2009-07-23 RP Loses to South Korea, 80-83

* Stats for the RP NT for the games before the South Korea game: 21 turnovers per game, and 24 fouls per game.

* Stats for Sonny Thoss before the South Korea game: 5 points, 3 rebounds per game. A bit lame, especially in terms of rebounds for a big man.

* Japeth Aguilar’s stats before the South Korea game: 10 points, 7 rebounds (team leader in rebounds) but 3 turnovers per game. Shooting very, very well though, thanks to those dunks, with a 58% Field Goal percentage.

* At the half stats: Miraculously, the RP NT with only 6 turnovers, same as Sokor. A much more controlled game for the RP NT. Field goal percentages, Free Throw percentages about even, but with Sokor with more assists, 9 to 4. They also had 5 steals to our 0, and made more three point shots, 5 to 2. They had a higher percentage off the three-point shot, 5 out of 13 made to our 2 to 13, but we made more points in the paint, 22 to 12.

‘The South Korean National Team’
* Typical Sokor game, wherein they took and made a lot of outside shots. They had three three-point shots in the first quarter, two successive ones by their big men right from the starting minute. And you really can’t leave this South Korean team free for a medium range shot. Almost all of them can hit that shot if given the opportunity.
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2009-07-22 RP Loses To Lebanon, 83-95

* Stats shown at the start of the game: RP team averaged nineteen point seven (19.7) turnovers per game. I was expecting higher numbers, but nevertheless, that’s a bit high for any team.

* Willie Miller in the last three games (prior to the Lebanon game) averaged 14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists per game on 53% shooting. Too bad no stats about his turnovers, but his shooting clip is pretty good, especially for a Guard.

* Aguilar’s stats before the Lebanon game: 11.5 points, 6.5 rebounds per game.

* Turnover stats up to the third quarter: Lebanon, 11. Philippines, 21. Nine turnovers for the RP Team in the third quarter alone. But that’s because we play too many players at the court at any given time. This was evident in the Bench scoring, where RP had 40, Lebanon, 9.

* The RP Team surprisingly had more rebounds up to the third quarter, 19 to 26.
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2007-07-21 RP Loses To Japan, 85-87

‘The Japanese National Team’
* One thing about this Japanese team, is their flexibility on defense. They don’t stay with a particular type of defense very long, they are able to adjust quickly within a quarter from zone, to man to man, to zone again. Very flexible. And unpredictable.

* I am impressed with Japan’s big man, Koseki Takeuchi. Not very athletic, but with a lot of skill and coordination. Has a good outside shot, good spin move, a good rebounder. Not flashy like Aguilar, but effective nonetheless. Even more so, scoring twelve points at the half, and another twelve in the second half bringing his total point production to twenty four. All of RP’s big men had problems guarding him. Kerby got a couple of fouls in the second quarter off him, and Aguilar gave him two quick successive fouls in the third quarter.

‘The Philippine National Team’
* One main thing to worry about this game, is that it seems we have problems scoring against the zone defense. Whenever Japan gets into trouble, they just go into the zone, and we end up having problems scoring against it since we are forced to take shots from the outside.

* This happened twice in the game: When we went into a nineteen point lead in the first quarter, and then when we went into a twelve point lead in the third quarter. Both times Japan switched from man to man to zone, and our lead vanished.

* Miller had a very bad first half. He took quite a lot of shots in the first half, but missed most of it. His percentages off the floor was simply horrendous in that first half. He also committed a number of turnovers in that period. He did have a good run in the second half, but overall I think his percentages from the floor was not very good.
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