Jojo Bi-NAY and his Twisted Justifications

Former Makati Mayor and current Vice President and Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

Former Makati Mayor and current Vice President and Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

I watched the Rizal Day celebrations last December 30, 2015, and while in the crowd I overheard two men with Bikes discussing politics. They were within earshot of a couple of people including me, and one of them was a supporter of former Makati Mayor and now Presidential candidate Jojo Binay, although he was trying hard not to be too obvious about it.

He started off by saying, “Baka nga si Binay pa ang manalo sa pagka Presidente, tahimik na ngayon, eh (Maybe Binay will win as President since he’s relatively intrigue-free these days)”. Then he says, “Di baleng kurapt, napapakinabangan rin naman ng mga tao (It doesn’t matter if he’s corrupt since people end up being benefitted anyway)”. He ends with saying, “Magnanakaw naman lahat iyan (All the Presidential candidates are thieves, anyway)”.

I admit I got a bit irritated by what the Binay supporter said, and I actually wanted to answer him back, but I decided against arguing in public with a random stranger, at least in this case. I think this is the kind of stup#@ mentality that caused Binay to top the latest survey (in a tie with Grace Poe) for the Presidential Race by the Social Weather Station (SWS).[1] So let me answer the supporter’s assertions one by one here in this blog.

’Skewed Justifications’

* “Baka nga si Binay pa ang Manalo sa pagka Presidente, tahimik na ngayon, eh (Maybe Binay will win as President since he’s relatively intrigue-free these days)”
– One does not become the Mayor of one of the richest cities in the country just by being an ordinary person, one has to be “gifted” in some way to do that, and Binay’s talent comes in the form of his being able to adopt himself to any political situation.

Right now his candidacy is taking a lot of beating in Social Media because of all those corruption allegations against him,[2][3] so his gameplan now is to try to play the victim, that he is being persecuted, that’s why he is trying to be “quiet” and look “peaceful”.

But anybody with half the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a Squid should be able to understand for themselves how obvious and serious those allegations are against him. So playing the victim is just another way for him to get out of the bad publicity he is getting, and not because he is “innocent”.

* “Di baleng kurapt, napapakinabangan rin naman ng mga tao (It doesn’t matter if he’s corrupt since people end up being benefitted anyway)”
– This is the same reasoning given by Marcos Loyalists, and it is an obviously id#@tic reasoning because it’s like saying that if somebody stole P100 from you and yet gives back P10 so you can take a ride back home, you should then be “grateful” about it? Are we supposed to be grateful that he STOLE MOST of our money and gave just a small portion of it back?

The problem is that once the President becomes obviously corrupt, then the rest of the entire government will tend to follow, as Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) found out. You cannot tell your underlings not to be corrupt while you yourself is corrupt, hence any corruption by the leader will end up being magnified by the rest of the government bureaucracy since everybody now will want to earn as much money on the side, and that results in CHAOS where there is runaway corruption almost everywhere.

* “Magnanakaw naman lahat iyan (All the Presidential candidates are thieves, anyway)”
– True, corruption exists in every Administration, but the difference is the PREVALENCE. Some are simply more corrupt than others, and the greedier the corruptor is, the worst corruption becomes. The less greedy a corruptor is, the less corruption there will be.

Take the Administration of Benigno Aquino Jr., for example. Despite all the hate and bullsh#@ the supporters of Marcos / Binay / Arroyo / Any-Other-Corrupt-Politician are trying to spread about PNoy, in the end corruption has been minimized. Yes, there are corruption issues with his underlings like former Mass Rail Transit (MRT) Executive Al Vitangcol.[4] Or how about the misadventures of Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Abaya at the MRT-LRT Common Station in North EDSA?[5]

But overall corruption has not been as bad as that of the time of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), and so things have been accomplished. Like for example, the raising of our Credit Rating to “Investment Grade” for the very first time in our history as a Republic by the most prestigious Financial Assessors in the world right now.[6] Or how about the modernization of our Armed Forces, something which the last three Presidents before PNoy was not able to do?[7]

Whatever problems the PNoy Administration has, it is mainly due to INCOMPETENCE rather than Corruption, but that is for another blog for another time. For now I will say that an Honest but Incompetent President is better than a Competent but Corrupt one.

’Parting Shot’
It makes me wonder now if those Bikers were purposely “planted” in the crowd as a way to subtly influence people. Why the hell were they talking loudly, and in back row where people can obviously hear them? Some might say that is just paranoid thinking, but then again it was effective in that it got me thinking about the issue.

Just too bad for these “propagandists” that I had already set my mind against Binay, but what about those other people who heard the conversation also? What if they were on the fence, or didn’t have as strong an opinion on the issue? It’s possible that some would end up thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s right”. They do enough this enough times and presto, Binay is back in number one position.

At any rate, Jojo Binay is a gifted and talented politician who steals more than he gives back and a greedier corruptor than other politicians. If elected President, he will bring us back to the time of GMA and its mediocre accomplishments.

So the next time a Friend / Relative / Acquaintance, etc. who is a supporter of Binay starts telling those stup#@ justifications described earlier in this blog as to why he is fit to be President of the Republic of the Philippines, then at least you have a way to answer back effectively. And hopefully enough of that will keep “The Dark Lord” from becoming the next President of our country.


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9 thoughts on “Jojo Bi-NAY and his Twisted Justifications

  1. I feel like praying to a higher power even though I don’t believe in such thing when I see that Binay tops the pole. Holy Makerel.

