Rodrigo Duterte – A Clear and Present Danger to Philippine Democracy

Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte, feeling especially at home during a Press Conference. Photo courtesy of Allan Nawal of Inquirer Mindanao.

Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte, feeling especially at home during a Press Conference. Photo courtesy of Allan Nawal of Inquirer Mindanao.

The last few days, a couple of followers have asked me thru Private Messaging on Facebook about what my opinion was if Rodrigo Duterte wins the elections this coming May 9, 2016, and my standard reply has been that to give him six months, see how he will do, then if things don’t go well then we start thinking of protesting against his government.

‘Revolutionary Government’
However, lately Duterte has been constantly telling media of how he intends to dissolve Congress if they try to impeach him, and that he will then establish a Revolutionary Government.[1] Now what is a “Revolutionary Government“? In simplest terms, it is a government that overturns and disregards the laws of the current form of government, and in the process enacts its own set of laws.

The IQ-challenged Dutertards (short for “Duterte Faktards”, or “Duterte Retards”) will insist that this will not lead into a “Dictatorship”, but anybody not as stupid as them will easily see that by removing the checks and balances of the current government and putting all that power into the hands of one man … then of course effectively you will have a Dictator.

With this development, I don’t think we can afford to give Duterte a lot of time in office if he wins because doing so will only allow him to consolidate his power. The longer he stays as President, the more time for him to enact his own laws to solidify his hold on power, and the biggest danger here will be … China.

As of now, China virtually has NO military presence in the country. No visiting warships, unlike Japanese or American warships which almost comes into the country at least once a month.

But that could change because with some portions of the military already against Duterte because of his deep ties with the New People’s Army (NPA), even going as far as promising them seats in his government if he becomes President,[2] then he will look to other groups to help him stay in power.

These groups could include the NPA of course and the Davao Death Squad (DDS) with whom he once proudly declared he was a member of.[3] Ultimately, though, he will need a more powerful ally to back him up, and that could be in the form of China. Probably because of his Leftist leanings, Duterte plans to open up and re-establish much closer ties with China again.[4]

‘Trojan Horse’
With a Revolutionary Government, Duterte can basically enact and fast-track his own laws like first kicking the Americans out of the country. He is vehemently against them, once refusing their presence in Davao for a Balikatan Exercise in 2007 and also refusing a position as Defense Chief in former President Gloria Arroyo’s Cabinet because he didn’t like working with them.[5]

He could kick the Americans out by dissolving the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the US. And at the same time then craft a similar agreement, this time with the Chinese, enabling them to start maintaining a military presence in the country, like “visits” by their Naval ships, for example.

Once they have military presence in our country, that will allow them to effectively meddle in our local affairs physically if needed at the “invitation” of Duterte as President of the Philippines, like, say, to help him out against Coup Attempts. That will make the Philippines as some sort of a Cuba wherein the Americans were kicked out and then the Soviets invited in as their replacement.

The idea of Senator Antonio Trillanes seems to be to find an IMPEACHEABLE OFFENSE NOW while Duterte is still not in power, so that if he does win, he can be impeached at the soonest possible time.

One such opportunity could be the bank accounts which will be opened on Monday (May 2, 2016). If that account holds a substantial amount of money, then that is an impeacheable offense since Duterte did NOT declare it on his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN). Remember that former Chief Justice Renato Corona had been IMPEACHED from office after making the same violation.[6] If those accounts turns out to be duds, then Trillanes and people like him will likely keep looking for an Impeachable offense against Duterte.

Based on items enumerated above, below are the possible scenarios related to Duterte during the next month or so:

1) If an IMPEACHABLE offense is found against Duterte, and if he wins as President, then impeachment proceedings could take place as soon as he sits in office.

2) The Impeachment won’t happen right away though, it will take days, weeks, or maybe even months, so as part of his counter-moves, he could DOUBLE the salaries of the Police and Military as he had promised as soon as he sits down in office.[7] He will do this to try to bring people to his side and that could effectively FRACTURE the AFP to those for him, and those against him.

3) He could also start laying the groundwork for the removal of the American military presence and at the same time slowly start inviting the Chinese military into the country.

