I’m a frustrated writer, and thank God for blogging, it at least gives me an avenue to publish my writings about … anything, and everything. I hope that along the way, I am able to help others out there by providing them with information they might need.

This is my main WordPress Blog, but I have spun off couple of blogs, mainly because I felt they would look better that way. You can access these at:

rhk111’s Firearms Blog

rhk111’s Football Blog

rhk111’s Military and Arms Page

rhk111’s Gadgets and Softwares Blog


One thought on “About

  1. kuya, i read ur blog about scammers in sulit. i was scammed today and first time ko po maloko ng ganito. katext ko po yung scammer and he keeps on texting me about the money kasi po sabi na napa shipped nadaw po nya which is convincing tlga. kuya can you help me what to do? kase im just a student tapos 5k pa ang kinuha sakin 😦 please respond

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