Chinese-Taipei Beats China, 88-75

Chinese-Taipei lead all throughout the game, from a one point lead in the first quarter, 19-18, they padded it to five points at the half, 52-47. They extended the lead slightly to six points at the end of the third quarter, 66-60, before more than doubling the lead to thirteen points at the final buzzer, 88-75.

‘Chinese National Team’
Finally saw Wang Zheng (China no. 15) play, who is listed as over 7 feet tall. Medium build, and with very good coordination. Almost unstoppable in the post. I think he will be a monster in any games against Asian teams, but he lacks athleticism and strength which he will likely need in games outside of Asia.

China is just too tall, aside from Wang, they also had a triple tower of around 6’10” players in Dong Han Lin (China no. 11), Ren Jun Fei (China no. 12) and Ren Jun Wei (China no. 13), and they fielded all those three guys together starting from the third quarter. Then they pulled out one of the 6’10” players, and put in Wang.

Because of that very tall lineup, the Chinese had a terrific offensive rebounding game. They had a ton of offensive rebounds, keeping the game from becoming a blowout.

What did them in, though, was the turnovers, and their outside shooting was off. Just too many case of losing the ball to the opponents, and cases of butterfingers on their part.
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Lithuania Routs RP, 79-54

The game was a complete massacre, with Lithuania leading all throughout the game, and kept extending it thru the quarters. From just a 5 point lead in the 1st quarter, 18-15, they padded their lead to 17 points at the half, 38-21. Then proceeded to extend it to 31 points in the third quarter, 60-29, before settling for a 25 point lead at the final buzzer, 79-54.

‘Lithuanian National Team’
Its amazing to see these Lithuanians play. Not only are they taller, but they are also heftier than our players. And despite being generally bigger, they are still as quick, fast and coordinated than our players. Our speedsters like Tolentino and Terso couldn’t outrun them on the court.

I didn’t even bother noting down the individual performances since they were just overwhelmingly better. Even if we learn to play against these guys, their size and athletic advantage is just too much to overcome at this point.

‘RP National Team’
We couldn’t score consistently inside because of the Lithuanian’s advantage in size and athleticism, they were blocking our inside shots left and right. Our outside shooting also was not working in this game, a bad time for it to be off. As a result, we only scored EIGHT POINTS both in the second and third quarters, a miserable scoring record.

Matthew Wright was a big disappointment in this game. He obviously had the green light to shoot from outside, and he took a ton of outside shots, and missed all of them. The only positive thing about his game, was he made a couple of acrobatic, Skyrus-Bagiuo-like layups. He obviously has great hops, with his hand reaching the top of the rim on one fancy layup. As a shooter, though, he is likely to be just a streak shooter at best, sometimes having a good shooting game, most of the time not.
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