4) Once the Impeachment process goes underway, or when they arrive at a decision, then Duterte will order the military and police to move against Congress. This will then be critical because we will need to see who and how many sides WITH him, and how many sides AGAINST him. If some military and police people side with him, then this could be a long and bloody Civil War.

‘Parting Shot’
Rodrigo Duterte represents a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the Democracy of the Philippines, and if the Bobotantes and Tangatantes of this country insists on voting him into power, then he will basically destroy the same form of government that allowed him to sit in power in the first place.

I now agree with Trillanes’ intention of removing him from power thru legal means at the soonest possible time. Doing so will minimize whatever damage he will inflict into our economy and form of government, and at the same time keep the Chinese away from the Philippine mainland.

The next few weeks will be very challenging times for the country, thanks to the lack of basic understanding of LOGIC and REASON of a section of our voting population. So hang on, get ready for a wild ride …


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11 thoughts on “Rodrigo Duterte – A Clear and Present Danger to Philippine Democracy

    • Duterte filed his candidacy almost at the last minute. Why? My guess is: He has to clean or hide whatever secrets he had that other politicians might discover. Duterte should know that not all people are stupid like him. I understand why Trillanes exposed Duterte’s hidden wealth. Actually, I admire Trillanes for doing that which means he has the guts and not scared of Duterte supporters. Duterte’s supporters admire him for being a nice, honest and clean politician so, Trillanes had to exposed his secrets. All of us are not perfect and so as Duterte, PNOY, Roxas, We all have weaknesses so everyone should realize that Duterte will not ever solve the country’s problems. If Duterte is anti U.S. and pro China, then Philippines will have a huge problem. For me, Duterte is still not qualified as a President and because of his dirty mouth and arrogance like as if he is a superman, his life is at stake not because the other parties is behind it. If something happens to him and die, then the VP is the one who will take over. So, for VP, the candidate I want to win is either Leni Robredo or Cayetano (even though I don’t know much about this guy Cayetano). People are becoming wild and disrespectful nowadays so, let us pray for Philippines.

  1. Please paki- tagalog po natin ito pra sa mga di nkapag aral ng maintindihan nila bago pa mahuli abg lahat!
    I agree to NO TO DUDIRTY!

  2. This a very dangerous scenario if Duterty will win this coming election. Sharing power with the left will lead to his downfall.,, The Philippine Military factor is a major political player plus the Political factor of down grading the US Power and interest in Asia. The experienced of Sandanista in Nicaragua lasted only for two years because the CIA and the ultra rightist in the US, sent Gen. Oliver North to latin America to fight Daniel Ortega. Duterte will become the Daniel Ortega of Asia, – As to the US Interest –Remember the Philippines is ACHILLES HEEL to the American Interest in Asia. Why winning ? Duterty has a very good Propagandist in his team using the minds and heart to win the people’s support and ang Slogan na ito “Pag babago -Change is coming ” is a Catching slogan Maganda talaga.. I remember how Hitler used Paul Joseph Goebbels as Propagandist Magaling yon.. Cayetano is Handling on this ..If there will be a political purging if he wins in this election , He will be an emerging POLPOT of Philippines. on the concept of Legislation- Duterty.. doesn like congress and senate because simply he doesn’t oriented to the System of three Branches of Government .. His experienced as local executive in totally different as a head of State of the Country because he simply dictate what he wants in Davao rather oriented towards this system of Government.. Sa national level daming mga groupo na ibang vision and interest in running this government.. Mapikon si Digong Dyan ..Thank you.

    • Mali po talagang manalo yan…tingnan nyo naman po kong gaano ka bastos yan sa nakikita nyo post nya nakapatong pa ang isang paa sa taas ng misa habang kausap ang mga medya…kaya sya nagugustuha dahil saasal nya…ay ambot lang kong dipa nakikita ng mga tao kong anong asal meron yang kandidato nila aboga..bayan?

      • Maganda na may article na ganito at naipapakita ang possibleng mangyayari in the future, pero pare-pareho lng nmn ang mga politico, Filipinos or voters keep on experimenting, lagi nmn Mali ang mamamayang botante kapag hindi satisfied sa iniluklok na pangulo, so for me like most voters, I will try DUTERTE this time,and see what he can do, ,
        If he manage to bring the rate of Peso to foreign countries higher then as a voter and an OFW, I will be satisfied..

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