Playing Against Tougher Opponents

I decided to write this blog, after seeing a lot of fans of various sports like Basketball and Football come up and say that players should “play against the best” so that their game will improve.

It has become sort of a cliche to hear in sports forums that, “they should not be afraid to play against tougher opponents, because it will help them improve.”

While I do agree with such a strategy, I feel that many people are misled about what results exactly to expect from such a strategy. Let me just put forth my humble opinions here:

‘Cabatu Will Never Become Fernandez’
When a lesser player constantly plays against a much better player, it won’t necessarily mean that he will eventually reach the level of that much better player.

Put it another way, no matter how many years a player with the skills of Sonny Cabatu play against a player like Ramon Fernandez, game in, or game out, he will never become the next Ramon Fernandez.
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