rhk111 Haters – December 2015

While making some searches on Google about my articles, I found this page (http://www.interaksyon.com/interaktv/fiba-asia-championship-gilas-pilipinas-japan) where a certain user named “blue01” was dissing me and accusing me of things like creating different accounts to go and troll the Gilas National Men’s Basketball Team. I was debating whether to even acknowledge it, but I finally decided it was time to do so, so at least there will be a record of these faktard haters. Below are some is his discussion about me:

rhk111 Haters First Pic
rhk111 Haters Second Pic

Now, I admit that I participated in Interaksyon’s Disqus Comment Forums for a couple of months, but finally decided to quit last year. First is because I got tired talking to these trolls, and there is no way to get rid of them. I tried contacting Disqus itself to ban these faktards, but they just told me that moderation of the users and comments is up to the site owners, and apparently, as everyone can see, the site owners at Interaksyon don’t care to delete comments and ban trolls.
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