind him of what a shit he really is”. The religious morons suddenly feel “uplifted” by insisting they are scoring points for God by discriminating against other people to keep them from committing sin.

’Parting Shot’
The way I see it, this issue of separating the sin from the sinner or separating homosexuality from the act is a COMPROMISE among Religious Extremists to have some form of recognition for homosexuals. It is a compromise, but on their own terms, one which they can accept because it suits their ARBITRARY nature. But ultimately it only worsens the situation as it:
– Worsens the witch hunt;
– Imposes unfair and mandatory celibacy to a sector of society;
– And worsens the discrimination in their effort to keep people from supposedly “sinning”.

I am not a homosexual, but it does DISGUST me to no end seeing all these overly religious dimwits DEFY LOGIC and REASON when it comes to the issue of homosexuality simply because of their stupid reasoning as I had illustrated in a previous blog[2]. I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS PERSON, and I am VERY proud to say that because it means I have NO HANG UPS on what a God supposedly wants or does not want for people to do.

I think the discrimination is INHUMAN, and that it is utterly despicable for these people to declare themselves as “high” and “mighty” and “moral”, all at the same time committing barbarous acts against their fellow men and using the name of God to do it. It has to stop, and I am in a way glad that the current Pope Francis is moving things towards a SANER type of a Catholic Church, one that is AWAY from the stupidity of the religious extremists …


^[1] LGBTs welcome Vatican’s new view on gays, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/regions/luzon/10/15/14/lgbts-welcome-vaticans-new-view-gays

^[2] Homosexuality and the Bible, https://rhk111sblogspot.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/homosexuality-and-the-bible/


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