UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar

Couture came into the ring very relaxed, very loose, smiling around, while Brock looked pensive. Even though he was a lot bigger than Randy, he did have a very limited MMA experience, and he was going up against an MMA legend, so that was probably the reason for his looking tight.

Everybody loves Randy, judging by the reception he was getting, and the boos Brock got. Brock, the WWE superstar that he was, obviously was not used to being booed, especially when he was not acting out like in the WWE

Brock was just huge, it seemed like the size of his skull was twice the size of Randy’s. It was like watching a man going up against a full-sized gorilla. I don’t think Brock is only 6’3″ as listed on the Tale of the Tape. If Randy is indeed 6’2″, Brock was easily about 3-4″ taller than Randy

‘The Fight’
I don’t think Randy was in any way rusty after a long layoff as it was classic Randy Couture at the beginning of the fight: The clinch, then putting Brock against the fence. However, there was one big difference this time, and that was he was trying to move around a very strong, very heavy 275 lbs. Lesnar.

In between rounds, both fighters were breathing hard, but it looked to me that even more so for Randy. Brock is just too big, heavy and strong, and it was Randy that I felt was wearing out faster, and not the other way around.
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UFC 70 On RPN 9

‘Other Fights’

* The results of most of the fights of this UFC event were not really that exciting, lots of decision wins, no submission wins & few Knock Outs.

* There’s been a lot of hype regarding Machida, mainly because of his unbeated record, & that he once beat Rich Franklin. But he’s I think he’s really only very good at one thing, & that is keeping himself from being hit. That’s why he uses Hit & Run tactics. The problem w/ that style, is that, first, he’s not going to be knocking out a lot of his opponents. Second, he will almost always have to rely on the judges for his wins. In short, win or lose, he’s a boring fighter.

* Bisping is very promising because he also has an unbeaten record, & unlike Machida, he’s been knocking his opponents out lately. But, after seeing him nearly get knocked out himself courtesy of Elvis Sinosic’s lucky knee strike, I think he’ll have problems against the top fighters of the UFC’s Light Heavy Weight division, like Chuck Liddell. He better enjoy his wins now, since he’ll likely hit a wall in the form of Lidell soon.

* Unless CheicK Kongo improves his takedown defense, he’ll likely not go very far in the UFC, despite his spectacular stand up skills. He may want to take his talents to K1 instead, it’s more suited there. Continue reading

UFC 68 on RPN 9 (Part 2)

‘Hughes vs. Lytle’

Matt’s comeback fight was sort of a letdown, primarily because he never really got to finish off his opponent. True, Matt easily took him down to the canvass a lot of times, but that was about it. His opponent was wily, or talented enough to keep himself from being ground & pounded, or submitted.

There was no closure in that fight, no heavy beatings from Hughes, just a lot of takedowns from his part. Continue reading

UFC 68 on RPN 9 (Part 1)

‘RPN 9 Coverage’

I didn’t see any commercials on TV indicating that UFC 68 will be show on RPN 9 (probably also because I didn’t get too much TV last week), so I wasn’t sure if it really was going to push thru. The telecast also was delayed a couple of minutes past 11:00 am, so I was quite relieved when the event finally started.

Manong Bert was right, though. It seem only “Pony” was sponsoring the event as their “Spudd Webb” commercial got shown every commercial break, & pretty much nobody else, aside from that soap brand which managed to get in some slots. I wonder what’s wrong w/ these local companies? The UFC is flirting of overtaking the WWE & Boxing in terms of PPV in the US, but here, it’s getting trouble getting sponsors. Continue reading

UFC 67 On RPN 9

* Cote got boo’ed at the end of his fight even though he won, because he won by decision. People I guess just have gotten so used to seeing a UFC fight end up in a KO or submission that anything less would be somewhat of a disappointment.

* Cote fought a very cerebral fight, though. In & out, doing just enough to win or impress the judges, but not going for a KO. He needs to have more convincing wins in his next figths, though, not just decisions, if he wants to rise in the UFC ranks. Continue reading

UFC 66 On RPN 9

* The biggest announcement of UFC 66, was probably that QUENTIN JACKSON & MIRCO CROCOP were going to be fighting in UFC 67. One big news in the boxing world in 2006 was the emergence of MMA as a serious challenger to boxing in terms of PPV domination. W/ Crocop & Jackson joining the UFC, 2007 could be the breakout year for MMA in terms of surpassing boxing in PPV domination.

* Really bad news for our very own, Brandon Vera, that Cro Cop is moving to the UFC’s Heavyweight division. But, oh, well, we can always hope ….. Continue reading


* WOWOW is very consistent. Forgot about UFC 65, still was having the “Pacman Fever”, but thanks to channel surfing again, & I was able to watch the last 3 fights yest. evening on WOWOW.

* They didn’t show Brandon Vera coming in to the ring w/ the Philippine flag, but it seems to me like his mouthpiece was colored after the Philippine flag. Continue reading