How to Report Scammers to the Admin

(Note: This procedure is only valid at the time of the writing, which is March 2013. I don’t know if Sulit will be making changes to their website, thus making some of the steps below inapplicable. But just try them out, and see what happens. Notify me so I can either update this blog, or write a new one)

I decided to write this blog after learning that some people that were also scammed at that website, but did not know how to properly report the incident. The fact that these Scammers do not get reported contributes to the reason why there are a lot of them in that website.

The good news is that Sulit does have an effective Admin that addresses your concerns as long as you provide them with the correct information, in the proper way. The bad news is that they can go no further than just banning the Scammer and deleting their accounts. They won’t be able to help you get your money back, nor help you report the incident to the proper authorities.

Of course, the Scammer can just set up new accounts, and start posting at Sulit again. However, at least you will be able to make the life of scamming people more difficult for them. They need to set up new e-mail addresses and new identities since Sulit now has more stringent rules for online retailers. Also, you will be able to help keep other people from being scammed, albeit temporarily.

‘Signing Up to be a Member of’
If you are not a member or registered to the site, you need to sign up to be member or register so you can use the full function of the site. You can do this by going to the sign up page, whose link I am posting below. It is easier nowadays since you can use your Facebook account (if you have one. But which Filipino now doesn’t?). If you are the few Filipinos not on Facebook yet, you can also use an e-mail address to register.,Browsing+History,Sign+Up
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Scammed at The Incident

I have been doing business transactions in the internet since around 2000, both buying and selling, and between then and now I probably have had hundreds of transactions already. Out of those hundreds of transactions, I have been a scam victim about less than half a dozen times.

The percent rate is pretty low, but it is always painful when it happens because you end up losing hard-earned money to criminals for something which you are not able to get. I have decided to come out and blog about the latest one, to show everybody how it happened, and perhaps they can learn a thing or two about the whole incident, and hopefully keep people from getting scammed themselves.

‘MyPhone A919 Transaction’
I wanted to get a new phone, and after careful consideration, I finally decided to get a MyPhone A919. This retails for about P8k at the time of writing, and I found an ad on by a seller named, “BIgBigSale19”. She (I found out later) was selling the same unit at only P7k, with a P1k discount.

So I contacted her thru Sulit, and gave her my phone number. She later texted me and inquired if I was interested in the phone. I decided to commit since the seller looked legit, she had about a dozen ads of other phones she was selling.

I wanted to meetup at the SM Mall of Asia, but she said she was based in Mabalacat, Pampanga, but offered free shipping. Here I hesitated a bit, because I usually prefer meetups. I was feeling a bit lazy, and I was attracted at the low price and free shipping she was offering, meaning I just had to wait for the unit to arrive at home.
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