    • PNoy proved himself, he didn’t turn out to be as bad as initially thought. That’s better than faktards like you who insist on sticking to something even if you know it is wrong. ‘Alam mo ng mali, kukunsintihin pa rin at ayaw umamin na nagkamali,’ LOL.

      That’s the reason why this country is so fakked up, because of morons like you with your “Syndicate Mentality”, the “Us-versus-Them”, “I-Will-Protect-My-Brod/Relative/Friend/Etc.” even if they are wrong because I want them to do the same for me, LMAO.

      And don’t bother answering back, I will just delete it and you will just end up wasting your effort … LOL.

  2. RHK, Anung tingin mo kay Duterte? maraming nahuhumaling na tao (as I noticed today’s generation of voters “batang 90’s”) ang supporters niya, Just through social media i.e. forums, facebook, etc, I’m not one of those people but this is the case. Him being no non-sense and straight to the point, I would say that this is his charismatic approach to things kaya nagugustuhan siya ng mga kabataan ngayon.

      • Me as well but it bugs me that he really is famous to my age bracket (20-30 yrs old). I’m having conversations sa mga kasama ko kung bakit Duterte sila.

        Lalo hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sa pole nangunguna o pumapangalawa si Binay. I don’t understand people’s perspective kung bakit si Binay na sa lahat ng kandidato siya tong may kasong corruption but still people want to vote for him.

      • People are frustrated, they voted for PNoy and his “Daang Matuwid” has not lived up to expectations. Sure, he had some accomplishments, like the AFP Modernization, High Economic Growth Rate, etc., but he has his failures also, like Mediocre Infrastructure Development which may, in fact, be more important than his accomplishments.

        Up to now our Poverty Rate is still quite high, one out of every four Filipinos is poor, thanks to our High Population Growth Rate which far exceeds the capacity of our Economy to support it. Our Population Growth Rate is high because the fakking Catholic Church is so fanatically against Contraceptives. They would rather see this country go to hell than see it become “promiscuous”, and they will likely get that wish.

        People are looking for a Saviour, and Digong caters to the simplistic minds because he is promoting an instant solution, like he will come in and change everything, remove the high poverty rate, remove the miserable traffic, etc. That is of course bullshi@#, but they are so desperate that they want to gamble.

        As for Binay’ popularity, Filipinos have never been known to vote logically, they vote for whoever is popular. Sometimes they get lucky, like in the case of PNoy (despite his faults), and sometimes they don’t, like in the case of Erap. And let’s not talk about how they almost voted for Fernando Poe Jr. into power. This time they will make a mistake again in the case of Binay.

        That is why sometimes I think this country is hopeless, it will always have big problems, and it will always lag behind its neighbors. Democracy confuses Filipinos, they don’t know what to do with it, hence Democracy is just wasted on them. Too much noise, they don’t know how to discern what is right and what is wrong. When Filipinos get tired of Democracy, we will have another Dictator. I think that will happen …

      • They already approved the RH Bill right? has it not been implemented? The fact that despite the economic growth of our country in the past years and not feel the effect of it tells us that we haven’t yet come near to success as a nation and one of it is there you said it, our population is too damn big that our economy can’t sustain it.

        The last time I went home to PI para na akong hindi makahinga sobrang siksik na sa mga syudad and those Skyways that they are doing near NAIA3 is for me is not a good location dahil siksik, liglig at umaapaw na ang konkreto na hindi na magandang tignan at pati yung Villamor Airbase na supposed to be tactically located ayun giveaway na sa mga possible terrorista pwede kang magsite seing mula sa skyway. I mean our infrastructure has a very bad layout overall.

        Yes, Exactly that maybe it they are looking for a simple solution that they see in Duterte. May mga kamaganak ako sa Davao and even Duterte supposedly had these so called fangs on those that oppose his law the case is that its still as bad as every cities allover Philippines.

        Minsan nakakawalang gana na isiping gaganda pa ang pilipinas dahil sa pagiisip ng mga Pilipino. It’s my first time voting noong 2010 and I voted for Dick Gordon and I thought that Gibo is better but Gibo is on Arroyo’s party. So yah. Now I do understand more about politics and now I do understand that our people are uneducated and kung sa tagalog baluktot magisip. Imagine Erap that just came out from being “arrested” is 2nd in the voting (in fairness to Erap I salute him for going an all out war on the rebels), Holy makerel. And FPJ F**king FPJ.

        Sabi nga ng dati kong prof nung college “Democrazy” na ang bansa natin. Mga bata ngayon panay Jejemon at anu yun yung sa Eatbulaga yung may Yaya at gwapong host, Bukambibig yun ng tao at naisip ko parang hopeless na mga tao satin Entertainment lang alam. There was a time na pinabagsak si Marcos dahil ang mga tao humihingi ng masmagandang pamahalaan pero ilang taon na lumipas halos walang pinagbago corrupt padin ang politiko tas ang karamihan sa mga mamamayan mangmang. Tas ang alam lang gawin magdasal lang ng magdasal na hindi naman kapanipaniwala.

      • The RH Law was passed, but the Catholic Church and its Fanatics are still fighting it every step of the way, SABOTAGING its implementation as much as possible. Just recently they managed to cut some funding for it:

        If you are already out of the Philippines, then just STAY THERE. If you are an Immigrant, embrace your new country, learn to love it. You are one of the lucky ones.

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