2009-08-14 RP Loses to Jordan 81-70

* The final stats says it all: They shot better than us overall, while we shot miserably off the floor. They were 55% from the two-point area, to our 38%, and they were 32% from the three-point area, to our 26%. This reflects our problems on offense, and on defense against this team. They also had 11 more rebounds at 49 to 38.

* The game was close in the first quarter, they only led by five, 22-17, with us with our three-point shots, and them with their offensive rebounding. The first quarter stats, though, showed the danger: They were shooting 69% from the two-point area, since they were shooting nearer the basket, and they had 7 more rebounds at 14, double that of ours. We only shot 38% from the two-point area, having trouble scoring on the inside because of their defense.

* They started to pull away when their three-point shots started falling late in the second quarter, while ours turned sour, which was eventually going to happen. From a five point lead in the second quarter, this ballooned to twelve at the half,45-33. The Jordanians were still shooting very well at the two-point area at the half, 60% to our 33%. They also hit 35% of their three-point shots to our 29%, and had 11 more rebounds, 26 to 15.

* They further increased their lead in the third quarter to 15 points, 67-52. They sort of relaxed, and we were able to cut the lead down to five midway thru the last quarter, before exerting back their strenght on the offensive boards, and making a couple of good penetrations to bring back the lead to double digits.

‘The Jordanian National Team’
* Their big man Idais had a very quiet 18 points in the first half, six of them from the three-point area, the rest inside for high percentage shots. The other big man, Abbas had 9 rebounds at the half, also wrecking havoc inside. Idais eventually ended up with 20 points, while Abbas with 16 rebounds.
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2009-08-11 RP Loses To Iran, 88-78

* At the half, the Iranians had a seventeen point lead, hitting 65% percent of their two-point shots, while we hit only 38%; Rebounds was surprisingly close, Iran only had five more at 20 to 15. They did have 10 more assists, and five more steals, 7 to 2. They shot very well from the three-point area, hitting 44% of their shots to our 39%.

‘The Iranian National Team’
* Ehaddadi has a live contract with the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA until 2013. He was just incredible in this game, changing shots, blocking shots, intimidating everybody who tried to score in the lane.

* On offense, nothing fancy inside the paint, just catch the ball, keep it up over his head, spin around if necessary, and then just shoot the ball in, knowing there was nobody in our team who could block or intimidate his shot. His percentage in the first half was very high, he almost didn’t miss when he takes a shot inside the paint. It was sure two points when he got the ball in that area. He had 17 points, and 8 rebounds at the half.

* He also has a nice finesse game, though, hitting a couple of fadeaway shots from the perimeter, as if he needed to fadeaway since nobody from the team could block his shots. But it just shows the level of skill this guy has as a big man.

* One thing about this Iranian team, is that it is not only tall, but also fast. They attacking the basket almost on every fastbreak opportunity. They were able to finish a couple of fastbreak plays, putting a lot of pressure on us to keep up with them defensively. It seems a lot of our fouls in the first half came from trying to stop fastbreak opportunities from the other team. On the other hand, I couldn’t remember us making a lot of fastbreak plays in that period because they were able to keep up with us when we tried to run.
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2009-08-07 RP Beats Japan 78-69

* The 2-point Field Goal percentages at the half were actually close, expect that the Japanese took about 10 more attempts than us. They also had seven more rebounds than us, but we had seven more three point attempts, and hit a higher rate of them at 38% to their 33%. Another stat to consider, was the fact that we had six more fouls than them, a reflection of our more physical type of defense.

* The most striking stats for me, would be the 2-pt. ield goal shooting of the big men from both sides. The Takeuchi twins only hits from 31-38% of their shots. On the other hand, Taulava and Thoss hit 83% and 88%, respectively. Those are PHENOMENAL numbers, meaning the Takeuchi twins couldn’t defend against them, while the twins themselves have trouble scoring against our frontline.

* Miller also hit 71% of his 2-pt. shots, another spectacular effort, aside from dishing out 4 assists, and having only 2 turnovers in the game.

‘The Japanese National Team’
* Both teams essentially played man to man defense all throughout the game.

* I can now see why the Japanese big men were shooting so poorly in the game. They have trouble against a physical defense, especially in a half court game. They have good low post moves, but once our big men bodied up on them, the miss their shots, or lose the ball. The only way they could score, was either anchoring fastbreak plays, free-throws, or outside shots. ‘Medyo mahihina ang katawan;, despite their medium body build. You could call these guys as “soft”, in a way, despite their good rebounding numbers.
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