rhk111 Haters – December 2015

While making some searches on Google about my articles, I found this page (http://www.interaksyon.com/interaktv/fiba-asia-championship-gilas-pilipinas-japan) where a certain user named “blue01” was dissing me and accusing me of things like creating different accounts to go and troll the Gilas National Men’s Basketball Team. I was debating whether to even acknowledge it, but I finally decided it was time to do so, so at least there will be a record of these faktard haters. Below are some is his discussion about me:

rhk111 Haters First Pic
rhk111 Haters Second Pic

Now, I admit that I participated in Interaksyon’s Disqus Comment Forums for a couple of months, but finally decided to quit last year. First is because I got tired talking to these trolls, and there is no way to get rid of them. I tried contacting Disqus itself to ban these faktards, but they just told me that moderation of the users and comments is up to the site owners, and apparently, as everyone can see, the site owners at Interaksyon don’t care to delete comments and ban trolls.

Second is that apparently with Disqus, it is easy to impersonate somebody, you can use the SAME USERNAME as long as you have a different e-mail account, which is what exactly a faking troll did. Again I highlighted this issue to Disqus, but nothing came out of it, they never responded to my queries. So I just left and haven’t been back there since.

Whoever this blue01 is, apparently he is someone who knows me from my days at the Pinoy Exchange (PEx) Forums where I participated in from 2001 to 2010. Either that or at least he is someone who have seen and read my posts there. I “retired” from PEx simply because for one, I realized that participating in Social Media like comments, tweets, etc. can reach far more people than you can compared to Forum posts. Second, I was tired of conversing with the same people over and over again thru the years.

As for the trolls, yes, there are a lot of them everywhere in the internet. Most of them are guys with IT backgrounds who suddenly found that they can do a lot in the internet and get away with it just because of their knowledge of the medium. As for this blue01, not sure who this mor#@ is, but there was one persistent troll who I came across whose hatred was bordering on being a stalker.

One of my main suspects is he’s an IT guy working in Singapore, in his mid-twenties and from the provinces. It’s even possible he knows the people maintaining the Interaksyon site, simply because as you can see, he thrives there. It seems that since he can’t get at me physically, the jacka#@ is now trying to get back at me any way he can.

At any rate, I just want to get that out on record. I’ve been around awhile in the internet, and when you do, just like in real life as per Philippine culture you get across these bully sh#@s with syndicate mentalities who thinks that besmirching other people to others is a virtue.


3 thoughts on “rhk111 Haters – December 2015

  1. I feel ya. I do have Filipinos who hate my guts and attack my Nationality and citizenship. It seems like many of the haters don’t know the difference between Nationality and citizenship. Even though I was born in Laos but live in America and I’m a US citizen. I still have Filipino haters who attack me my nationality and don’t understand the difference between Nationality and citizenship.

    • That’s because Filipinos have a “Syndicate Mentality” that was so deeply ingrained by the Spaniards into the culture as part of their “Divide and Conquer” Strategy. This is the main reason why there is so much corruption and that why most things do not get done without corruption …

      • It makes you wonder why so few countries would ever want to sell their military gear, even used ones to corrupt countries like the Philippines.

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