Bangkok’s MRT – March 2016

Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain system was good, but their MRT Subway system was almost heaven when I tried it out last March 2016 …

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The Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) System is Bangkok’s Subway system, and right now only the Blue Line is in operation, but a lot more are being planned to be made. It is a World-class system, as good as any found on the other major Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. It is very modern, and like most modern structures it is made up of a lot of Marble and Stainless Steel. The Blue Line currently runs from the Bang Sue to the Hua Lamphong Stations, with 16 Stations in between, and fares run from a minimum of THB 16 to a maximum of THB 41, or P 21 to P 55 assuming an exchange rate of THB 1 = P 1.33.

’Entrance and Ticketing’
The entrance to the MRT are either thru Stairs, Elevators or Escalators, with the Escalators being used as the main entrance due to its…

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Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain – March 2016

Just posting here my blog about Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain system which I got to try out extensively last March 2016. Compare this with the kind of experience we get riding the sh$%ty MRT and LRT systems in Manila …

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Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain is a better equivalent to our Light Rail Transit (LRT) or Mass Rail Transit (MRT) Systems since it is an above ground Urban Train System, unlike their Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) System which is a Subway System. “BTS” stands for the “Bangkok Mass Transit System, and if you are wondering where the “M went in their acronym, I have no idea. But hey, since it is their system, they can call it whatever they want.

’Entrance and Ticketing’
Just like on the Bangkok MRT, access to the stations can be thru Stairs and Elevators, but the main ones used are the Escalators since they can move the most number of people efficiently. And unlike on most of Manila’s LRT and MRT lines, their Escalators are pretty well maintained and functional almost all of the time.
The Elevator Entrance to the Sala Daeng Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) Skytrain. The Elevator Entrance to the Sala Daeng…

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MRT 3 & LRT 1 Ride (Dec. ‘06)

I was able to ride both the LRT 1 & MRT 3 again recently, & below were my observations:


* I rode at around 7:00 pm, & at that time, there weren’t any long lines in the ticket booths, nor were the trains sardine-packed.

* The trains look very good. No peeled off stickers, or damaged seats/floors/handholds, all the lights were on, etc. The airconditioning could’ve been cooler, I prefer them to be ice-cold, but good enough. The trains just seemed to be maintained at a very good level. Continue reading

MRT 3 & LRT 1 Ride (July ‘06)

I have had a couple of occassions to ride both the MRT 3 & LRT 1 recently. And, I have to say, I came away w/ mixed emotions about it.

The LRT 1 / MRT 3 is the cheapest, & fastest way to go around the Metropolis. The MRT 3, for example, is the only transportation available in the city that will take you from EDSA-Taft, to North EDSA in 30 minutes or so. In airconditioned comfort. At only P15 per ride. Continue reading