The RH Bill and the August 7, 2012 Monsoon Floods

The Anti RH Bill Idiots believed that God sent the floods the swept the country last Tuesday, August 7, 2012 because he was angry about the RH Bill. Its typical of these Religiots to end up with this type of bullshit in their desperate pleas against the RH Bill.

This argument is pretty stupid, to say the least, for a number of reasons:

‘Five Reasons’
First, the floods KILLED some people, and provided UNTOLD MISERY to countless more. Now, were all those people who were KILLED and SUFFERED MISERABLY PRO RH BILL PEOPLE? I don’t believe an Omnipotent God angry with the RH Bill would send floods that would INDISCRIMINATELY make people suffer regardless of whether they are “Pro” or “Anti” RH Bill. You would expect something more “surgical” in nature.

Second, I don’t believe God would only PUNISH people, and yet not use his power to address more pressing and important needs of the country, like the utter poverty some of our countrymen live in. Like the people in this video, for example.

Third, if God were to punish people, he would be punishing more deserving people out there. For example, there are MANY corrupt politicians in the country, siphoning off money from the government coffers, and using it for their own greed. And yet these are the people who hardly felt the wrath of the monsoon floods, seeking shelter comfortably in their plush mansions in exclusive subdivisions. Where is justice here?
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Arguments for the RH Bill

I’m pretty passionate about the issue of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, I feel that it is one of the this country’s most important steps towards progress, development, and improving the lives of most of our countrymen. There are a lot of discussions online about the bill, and I am enumerating and making the case for the bill for each issue.

‘The Born Child’
The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) says that they hold the life of an unborn child as sacred, and their definition of an “unborn child” is as early as a fertilized ovum. This is the reason why they consider the Pill as an “abortifacent”, because in some instances, they claim it jeopardizes the fertilized ovum. Hence, to them, using the Pill is actually commiting abortion.

However, what about the life of a BORN child, the ones living in the streets, with barely enough food, no education, no hope in life? A child born in poverty is automatically exposed to DISEASE, NATURAL DISASTERS and VIOLENCE, so much so that you can expect the life expectancy of that child to be much lower than normal.

I don’t see them fighting with the same ferocity in terms of uplifting the life of that child. To them, it is good enough that they are alive, never mind if they live in abject poverty and misery. So for the Church, it is more important to see a child suffer in poverty than to see a fertilized ovum a couple of days old get aborted.

‘More Than Enough Land in the Philippines’
A favorite argument by anti-RH Bill supporters, goes something like this: “If you go by the provinces, there are a lot of open spaces or lands. So the Philippines must NOT be overpopulated”. This is a shallow argument based on assumptions, fantasy and bias. It is “shallow”, because it breaks down when you delve deeper behind such reasoning.
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Washington Sycip on Overpopulation: Thailand vs The Phlippines

Washington Sycip wrote an article about overpopulation a long time ago, at least a decade ago, and it was the article that set me off to the path of enlightenment regarding the ills of our country.

I don’t know if I can still get a copy of that article, but its one that stuck to my mind. The specific figures he used then are hazy to me now, but the general idea I could never forget. In that article, he discussed overpopulation, and used Thailand and the Philippines as an example.

As per Mr. Sycip, the story of both countries goes something like this: In 1970, both countries had around the same number of people. The figures I got from the internet said that the Philippines then had 36.5 million people, while Thailand had 36.25 million. Very close figures, with a gap of only about 250k people.

Three decades later, though, by the year 2000, that figure has drastically changed. The Philippines had grown to 75.7 million people. Thailand had also grown, but at a much more modest rate, growing to only 61.4 million people. The population gap between the two countries had ballooned to 14.3 million.

Only 8 years later, that gap had grown even more. The Philippine population then stood at 96 million. Thailand? 65.4 million. The gap is now at 30.6 million, about twice it was less than a decade earlier.
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