2009-05-15 Smart Jelas Beats Al-Riyadi Lebanon, 91-86

* Favorite play early in the game: “Andi Mark” makes a steal off the Lebanese PG, and scores off him by a spinning, fade-away shot. Lebanese PG tries to take it back by going coast to coast …. only to have his shot blocked by Giles. Lebanese PG then fouls “Andi Mark” in the next play. 😀

* Is this a Philippine team playing on the court? Then why are they playing like Europeans, making lots of passes during the half court setup? Seriously, its really different when you have a very competent, foreign coach at the helm. Its wonderful to see a Philippine team playing like this, which is how us as a short people should be playing basketball.

* “Smart Jelas” is again winning the game using its quickness [b]in all aspects[/b] of the game, not just on offense, but also on defense. I saw a couple of turnovers all throughout the game wherein our quicker guards end up making a couple of interceptions and/or steals. And then the team just runs … and runs … on offense off a turnover, and they score off those turnovers most of the time.

* And just terrific outside shooting for this team. I think if you count the shots the “Smart Jelas” team takes, it will mostly be in the perimeter. I saw on two occassions “Andi Mark” not going for a layup in crowded situation, and instead stopping and taking a close-range jumper. This is unusual, because normally you would see players driving hard in if the lane is open even if there are defenders, confident they might be fouled even if they do not make the shot. But in those cases, no, “Andi Mark” opted to take a pull up jumper in place of an outside shot. And I think its great, because they are playing against much taller players.
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2009-05-12 Smart Jelas Beats Sangmoo SK, 90-76

* Just saw the video thru “Justin TV”. It’s quite pixelated, hard to see who is doing what. Gotta start memorizing the jersey numbers, it seems thats the only way to identify the players.

* I think Barroca should change his name to “Andi Mark”. It actually sounds better. Same with “Kris-toper” Tiu and “Ebans” Casio. LOL

* “Smart Jelas” just looked so damn fast at times. Lots of fastbreak plays, especially off the opponent’s turnovers. Even at half court, we were catching the team even before they could settle down on defense. Toroman is truly helping this team maximize its speed potential. Once “Andi Mark” starts running off on offense with the ball, that’s it, nobody could keep in step with him.

* Sangmoo South Korea had a tall, sweet-shooting team, but unfortunately they were also slow. Speed killed them in the second half, they just couldn’t keep up with us in terms of hand (steals and interceptions) and foot speed (fastbreaks or drive in plays).

* “Kris-toper” was deadly with that mid-range shot, while CJ Giles was just a monster off the boards. “Ebans” Casio was spectacular for a stretch when we were leading a big margin, breaking the press, hitting the outside shot and creatings shots off drives.
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